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Feeling Fuchsia 🌸 How to style the new fuchsia range from Fairfax & Favor


Whether you managed to bag yourself some (or all…) or the collection in the Fairfax & Favor Club Page pre-launch or whether you’re currently deciding if this colour will suit your wardrobe or style, well…. this blog is for you!

If there is one thing I could write for days about, it’s Fairfax & Favor. I have a pretty extensive collection myself, if you’re a regular here you’ll know I’ve been a customer of the brand since the start, and the designs, quality and forward thinking nature of the brand is just second to none. It is such a reliable brand, I don’t have a bad word to say about it, in fact, the only thing I can ever think of is that your bank balance may not be thankful for them!

The Spring/Summer 21 collection has been released in stages, and we have had some real treats so far, if you fancy taking a walk on the wild side, be sure to check out the new Zebra Collection, or if you’re looking for a trusty Summer slip on, why not check out the new Holkham Sandal.

BUT…. onto the BRAND NEW Fuchsia….. Let’s get straight into the collection.

The Collection…

The Fuchsia Collection is brand new for SS21 and is a new seasonal colour way. There are currently 10 items which have been released, all of which are well known products to F&F. The range covers a variety of accessories and footwear, with your casual footwear covered with the Monaco Flat, through to the signature tassels for your boots, which F&F are so famously known for!

There is something for everyone in the collection, whether you’re a Fuchsia fanatic and want to be able to kit out your wardrobe, or whether you’re new to adding a colour pop, and want a smaller accessory to start off with.

The main thing when adding colour into your wardrobe, is not to be scared of it!


So, we’ve seen the collection, now let’s talk about Fuchsia.

Fuchsia is described as a vivid mixture of red and purple, named after the flower of the fuchsia plant. It sits right in between pink and purple, where the shades meet on the colour wheel. More often than not, it is referred to as a bold, bright pink colour.

Despite its strong, statement colouring, Fuchsia pairs surprisingly well with multiple other colours. It may surprise you that other bold, bright colours pair well with Fuchsia, such as Lime green, Mint, Tangerine and Yellow. Black and White are also popular colour options, as well as playing it safe with a classic neutral.

If you’ve fallen in love with Fuchsia, and this beautifully fun colour is tugging at your heart strings, but you’re not sure whether it’s quite for you, let’s have a little look at some ways to wear!

How to style…

Please note, I have used my Raspberry collection Monaco Wedges and Sennowe Belt as the examples in this blog, as these are the brightest pieces I currently own from F&F. I wanted to show you how bright, playful pieces can be styled and how to pair this type of colour with your wardrobe. Just please be aware that this is not the fuchsia colouring shown in any of the sections below.


I know, I know, so many people don’t love White, but you can’t deny it’s ease for styling. I know so many shy away from the colour due to its lack of practicality, but it also has its uses!

I constantly preach about the ‘little white dress’, it’s elegant, sophisticated and so pretty. From BBQ’s to Summer Shows, it’s a classic that will never date- but better than that…. it will go with EVERYTHING! If you are looking for an easy Summer go to, to pair with any of the new Fuchsia collection, a white dress would be the first item I would recommend.

A white shirt is another wardrobe staple, which will always be a reliable item in your wardrobe, and will always go with everything. A white shirt is so classic, and using a statement colour to bring some fun into a more simple outfit is such an amazing way to create an impact with your look. You can create the same effect with any neutral tops! Why not opt for cream chunky roll necks on those cooler Spring or Autumn days – still perfectly matching your new Fuchsia pieces.

If you’re like me, and you base all of your wardrobe staples on neutral colours, you should have a good foundation of basic tops, skirts and trousers that you can use as a simple blank canvas, to add any colour to.

In the images below you can see how I used a really simple white canvas to create a statement with Raspberry, this would be very easy to recreate with Fuchsia.

Find florals, patterns and prints

Finding florals with pinkish purple tones throughout is a really easy, simple way to tie colour throughout the outfit together, without it feeling overpowering. This will work particularly well in dress or shirt prints. There are lots of pretty floral dresses being released at the moment, keep an eye out for what sort of style you like. Fit and flare dresses are flattering, maxi dresses are great for holidays or BBQ’s, or why not try a jumpsuit – really practical and great for the cooler days.

Prints and patterns are equally fun to match statement colours with, finding confidence with mixing colour and pattern is more just a case of practice. If you’re just starting out and need a confidence boost, try monochrome or neutral patterns for a more easy to match starting point.

Make a statement

Let the fuchsia do all the talking.

Use either one item to create a statement against a more subtle outfit, or piece together multiple items to create even more of a wow factor. Below I have played around with my Raspberry pieces against a simple black dress. You can see how beautifully the bright colour sits against a muted dress, and really lets the colour do the talking. This same opportunity will arise with the Fuchsia, pick subtle, muted tones for your outfit, and let the colour really pop through your footwear and accessories.

Don’t be scared of colour, it isn’t that it needs to be some big flashy outfit. Simply pair with a plain dress, jeans and a nice top, or your favourite skirt. Don’t overcomplicate outfits when adding in colour. Start out simple, let the colour do the talking.

CCL’s Top Picks:

Not sure which piece might be best suited to your wardrobe or needs?
Let me help!

For someone wanting to try a pop of colour The Sennowe or Suede Boot Tassels

For the fashionista wanting to make a statementThe Tetbury

For someone starting out their collection The Chiltern

For the holiday booker and sun worshipperThe Brancaster and The Monaco Wedge or Flat

For the staple wardrobe owner who wants to get the most from their purchasesThe Henley

For the ‘treat yourself it’s payday’ spender The Mini Windsor

For the outdoor enthusiast still wanting to take colour everywhere they goThe Signature Hat

Follow the F&F Journey:

I have seen so many comments and questions already about the Fuchsia collection and what to pair with, so I hope this may have given you a little confidence with your own wardrobes.

That’s all for now Darlings, I hope you have an amazing week coming up with the slight relaxation to the lockdown rules. If you have a Fuchsia parcel coming, or have just received yours, I hope you enjoy and I can’t to see all of the beautiful images.

See you soon,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you’

– Coco Channel

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