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Ways to wear … the deck shoe!

Ooo I’m so excited for this ‘Ways to wear’! If you know me, you’ll know how much I love Fairfax and Favor footwear. It’s pretty much all I wear, and you really don’t want to know how many pairs I own in total- it’s a scary figure. So when F&F brought out their deck shoe a couple of months ago, of course I was immediately hooked. This is such a footwear staple I wanted to share some ways to style this type of footwear! I hope you enjoy.

The Deck Shoe

Designed for both men and women, the deck shoe is a hugely popular and versatile footwear option, originally worn by sailors. The grooves on the underside of the shoe were to help prevent slipping and add additional traction. White soles were used in order not to mark the decks, however, in current fashion you will see soles of all colours on deck shoes. Deck shoes are now designed in a huge array of designs, colours and materials, and are a wardrobe essential.

Quality of this type of shoe is hugely important for me. There are many ‘fashion’ versions on the market that may not stand up to the test and purpose of a real deck shoe. My footwear will nearly always make it to the yard at one point or another, so I need a tough pair of footwear that can cope with the country lifestyle that I throw at them.

Usually styled in warmer weather, but not exclusively, the deck shoe has endless outfit opportunities. There are also several ways to tie the laces on a deck shoe – a whole other style guide would be required for this! I have opted to leave mine this time around as a traditional shoelace knot, however my next choice would have been a barrel knot, where the laces are twisted around – this is commonly seen on deck shoes and YouTube offers some ‘how to’ guides on tying your laces in this way.

The Salcombe Deck Shoe

The Salcombe Deck Shoe is both a functional and classic footwear choice, taking you from city to country to sands and sea! The deck shoe is made from soft nubuck with gold detailing and a rubber sole. The Salcombe comes in a choice of two colour ways – Navy and Tan.

I have the navy version of the shoe. I wear a lot of navy, so these work perfectly and compliment pretty much every outfit I put together.

I have put together a few different looks which shoe how versatile the deck shoe is, and how it can compliment many different styles of outfit. I hope this helps when putting some of your own outfits together!

Ways to wear … coloured jeans

If you have been following me on instagram or if you are a regular to the blog now, you will know I absolutely love styling outfits with coloured jeans. I have such a variety of colours that I love playing around with. Your deck shoes can compliment coloured jeans really well. Consider the contrast of the coloured jean and the shoe colour, if you can tie in your accessories to match the shoe colour, this helps to compliment the outfit.

The two colour options from Fairfax and Favor- Navy and Tan, would match the majority of outfits you will be putting together. If you opt for a Tan pair of deck shoes, brown accessories will work really well, if you chose a Navy colour, opt for Navy or darker accessories to balance the look.

Your deck shoes are still an absolute staple with a pair of blue denim jeans. I rarely wear these so I wanted to show you some different colours instead. They look great at the end of a skinny jean, or with a turned up hem, so that you are able to see the shoe in full. For the warm summer days, pair with a 3/4 length jean for easy styling!

Ways to wear … white jeans

White jeans are a wardrobe favourite for many of us at this time of year. There isn’t really anything that we can’t style them with, and they have the ability to turn an outfit summery. Below I have styled my deck shoes with some white jeans and a simple navy top – used to balance the outfit. I have added colour into the outfit through the scarf. I wore this out to breakfast for a comfortable, but classic look.

Ways to wear … a dress

This style is great for the beach or a country show. When you’re at a show it’s vital to have a comfortable shoe that can take you round all day- no one wants a day spoilt by blisters or pinching shoes!

I chose to match the deck shoes with a Joules riviera dress. These dresses are so comfortable and can be accessorised for any occasion. I’ve paired the dress with a Penelope Henderson velvet knot hairband in navy, and a navy Clare Haggas silk scarf. The navy of the hairband and scarf compliment the deck shoes perfectly.

So here’s the full outfit (yes that is a giraffe in the picture!). I wore the deck shoes around a wildlife park- they are SO comfortable!!

Ways to wear … a skirt

Don’t shy away from dressing up your deck shoes- whether its just for a quick walk, or if you are heading out to a country pub or show, your deck shoes can be easily styled with a skirt for a smart casual look. I have again chosen a plain dark top here to balance the look of the deck shoe, but I have paired with a pale pink tweed skirt.

Another popular skirt option to wear with deck shoes would be the denim skirt. These come in several different colours and can create a lovely show style. Have a play around with the different coloured denims to see which suits your style and deck show colour. To complete a classic country look, pair with a shirt and belt!

Ways to wear … a playsuit

I absolutely adore this look! We are currently in the height of summer and the weather is being fairly good to us. I think it’s safe to say we can get our playsuits out again!

Be bold, you can absolutely dress your playsuits up or down. Deck shoes bring a nice relaxed feel to a playsuit outfit.

I’ve paired the look with a lovely summer bag. This would be a great outfit for a road trip to a beach, on holiday, at a local show, for a bbq, to the pub… you get the idea!

Overall, the deck shoe is a must have footwear essential in every country lovers wardrobe. I have found these F&F shoes particularly comfortable, stylish and easy to wear! I don’t think I’ll be taking them off all year!

I hope you’ve found this little guide on ways to wear deck shoes useful! Don’t be afraid to have a play with some different styles – I think sometimes we forget just how versatile they are, and how much they can add to so many outfits. As such a popular footwear option, let’s get the most out of them!

Until next time,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world 🌍’ – Marilyn Monroe