Skincare for Field Sports, Ladies Enduring the Elements – Barker and Sloane

If you asked me my daily skincare routine two months ago, it would absolutely have been the Michael McIntyre sketch about skincare. I had a very basic, and cheap skincare routine, and if I forgot to do it one evening, or ran out, I wasn’t really that fussed. I am honestly embarrassed to say that now, I even questioned missing it out but I think for this blog to be honest, it needs to detail that information!

So with the above being said, as I never saw my skincare routine as very important, I had always just purchased generic skincare products, not really sure what I was even supposed to be looking for in a product, or which ingredients would help. I have never really been overly happy with my skin, and my lack of routine has probably been something to do with this.

I had heard about Barker and Sloane prior to the Game Fair and had begun to watch their journey as they prepared to launch a skincare brand on the first day of the Game Fair this year. The brand has been designed specifically with ladies who are out in the field in mind. I was really excited to meet Claire at The Game Fair, and find out what the brand is all about.

Barker and Sloane, specifically designed for the country lady, includes three skincare products, to protect and nourish skin that is constantly exposed to the elements when out in the countryside. The range has been developed and manufactured in Britain, using natural ingredients, meaning the skincare range is both kind on skin and non toxic.

The first thing you will notice about this product range is the packaging. This has a really premium look and feel. If you are anything like me, this is exactly something you go for when buying something. If you are spending that bit more on a product, you want something that is luxurious from the packaging to the product itself, and this product range certainly offers that! The beautiful box and label scream quality, just from seeing the packaging initially, I knew I couldn’t wait to try the range.

The Barker and Sloane skincare products are sold in glass bottles/jars. How fabulous is this when we are all trying to do our bit for the environment now, and we are all so much more aware of the effects of using and producing plastics. Well done Barker and Sloane!

So I gave you a sneak peak of one of the products in my August Edition of Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda. I was so excited by the brand that I couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peak of one of the products with you, prior to writing this blog! I wanted to use the products for quite a while before blogging, as I really wanted this to be totally honest on my thoughts and how I have found them. Have a read below to find out a little more about all the products in the range, and what I thought of them, having now put them through their paces.

Defend and Protect with the Daily Defender…

The Daily Defender is a protecting daily moisturiser, to use in the morning when you wake up. I have a slight confession, just a couple of times I have forgotten to use, but overall, I have been really good and applied this daily. The smell of this product is amazing, and actually it puts me in a good mood, setting me up for the day ahead.

I am a huge lover of being outside, I shoot (badly) and beat, and as you all know, I am horse mad, riding is my life, passion and everything to me. I have never thought twice about mucking out in the rain, poo picking in the frost or checking on the ponies in the snow, but I had such little appreciation that my skin is battling all of these elements with me, and I have never thought to do anything about it. This product is designed to set you up for the day, preparing your skin for whatever the Great British Weather decides to throw at us – which let’s be honest, could be anything!

This product is designed to hydrate and protect, whilst brightening and soothing your skin texture, stopping trans-epidermal water loss (which causes drying out of the skin) and firming and boosting elasticity.

Key Ingredients…

So I think you have all gathered that I haven’t known what I’m doing when it comes to skincare in the past. I would have had no idea what ingredients to look out for, and I certainly wouldn’t have known what my skin needs with being outside so much.

White Poppy – White Poppy seed oil has lots of benefits when added to skincare. Some of these include improving the skins barrier function and helping to prevent moisture loss. Softening and soothing the skin, without clogging up pores. Promoting cell regeneration, helping tired looking skin and improving its elasticity. The ingredient also works to reduce the effect of damaged skin.

Raspberry – I wouldn’t have known this was used in skincare but Raspberries actually have lots of health and skin benefits. Helping to prevent free radical damage and reducing the signs of ageing. Raspberries also help to fight dry skin and reduce signs of redness. The ingredient has also been seen to help to tighten and tone the skin for a more radiant and brighter look.

Marine Algae Extract – This has been used as an ingredient since ancient times for helping to fight skin related diseases, now the ingredient can be found in skin care products due to its properties. The ingredient helps to fight against free radical damage and nourish the skin.

Jojoba – This ingredient is popular for skincare and is known for having anti-inflammatory properties and helps to soothe dry skin and prevent redness. Jojoba oil is also said to help balance oily skin.

Avocado – That’s right, Avocado. I mean I am all for my Avocado as an ingredient on toast, but what I didn’t know is that it is also an ingredient in skin care products. Avocado is moisturising on the skin, and helps to hydrate, soothe and boost skin, particularly against environmental factors.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it. What a combination of ingredients to help battle the elements.

The product feels really nice when applied and soaks easily into the skin. It doesn’t have a greasy feel in the slightest.

It is important to add this product is suitable for all skin types, this is again something I would have struggled with in the past, if you asked me what my skin-type was, I genuinely wouldn’t have had a clue, so I wouldn’t have known what to purchase for it anyway!

How to apply:

This product is simply applied in the morning when you wake up, just massaging a generous amount into cleansed skin. Sun cream can then be applied on top of this.

Couldn’t be easier, right!

Calm and Soothe with the 12 Bore Boost Mist…

The 12 Bore Boost Mist is a rebalancing face tonic. This product has been designed to help you once already out and about in the countryside. Being outside for most of us is not only our happy place, but it’s our job, our hobbies and our lives overall. The weather we endure not only day by day, but hour by hour has an effect on our skin and I think we can all remember that sting on our skin in the winter when our face is battling the elements. This product helps to provide instant relief when out and about, relieving soreness, reducing redness and adding hydration to the skin. Helping to calm, soothe and even skin tone, this is a must have if you are constantly battling with the Great British Weather whilst doing what you love. The bottle is small enough to fit in your coat pocket, so there is no excuse to forget it (reminder for myself there!).

So what are the ingredients in this product that are going to keep your skin at bay, whether you’re out shooting, riding or enjoying the countryside?

Key Ingredients…

Peppermint – This ingredient has a soothing and calming effect on skin, and helps to balance complexion, helping skin to look and feel clearer, and reducing problematic areas.

Rose – Rose within skincare products helps to even out skin tone and whilst refreshing and nourishing the skin, it helps with dry skin and reducing redness.

Cucumber – Used for thousands of years due to their skin care benefits, Cucumbers are hydrating and help to soothe and cool skin. Cucumber is also known to help firm and tighten skin, another reason why it is often found in skincare products.

Alongside being able to take this out with you during the day, I have been using it to help set my make up. Although we are coming into winter now and we will probably want to use this product to help calm and hydrate our skin, it also works by cooling in the hot, Summer months. I really like this product and think it is a great idea. It isn’t something I would have thought about before, but it makes so much sense with what we are doing, and helping to relieve that sore skin feeling.

How to apply:

This product is designed to be used during the day. Simply spray onto your face from arms length, with your eyes closed, and pat into the skin. Apply as needed throughout the day.

Repair and Nourish with the Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream…

The last product in the range of three is the Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream. This is the product that featured in a previous blog, as I just couldn’t contain my excitement. I gave quite a bit of an insight into this product and how I’d found it so far, but for those of you that haven’t read that blog yet, or want to know more information, have a look below.

This product is your nightly cream that you are applying at the end of the day, before bed, to help skin recover overnight.

Encased in its glass pot, the smell of this cream immediately jumps out when you unscrew the lid. The smell is absolutely amazing, and the scent can still be smelt the next morning!

The product contains ingredients that are going to help your skin recover from the day, focusing on regeneration, hydration and nourishment of the skin. The cream has been designed to be powerful, to allow recovery of the skin, whilst still being gentle.

Key Ingredients…

Hyaluronic Acid – This is a vital ingredient when helping to maintain skin hydration, something that when we are outside all day, our skin can struggle with, this ingredient helps the skin to retain this moisture. Skin which is correctly hydrated will look and feel better.

Lupine Peptides – Lupine Peptides have restorative properties, helping to boost and support production of collagen and elasticity of skin.

Vitamins A, C and E – Certain vitamins have antioxidant properties helping prevent damage from the elements and supporting cell growth.

The overnight cream isn’t greasy either and applies really nicely over the skin, absorbing in quickly. I have been pretty good with remembering this one!

I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using this overnight cream and the daily moisturiser. My skin has calmed down a lot and it looks much healthier and happier.

How to apply:

The cream couldn’t be more simple to use. After cleansing, you simply apply a generous amount of product onto your face and neck, and massage in. Apply this cream before going to bed.

There we have it, three key products designed for ladies who love their life in the countryside, whose skin endures a hell of a lot, between each and every hour, let alone each and every day! Overall, I have been so impressed with the product range and I will continue to use as I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since beginning a routine with these products. For someone who had a very relaxed attitude to skincare, I believe I have been converted!

For those of you wanting to give the range a try, there is a sample kit available which comes in a beautiful tweed purse, and contains a sample size of each of the three products. These will be available online again very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Barker and Sloane skincare range is available from their website, which can be found here.

If you have any questions about the Purdey and Sloane skincare range, their team are always so happy to help. Don’t forget to invest in your skin- it will worth it in the long run.

See you soon,

Love Lucinda, xo

‘Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life’ – Unknown

{These products were given to trial, but this blog has been written honestly using my own thoughts, having tested them and put them through their paces}