Sand, sea and sunshine, a Spanish getaway ☀️

Hola ☀️ !

I am extremely ashamed to say that that is about as far as my Spanish extends… however, now knowing languages aren’t my strong point, we can swiftly move on.

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen some pictures appearing from a recent visit to Spain, and I thought you may like to see where I went. I actually haven’t been abroad very many times. A few years ago I had a mad panic that I hadn’t been travelling, and I was worried about the fact that I also had no desire to backpack for a year, even though it seemed to be the thing everyone else was doing. I have now fully come to terms with the fact that my silk scarves and pearls are never going to be packed up into a little rucksack with me, and I’m ok with that. But what I am loving is exploring the world- one hotel at a time!!

Where to begin…

Well, like many of you, I attended Badminton Horse Trials and Royal Windsor Horse Show, back to back! How cold was Badminton by the way, was I the only person wrapped up in about 10 layers, and still cold!!!!

I absolutely love any country/equine show, I have a background working in events and the buzz of the whole thing gives me such a rush. When I am not working one, I am usually trying to find one to attend!

Whilst at Windsor, the idea of escaping to a beach for some sand, sea and sunshine started to become more and more appealing. The trip was booked just 3 days before flying- something my usually organised mind struggled to come to terms with, but impulsion got the better of me!

So Spain, oh my goodness!

I can’t believe how lucky we were to get a last minute deal to this resort.


I haven’t been to Spain before, if you didn’t get the hint from my awful Spanish! I wouldn’t have had any idea which area to book or what to look for. This resort drew my attention for a very obvious reason- highlighted a few sentences below, and it seemed perfect.

Based in Alicante, the resort was surrounded by beautiful mountains – such a picturesque and relaxing environment! The resort was also only a short taxi ride away from the beach, so we could still get our sand and sea fix!

Animals, all of the animals!

Anyone that knows me, knows I am obsessed with animals. I love them! I actually just want to cuddle any and every one I come into contact with.

I can’t even start writing this in order because I have to just skip right to the fact that the resort was in fact …. AN ANIMAL PARK!

From the pictures, I thought ok, there may be animals at a glimpse from the site. No no no… the animals were right there with us!!!

I befriended a very cheeky camel friend, who we now know as ‘Humphrey’. I couldn’t understand why on the first day he had been locked up, but as time went on it was very clear to see he had learnt all the tricks in the book. He was so friendly though and I have quite the soft spot for him now.

The animal park was available to visit every day, and of course we did exactly that. There were so many beautiful animals and all so close! The park had been created so beautifully, so much thought had gone into the walk around the park, as well as the enclosures themselves.

The park works closely with endangered animals, and also rehabs incurable birds of prey. They offer education and are increasing awareness about all different species. They also offer a night safari, unfortunately we flew home before their first one- I’m gutted – but a good reason to go back?

One of the infinity pools looked over the elephant enclosure. I could have just stayed there all day, my idea of heaven.

I also have to share with you this hilarious picture! I saw this cheeky monkey and instantly connected! He was posing in the exact way I do when I’m told to pose! Is he, or is he not, my spirit animal! I think so!

Tell us more…

Collection from reception does come in the form of a golf buggy, handy for baggage, not so handy when you are clinging on one handed, zooming up a steep hill, trying to decide whether it’s the contents of your handbag, or your Prosecco, that you’d rather lose first!

The accommodation was Polynesian-style lodges, and they were all beautiful and well kept- some lodgers even had a private hot tub- perks of booking further in advance!

The pools were absolutely lovely, with big comfy sun beds surrounding the area, with views looking out over the animals and then mountains. There were several pools across the resort, so you could always find one to yourself!

The resort was all inclusive, every meal was spot on and following a busy few weeks prior, it was so lovely to not have to think about this. There were bars all over the resort meaning refreshments were never far away! The resort also had its own Italian where you are able to choose to dine if you wish.

There was a lovely exclusive evening bar above the restaurants which looked out over the park. Surrounded by treetops (and cocktails 🍸) there was a pure bliss up there.

Splashing around 💦

There was a water park just a few minutes walk from the resort. The holiday included entry here and despite not being overly fussed, we went and visited.

I have to admit now, I can’t swim. So the thought of huge, fast, slides, plunging you under water at the end, filled me with dread. They did have some really brilliant looking slides and I have no doubt if you were an adrenaline junky you would have loved it! There was also a zero gravity sensation water slide, the thought actually gives me shivers! So despite all these ‘exciting’ slides, I managed to attempt just the one slide, which came to a gentle stop in long shallow water. I can then honestly say, I went to find the closest food and cocktails and parked myself on dry land for the rest of the duration there!

My first beach photo shoot!

The setting in Spain was absolutely beautiful, but I can’t even lie, I was nervous about this. Like many other lovely ladies- my body confidence isn’t always the highest! I felt my ‘no carbs before Marbs’ body was definitely lagging and a complete lack of preparation for a swimsuit or bikini was definitely on my mind!

I had some stunning Clare Haggas Silk Scarves on hand for that additional little cover up. How stunning do the magnificent prints look against the sunny Spanish sands.

Luckily, I think the pictures came out well and hopefully you will see them appearing on Instagram over the upcoming weeks.

Outfits for holidays

Well, of course some sort of outfit planning came into consideration with my last minute packing. I have to admit, ask me what to wear to the races and I am completely in my element, ask me what to wear on holiday and you’ve caught me out of my comfort zone there!

I opted mostly for pieces that I could mix and match, I never tend to pack outfits, but key pieces I can change up depending on the weather or my mood!

A couple of the staple items I took with me:

  • The stunning Welligogs Windsor Fitted Jacket . A beautiful lightweight fitted blazer, perfect for throwing on in the evening. The jacket colouring is so beautiful and is easy to dress up or down!
  • The Welligogs Phoebe White Shirt . I have never worn shirts as comfortable as those from Welligogs, and a classic white shirt is perfect for holiday styling. The detail at the front of this shirt is perfection!
  • Hyde and Hare Foxley Handbag – I find it impossible to go anywhere without a bag, usually filled with things I probably won’t need, but can’t bare to risk without! This bag truly felt like I was bringing a bit of my country self to Spain with me! It is the perfect size for everything you need (or think you need), without being bulky or heavy! I also had the beautiful matching clutch for the evenings (See below)! The colours in these bags will have you in love at first sight!
  • A white dress, or two! I took two away with me, you can’t go wrong with one of these and they can be dressed down casually for the beach or dressed up for the evenings. They go with everything so take the opportunity to accessorise!
  • Lastly, the jewellery I took was from my favourite jewellery brand, County Equestrian Jewellers. Their pearl collection jewellery is absolutely perfect for your holiday, particularly that on the beach look. I wore the snaffle pearl necklace and bracelet pretty much every day!

  • Round up
  • Staying in a Polynesian-style lodge, surrounded by animals, with unlimited access to Prosecco, it is safe to say that is definitely my type of holiday! I also can’t forget to mention that we met the most wonderful couple out in Spain staying just one lodge away, from the first moment of meeting them it was clear we were going to be friends and what incredible company they were for the duration! Cheers to that!

    And breathe.

    I can’t tell you how nervous I was to write this blog. I wound myself up wondering what if no one wanted to read it or what if no one cares!Now I have written it I can honestly say I feel relieved, but also I have realised that even if no one was to read it, what a lovely recollection of the memories from my trip.

    That’s all for now,

    Lots of love, Lucinda xo

    ‘Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway’ – John Wayne