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Scarves, how do you style yours? 🧣

For those of you who follow my Instagram, I am sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that I am a huge fan of a scarf, particularly a silk scarf! I always need some sort of accessory around my neck, whether it be a necklace or a scarf, I am rarely without!

I love playing around with styling my scarves so I thought I would put together a short guide on how to style some of your own scarves so that you are able to get the most out of them.

This guide is based purely on how I choose to style some of my own scarves. There are so many other designs and ways to wear them, find a way that best works for you and compliments your look. Hopefully this guide may at least give you some inspiration for your future looks.

I am going to cover some of my favourite styles for silk scarves, fur collars/scarves, and wraps.

The first consideration when choosing a scarf to match your outfit, is colour. Do you want the scarf to really stand out, or blend in more with the outfit? Is there a certain colour you could pick out from your outfit, for example, a colour within your tweed check?

The second consideration is to make sure your scarf is a suitable size and material for how you want to style it. Do you want it to be up around your neck, or hanging low? Are you wearing it for practicality and warmth, or is it just the finishing touch to your outfit?

Your scarf can add the most amazing touch to your perfect outfit so ensure you are happy with the colour, size, style and practicality before leaving the house!

Scarf tying and styling

No knot

Simply allowing your scarf to hang lose at the front of your outfit is a style in itself. If your scarf had an intricate print this can be a nice way for the scarf to hang open and allow this print to be seen. This can also work nicely when wearing a plain outfit, as your scarf can be an eye catching feature. When styling this way you can either fold in half into a triangle so that you have the triangle at the back and the ends draping down at the front, or alternatively you can fold corner to corner and roll the triangle in for a neater and more rectangular look from the front.

Folded over

Another really simple way to style your scarf is to place around your neck and fold one end over the other. This is a lovely way to show the detailing on the scarf and you can ‘fluff’ the scarf out to create your desired look. I’ve found that this works works well with slightly shorter or medium sized scarves, particularly those where you would normally start to lose some length if you were to tie.

Top tip: this style looks great tucked into a shirt!

Simple knot

This is the way that I style my scarves the majority of the time. It keeps the scarf firmly in place, allows the design of the scarf to be seen and is quick and simple to do. Simply fold and roll the scarf, place around your neck, then place one end over the other and tie in a knot.

Top tip: why not try a different way of tying a simple central knot for a different look.

Into a triangle

This is one of my favourite ways to wear a scarf, and I really should style them like this more often! It is also a lovely way to show off the detailing on the corner of the scarf. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle, roll slightly if desired, place around the neck and then you can tie the ends in a variety of different ways to achieve a slightly different finish.

Either leave the ends lose as below.

Tie the ends at the back or tie them underneath the triangle so that they do not show.

Or tie the ends neatly in a bow at the front of the scarf.


This is a really lovely way to shorten your scarf up without having to use knots. This is about simply twisting the ends of your scarf around the loop of scarf around your neck and then ‘fluffing’ and arranging the lose ends at the front.

Top tip: this style works well with a rectangular shaped scarf.

Top tip: style under an upturned shirt collar for a different look.

The plaited scarf

This is something I mastered fairly well a few years ago when doing it regularly, however, I have to admit it is a style that I did struggle to get to grips with and when I don’t do it regularly, I struggle to get it looking right!

I have to be in the right mood to be able to tie this style of scarf well, but it looks absolutely great once completed.

You need to place the scarf around your neck and make a knot. You are then using the two ends, and the piece around your neck as the three strands for plaiting, you then want to tuck the ends away to hide them when the plait is completed.

Top tip: practise makes perfect, keep persevering.

Top tip: another simple way of doing this is to place the scarf around your neck, and simply twist the two ends around the neck strand instead to create the desired effect.

Into a bow

This designs works well with rectangular scarves. Simply place around your neck and tie into a simple bow. You can fiddle with the scarf once tied to ensure it looks neat and equal.

Top tip: try with a dress as your summer accessory.


This style creates a fuller front to your scarf. It works well with plain scarves or scarves with a design.

Place around your neck in half, so that you have a loop one side and the two ends the other. Place one end under and through the loop, then place the other end over and through the loop. Adjust as required.

Top tip: this can be easier to style with a medium to long scarf.

Neckerchief or choker

I love this way of styling your smaller scarves! I have one of the snaffle scarf rings which is a really easy way to convert your scarf into a choker. You can either set the snaffle against the fabric of your scarf by feeding the scarf ring on, or place the scarf ring against your neck instead.

I have always loved wearing neckerchiefs. When I was younger, I would always buy a little paisley one during our family holidays to Disneyland! I know the exact little shop in Adventureland that does them, when I went back in January this year I had to resist! It made it feel so much more amazing riding on Big Thunder Mountain when wearing one- why is that?! I think for as long as I remember I have wanted to be a cowgirl so maybe this is where my love of this style comes from!

Top tip: don’t use a scarf too big or too long for this styling, it needs to be small to create a neat look.

Scarf rings

Just as with the choker styling, a scarf ring can help you to style your scarf in more creative ways. There are so many different styles and designs out there. As I mentioned, I have a snaffle shaped one, I have also just used one of my plain rings before as I don’t have any other specific scarf rings. A typical O shaped ring around the scarf ends can help to bring the scarf neatly together at the front of your outfit.

Tied around the waist

I did this for Cheltenham festival as I had my outfit sorted, but wanted to add a specific colour pop to match my gorgeous fascinator.

Top tip: look for a specific colour in your outfit and compliment using this look.

Top tip: not just for dresses! Why not try with jeans through your belt loops or with your favourite skirt!

Wear as a sarong

Having recently been on a last minute holiday, I can appreciate that my scarves became somewhat of a saving grace when on the beach!

Use your scarves tied around your waist to create a sarong.

Top tip: always be extra careful with your scarves at the beach!

(Faux) Fur collar

There are also lots of faux fur options out there in this style and these collars can be a really fun addition to your outfit! You will find natural tones and brighter colours available.

These can be dressed so easily over a simple top or shirt, gilet, jacket or cape.

My collar has the elastic loops at the bottom which means I am able to bring it together with either a tassel, or a piece of ribbon. Some other collars have a specific fastening.

Top tip: don’t shy away from these in the summer, they look just as good with your summer outfits! ☀️

(Faux) Fur scarves

Just like your collars, don’t be afraid and hide these away until the winter months are upon us. They style just as well during the summer months with shirts and dresses.

Simple fold one end over the other, or leave open and unfolded for a more casual summer look.

Top tip: don’t be afraid to add them as your extra layer when the breeze comes through on a summer evening!


I have a large wrap which is fur edged. This wrap is particularly large and full which means it is difficult to style around the neck as it becomes too bulky at the front of the outfit.

I tend to wear this wrap as more of a cover up, so styling it fully around my shoulders, then either back on itself or left hanging down.

If you are looking for one to wear as a wrap around your outfit, but also wish to style as a scarf, be sure to look for a lightweight material so that it sits comfortably when wrapped around your neck.

As I mentioned at the start, there are so many different types of scarves and so many styles, I have only been able to cover my favourite ones. I do hope this has given you some inspiration for styling your own scarves though!

Happy styling 🧣!

That’s all for now. I have some really exciting things coming up to blog about, so if you have enjoyed this post then please do subscribe, and let anyone else know who may have missed it!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit’ – Michael Kors