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Ways to wear … The F&F Kensington Suede Ankle Boot

Who doesn’t love an ankle boot?! Finding the perfect pair can be tricky though right? With an ankle boot being so versatile throughout all seasons, it can be tough finding the boot perfect for your whole wardrobe. Bu that’s important, after all, who wants to stash away their favourite boot come change of season, because they don’t feel it works with their changing wardrobe.

Well, the good news… I’ve done the hard work for you! I’ve found a boot that compliments both autumn and winter styling perfectly, ensuring you look and feel your best, all year round. These boots are not ones to be boxed away come change of season. The Fairfax and Favor Kensington Suede Ankle Boots really are one of my favourites, and having had lots of wear out of them, I really wanted to share with you some different ways to wear, showing you just how versatile the ankle boot really is!

The Fairfax and Favor Kensington Ankle Boot

I purchased these boots a couple of years ago now, but I have had so much wear from them, and I absolutely love them! They combine effortless style, are comfortable and practice, and dress up or down – creating the ultimate go to boot.

The Kensington boot is a classy ankle boot from the Fairfax and Favor family, combining country elegance and city style, making it the perfect allrounder. The boot is a suede outer, with an adjustable leather strap, featuring the classic Fairfax and Favor signature gold buckle.

The boot features a modest 7cm heel. The perfect height for adding elegance to your outfit and elongating your legs, without being too high that you can’t walk! The sole features duel leather and rubber, perfect for ensuring comfort. There is also a padded insole for extra comfort.

I ordered my usual size in these boots, and they came up true to size, which is also what the size guide on the website states. They come in shoes size 3 through to size 9,

The Kensington Boot comes in 3 classic colour ways, Tan, Black and Chocolate- so there really is a colour for you – whatever your go to style. I opted for the Tan – if you follow my instagram you’ll definitely notice that Tan and Navy are a reoccurring theme, however all 3 of the colours available are classic, timeless colourways, designed to carry your wardrobe from summer to winter, effortlessly.

Taking care of your suede boots is vital, I always spray my boots with Liquiproof to protect them, as mine are definitely not fair weather boots. They all endure the races and other countryside days – which usually means showers, and a bit of mud! Fairfax and Favor do have their own suede proofer to apply to the boots.

The price of the Kensington Ankle Boot is: Β£250. There is also free delivery and returns available with Fairfax and Favor.

Shop the Kensington Ankle Boot here.

I am just so in love with these boots. Have a little look below at all the different ways these boots can work with your outfits in this handy style guide. I hope you enjoy πŸ‘’ …


Dresses are not just for the summer, I am a huge believer that they can and should be worn all year round. Ankle boots work with a dress winter and summer, and they work with any length of dress. With dresses that fall above the knee, this can create a really cute look. Pairing with summer pastels, creates a stunning spring/summer look. I’ve paired here with a simple missguided dress, the Fairfax and Favor Sennowe belt and Elizabeth gilet, and a Grays bag. Matching your handbag to your boots will help to streamline your accessories. You can see here that chocolate and tan can work perfectly together in an outfit.

Pairing ankle boots with a classic tweed jacket will help you transition your style from spring/summer into autumn/winter. I love Tan tones this time of year. It is the perfect autumn colour, and so easy to style. Pairing ankle boots with a chunky knit dress is an easy way to make a statement outfit during the change of season. I’ve styled here with a Welligogs tweed jacket, Latham and Taylor dress, Fairfax and Favor belt and a tan handbag from Grays.

If you are going to wear tights, aim to pair the colouring of the tights with the colour of your boots. This will also help to lengthen the legs and will reduce blocks of colour throughout the outfit, ensuring it creates a seamless style. This also works best with dresses longer than knee length.


I love wearing skirts. If I’m in a skirt it is usually tweed but I do love this beige cord skirt, and the colour of the Kensington boots compliments the skirt perfectly. The Kensignton Boots come in Brown, Tan and Black, which are colourways that tend to match most outfits and colours well. Skirts can be styled just as well in the winter, and trying varying lengths means you can find the look perfect for you.

As much as i love matching accessories, I also love to change things up and create different colours with my accessories so that they all stand out on their own. I love the colours in this outfit, and how they all hold their own.

As with styling with dresses, wearing tights in the same colour as your boot will achieve the most seamless look, especially if you are wearing a longer skirt. Black tights and black boots with a skirt create an effortless winter look, whilst tan tones and natural tights can help to create a more summery look.

Coated Jeans

I have definitely told you about my love for these coated jeans previously. I generally don’t wear black or blue denim jeans, I am fed up of them fading, and I just generally don’t like to style blue denim jeans.

These coated jeans are a great alternative and are becoming more and more popular, with so many brands releasing their own take. There are several matte, leather and coated jean options available on the market now, and I’ve found mine wash incredibly well, hold their colour, and I just don’t have to worry about them like you do with a traditional black denim jean.

I was a little worried the first time I tried this combination, I’ll admit. I wasn’t sure that it was going to be to my style, however, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The tan boots pair great with the matte black, and throwing on some tweed and cowhide still keeps the outfit very Country. I thought it might look a little different to my usual country style, but these jeans have found a real place in my wardrobe, and I am loving turning them country!

These would pair equally well with the chocolate or black Kensington boots, the suede creates effortless style, and I love this look for transitioning into our autumn/winter wardrobes. This would also look great with a shirt or vest top for a spring/summer style.

Coloured Jeans

  • I am a massive fan of coloured jeans. As I am rarely seen in blue or black denim, I usually wear a brighter colour or white, with all of my outfits. I think I probably have pretty much every colour as far as coloured jeans go, and I love trying out different looks.
  • I styled the Kensington Boots with both baby pink and coral jeans below, but I have tried with many different other colours, and found the same with all I’ve tried – I love it. The tan leather in the bag compliments the tan suede of the boots, tying the outfit together perfectly.
  • Pastel tones with ankle boots create the ultimate spring/summer look. The look above is great for your spring/summer wardrobe and will take you from day to night. The colourways of the Kensington mean that you could pair any of the 3 colours with most pairs of coloured jeans, and they would go together.

    Bolder colours or warm shades make for the perfect autumn/winter outfit when teamed with your favourite pair of ankle boots. Coloured jeans certainly shouldn’t be put away for the cooler months, and the perfect pair of ankle boots gives you every reason to get them back out and styled for winter fashion. Below the Kensington boots are paired with the coral Holland Cooper Jodphur Jeans, and the Fairfax and Favor Elizabeth Gilet.

    Moleskin Jeans

    Another type of jean that I am loving are these moleskin jeans from Teddy Edward. These are a luxurious jean and due to the material, are perfect for this transitional weather, into these cold winter months. They come in black and navy in this design, perfect for pairing with the 3 colour ways of the Kensington Boots.

    The outfit below shows an ideal example of how great your ankle boots can look, pulling together an effortless autumn outfit, combining navy and tan.

    Pairing your accessories with your boots creates a great look. Below, the belt, bag and boots are all tan, pulling the key accessories of the outfit together.

    Playsuits and Jumpsuits

    Ankle boots don’t have to stop at your day to day wear. I love wearing playsuits or jumpsuits when going out for a drink, and just as they can be styled with heels, they still style well with a pair of ankle boots.

    I’ve paired the Kensington boots with a print jumpsuit which was from Joules. This is so easy to dress up or down, but looks great paired with ankle boots, and with a cardi this would be the perfect autumn/winter pub/drinks outfit.

    Playsuits can also be dressed up or down, and a pair of ankle boots can be a great way to make your playsuits more of an every day look.

    I hope you’ve enjoy reading this style guide, and that it might have given you some inspiration with your own boots! If you loved reading about the Kensington boot, I’ve popped a link below to the Fairfax and Favor website, where you can view these.

    Shop the Kensington Ankle Boot here.

    Another blog is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that launching!

    See you soon,

    Lots of love, Lucinda xo

    ‘To wear dreams on ones feet, is to begin to give reality to ones dreams’ – Roger Vivier

    {Please note that these opinions are my own, I was not asked to write this blog, and these boots were purchased}