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Get the look – The Game Fair 2019 πŸ‘—

I’ve had such a busy couple of weeks, but oh my goodness, I am so excited about The Game Fair this year! I bet so many of you are too!

I attend the event every year, however, this year is going to be extra special for me. I’ve decided for the first time to stay over locally and attend both days of the event – this is going to be great, there is so much to see and do it means I should have more of a chance to get round it all! It also means …. two outfits!!

With The Game Fair just weeks away, I wanted to share with you a few key looks that I am loving right now. I’ve mentioned before that I am not one for planning outfits weeks in advance, so I love pieces that have the potential to be called upon last minute. Reliable, classic and classy key clothing and accessories help to pull any outfit together, however last minute! I hope this blog will give you some inspiration for your own outfits, based on some of my current favourite pieces.

Look 1

I absolutely adore this outfit – how summery are the colours! Mixing different colours together is something I love about creating an outfit, even if it’s colours you may not initially put together.

Firstly, don’t be put off by over the knee boots, just because it is the Summer. You don’t need to stash away half of your wardrobe or footwear just because of the season change. These tan boots by Fairfax and Favor are the perfect addition to a Summer outfit!

The gorgeous pink tweed top is by Harris Rae Collection. This top oozes elegance and style. The pretty pink tone makes it the perfect summer addition to any outfit. I am obsessed with tweed, and if I can add it into an outfit, I will.

The Alice Gold Label Grays bag is just perfect for the Game Fair. It is plenty big enough for everything you need to carry around with you for the day, and it fits over your shoulder. The snaffle and tassel detailing add the perfect equestrian twist to your outfit.

The County Equestrian Jewellers necklace and bracelet I wore matched the gold and yellow tones coming through on the buttons of the top and the jeans. The theme of the cartridge jewellery works great for the Game Fair.

Outfit details:

Top – Harris Rae Collection

Jeans – Next

Boots – Fairfax and Favor

Bag – Grays

Jewellery – County Equestrian Jewellers

Watch – Morris Richardson

Look 2

This outfit has a very classic feel, and I love it! Pulling together greens and blues, paired with a crisp white shirt!

The beautiful skirt featured in this look is by Vantage Atelier. I immediately fell in love with the design and fit of the tweed skirt. It is a longer fit, which is extremely flattering. I also love the belt loop detailing. A belt can really pull together and finish off an outfit, so being able to add one to the skirt makes it a must have for me! The belt is by Annabel Brocks and perfectly pulls together the colours within the outfit.

We all know I love wearing a hat. A fedora is a perfect addition to any outfit, and hides a multitude of sins. The fedora hat is ideal for wearing at The Game Fair, and there really isn’t any weather that one isn’t suitable for.

My classic white shirt option for the outfit has a simple ruffle and comes from Dubarry. A white shirt is a staple item and a key addition for any country wardrobe. They pair perfectly with a tweed skirt for effortless, elegant style.

Being a horsey girl through and through, I love having the essence of this following through into my style. What better way to do this than with the incredibly beautiful Grays Country bags. The bag featured here is the Joanna bag. It is a great size for all your essentials for a Country day out, without being bulky. The bag still fits over your shoulder, saving you from having to carry it around all day. I’ve also added a Clare Haggas pocket square as a tie to add some extra colour!

I have again here opted for some over the knee boots, they help to create a lovely long line with the skirt, creating a very flattering outfit style.

My lovely tweed watch is by Morris Richardson and it compliments any outfit due to its interchangeable watch straps. The tweed from the skirt and the watch compliment each other perfectly.

The necklace paired with this outfit is a running fox by County Equestrian Jewellers. One of my favourite country jewellery pieces!

Outfit details:

Hat – High Bird Designs

Shirt – Dubarry

Skirt – Vantage Atelier

Belt – Annabel Brocks

Boots – Fairfax and Favor

Bag – Grays

Bag tie – Clare Haggas Fine Art

Jewellery – County Equestrian Jewellers

Watch – Morris Richardson

Look 3

I love this look, the pinks and tans come together perfectly to create the ultimate summer look. Pastels will always work well in the summer season too.

I opted for a classic white shirt again with this outfit – this time the Welligogs Phoebe Shirt. This shirt has a really feminine feel, and suited the pale pink of the skirt. The ruffle effect on the collar and cuffs, and the lace detailing at the front easily make this one of my favourite ever shirts. There isn’t really anything that you can’t style it with. The shirt is so comfortable to wear that it is perfect for a long day out and about.

How much are you loving that hairbands are back, bigger and better than ever. I absolutely love a hairband, I always have. I have to confess I also LOVE Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf’s style is divine. This hair and worn is by Penelope Henderson, it is a crushed velvet design, with the gorgeous bee additional. It is a great way to inject some colour into your outfit, add some extra ‘glam’, and tame some of those wild strands.

Summer bags are an absolute essential for the shows. We know I tend to carry far too much around with me but I feel like I always need to take the ‘extras’ just in case I need them. This Henrietta Spencer bag just screams summer style and coordinates perfect with every outfit. The leather detailing compliments the bag beautifully and they are incredibly well priced, what isn’t there to love!

Outfit details:

Hairband – Penelope Henderson

Earrings – Penelope Henderson

Shirt – Welligogs

Skirt – Joules (previous season)

Boots – Fairfax and Favor

Bag – Henrietta Spencer

Jewellery – County Equestrian Jewellers

Look 4

I love sunglasses! Who else feels like you can hide behind them and see the world completely differently?!

I have quite a small head so finding sunglasses that are comfortable and don’t slip too far forwards can be challenging. The design of the Sporting Hares sunglasses means this wasn’t an issue and they don’t slip and slide like I find so many other sunnies do. Sunglasses are a great addition to an outfit, not only do they stop you squinting all day, it means you can use them to hold your hair back off your face during the day if you need to.

Everyone needs a pretty white dress in their wardrobe, it is a style essential. It doesn’t have to be designer, or expensive, to do the job. You can accessorise a white dress however you like, the options are endless! Be bold- play around with colour to see what suits you!

I have opted for one of the mulberry Clare Haggas scarves to accessorise here. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I am rarely without one of these silk scarves. They are so beautifully designed, add a country luxe feel to your outfit and they can change up the feel of your outfit when styled differently.

The Hyde and Hare Foxley Handbag is a firm favourite of mine. It is the perfect country accessory. Again, crucial for a long day, this bag will sit on your shoulders- saving your arms. The design is beautiful and there’s plenty of room inside for your day our essentials.

The new Hemsby loafers from Fairfax and Favor are great for summer style- I haven’t stopped wearing them! They come in three different colours, Tan, Navy and Coral. All three colours have endless outfit opportunities. The soles of these shoes are SO comfy, so they are perfect for walking around all day!

Outfit details:

Sunglasses – Sporting Hares

Scarf – Clare Haggas Fine Art

Dress – Primark (current season)

Loafers – Fairfax and Favor

Bag – Hyde and Hare

Jewellery – County Equestrian Jewellers

Watch – Morris Richardson

Look 5

Don’t be fooled, it isn’t always sunshine at the Game Fair- as much as we hope and want it to be! With any outfit, there is the potential that our typical English weather will get in the way, and change what we had originally planned on wearing!

A gilet for me, is an essential for any wardrobe! These bridge the gap in weather between the cooler summer nights, drizzly days, or adds the perfect additional layer when it’s freezing! The Nattily Dressed gilet is one of my favourites because it adds that lovely colour pop to a classic outfit. I have used navy as my base colour for the outfit, so that the pink really stands out. I’ve added bright pink tassels to really make the pink colour addition stand out!

I’ve opted for classic knee high boots and the beautiful Joanna bag again with this outfit. The coloured jeans add a slight twist on the navy and pink, whilst keeping it subtle.

Outfit details:

Hairband – Penelope Henderson

Top – Primark (previous season)

Gilet – Nattily Dressed

Jeans – Next

Boots – Fairfax and Favor

Jewellery – County Equestrian Jewellers

The Game Fair 2019 – Best Dressed Lady Prize…

Sponsored by the fantastic Welligogs, for the fifth year running, The Game Fair offers ladies the opportunity to enter into a best dressed competition, with a prize worth over Β£600 on offer! This takes place on Friday 26th July – day one of The Game Fair. If you are attending on the Friday- why not give it a go!

You can find out all about it here.

So there we have it, a few different outfit ideas to give you some inspiration when creating the perfect show style.

We still have plenty of time until the Game Fair, so if you are wanting to add any additions to your wardrobe in preparation- now’s the chance! There is also huge amounts of shopping available at the Game Fair – I have no doubt I will come away with something there too!

I still have loads of exciting things coming up so keep an eye out for my next post, and of course, I will be blogging from The Game Fair itself!

Hopefully see some of you there!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it’ – Edith Head

πŸ“· Images by Events Through A Lens