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What I wore in Nashville… 👗

Isn’t it about time we had another Nashville blog? I’ve missed writing about this amazing place, and since we’ve been in lockdown I’ve found myself pining over Nashville and what an incredible time I had. I always intended on sharing an ‘outfits I wore’ blog with you, but several other things had ended up coming first. Although this is delayed, I was still excited to share with you, and to be honest, any excuse to get writing about Nashville again!
If you haven’t read my previous Nashville blogs, you can read the first one here, and the second one here.

I mentioned previously that you won’t catch me doing any sort of ‘what I will be packing blog’, prior to a holiday. My packing is utterly chaotic! Despite always writing list after list, I end up with clothing everywhere, and there is always that last minute stuffing of unnecessary extras crammed into the top of the suitcase. For someone that is generally very organised – I am utterly ashamed of my packing routine!

I’m going to break down the clothing/accessories that I took with me though, so you can see the sorts of things I do like to pack, and what I use to make up outfits. I struggle to plan outfits out in advance, I prefer to have clothes that generally all compliment each other. When packing, I never really plan a specific outfit, but more a variety of pieces that could be mixed and matched, depending on what I am feeling, or usually more importantly, the weather!

If you haven’t already gathered, I found Nashville the holy grail of all holidays, I completely fell in love and it is where my heart belongs. I was so excited to put together my wardrobe for the holiday, I knew my classic country style would fit in so well there – and I couldn’t have got it more right! Where possible, I have linked the outfits for you.

I know this is very long overdue, but it was well requested during and after my visit, and it was always my intention to write, so I hope you enjoy.

Good outerwear staples are essential. I probably did slightly overpack for a week, however, I was getting changed twice a day, and I did wear everything I took. I took a mixture of layers, the weather wasn’t particularly warm, it pretty much matched the weather we were having in England, so I wanted layers I could wear over dresses in the evening, as well as something during the day. It’s the outerwear that is often bulky, and will take up more space in the suitcase, so planning this area carefully is often essential.

Smokeless Equestrian Gilet
This Smokeless gilet is one of my absolute favourites. It is perfect for packing as it folds up so small, like ridiculously small! It is a great little layer as you can pop it in your bag without the bulk. It comes in navy and I wear so much navy, so it basically goes with my whole wardrobe!
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City Cows Fur Gilet and Vintage Brown Fur Gilet
I took a couple of fur gilets with me, a navy one from City Cows, and then a vintage brown fur. I get a lot of wear out of these, they are so easy to dress down in the day and then dress up in the evening. They pair with everything so they are great for me to pack, knowing that they don’t take up much room but they are a warm layer, and will go with whatever I choose to wear.
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Rydale Brown Wax jacket
This jacket is an old faithful of mine. I have A LOT of jackets, but this is one I reach for if I just want something that will go with everything, will keep me dry if there’s an unexpected shower, and will keep me warm. I cannot believe the quality of this jacket. I always wanted a Barbour jacket, but I don’t really wear it enough with all my other jackets, for me to see the value. I have this specific jacket in brown, olive and blue – that’s how much I do love it. It was a really safe option to pack with me. We actually barely had any rain whilst I was in Nashville so I did manage to escape that!
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Holland Cooper Navy Cape
Last up is my Holland Cooper Cape. I absolutely love these. I was always so desperate for one and when I got my first one I got so much wear out of it, I can highly recommend them! You can layer up underneath these as much or as little as you like which is really handy, and they are really light, there isn’t that horrid bulk you get with some jackets. I took my navy colour as I knew this would match best with most of the outfits that I took.
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Tops and Jumpers
I took a variety of different tops and jumpers that would be easy to mix and match with everything else I took with me on this trip. I generally buy all of my essential tops from normal high street stores, I find the quality fine and they are easily replaceable. I generally buy plain tops, in more neutral colours, and then accessorise around them.

Plain burgundy roll neck and round neck
I took a couple of burgundy coloured tops with me. I love the colour burgundy and find it matches with the majority of my other clothes.
Sprawling and Osborne jumper
I wore this cosy, casual jumper on my travel day to Nashville. It is super soft, cosy and easy to wear, whilst still keeping right in line with country style! I’m not a really really casual dresser, so this is about as dressed down as you’ll find me. It is absolutely perfect for me, and taking a jumper like this with you is perfect for those more relaxed days.
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Harris Rae Collection shirt
Oh gosh, I love this shirt. It just screams Nashville, and screams country style. I do wear quite a lot of shirts, but I won’t lie, as much as I actually don’t mind ironing, I don’t schedule enough time to do this into my busy life. I’m a bit of a cheat and if something needs ironing, more often than not I’ll just pick something else if I’m in a rush. Despite this shirt actually needing ironing, I couldn’t resist packing it, and it did actually travel pretty well! It was the perfect country style for Nashville, and has become one of my favourite pieces!
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Holland Cooper roll neck jumper
This jumper screams luxury, and it is also perfectly warm. I couldn’t resist taking it with me, despite taking up quite a bit of space in my suitcase. I did want something that would be that extra bit warmer, and as it is cream – it goes with EVERYTHING.
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Skirts and Trousers
I took a variety of skirts and trousers. As I say, I am not a light packer, so I took plenty with me, but all items were pretty versatile with all the tops I took, ready for mix and match! I tend to wear more skirts than trousers in general. I will often just pack a pair of fleece lined tights so that I can still wear my skirts even if it is a bit chilly.

Teddy Edward Moleskin Skirt
I wear this skirt all the time! I am definitely more of a skirt and dress wearer than I am a trouser wearer. This skirt is plain navy with the buttons down the front and it washes amazingly. It pairs so easily with my mostly navy wardrobe, so for me it was such an easy pack. Skirts also seem to take up much less room when packing!
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Holland Cooper Tweed Skirt
I wouldn’t go anywhere without packing a tweed skirt, so this was a must for me! This brown skirt is quite a plain tweed so it matches anything, I paired it with cowboy boots and my thick roll neck for a day around the Honkytonks and it was the perfect country look.
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White Jeans
I went off white jeans for a little while, and I really don’t know why. But I actually find them so easy to style, and I am actually pretty often found in a pair. I think if you can find a fit and style that you like, then they can very quickly become one of your best friend wardrobe essentials.
Matte Black Jeans
If you’re a regular to my blog, you’ll know these matte black Next jeans became a favourite of mine, despite initially being out of my comfort zone. They are so comfortable as they are more of a jegging, so they have a lot of give and stretch. I love throwing them on when I want a great outfit, that’s still super comfortable and easy to wear. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit when I wear them, because they do look great – with very little effort. I also wore these on the plane on the way back – that really proves just how comfortable they are!
Holland Cooper Jodhpur Jeans
I find the HC jodhpur jeans really flattering and I love the bright, bold colour pop of the coral. You probably won’t ever see me in blue denim jeans, I think I own one pair and I hate them – I don’t even know why but they just aren’t my style. I much prefer a coloured jean and as most of my tops are plain, I make up for it in a bright trouser. I like flattering trousers, so if you want something flattering then these are definitely worth a look. They have a fab stretch to them and a high waist making them really comfortable.
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I wear a lot of dresses, they are a key part of my wardrobe. I took a couple of different dress options for the evening so that I could get changed when going out for dinner or for drinks and this worked perfectly. I paired the dresses each time with boots to keep a casual country look.

My Best Friends Wardrobe Paisley Dress
I love this dress and it feels very country and Nashville. I wore this to the Grand Ole Opry show on my last night in Nashvill. I loved the final look. I don’t know why but it makes me feel so cowgirl in this dress, and to be honest, I would have loved to have been a cowgirl, so I love how this makes me feel.
Zara Pleated Dress
These dresses from Zara were hugely popular last year. I think I managed to get one in every colour, and they have been well worth the money as they are often my go to evening/‘date night’ look. They pair perfectly with boots as well as heels so are a really versatile piece to the wardrobe.
Missguided Pink Dress
I love this dress again. It was a complete steal from Missguided but I think it fits into my country wardrobe perfectly. It is such a pretty, loose, floaty design – I feel so feminine in it and it is definitely a go to evening dress for me. I wore this at the stunning rooftop bar – Loft 32.

You’ll probably find a bit of a theme here – lots of cowhide accessories! I personally love cowhide and the quality and feel of these accessories is just incredible, so they are generally always my go to! They complete any country outfit perfectly- so a great investment piece if you’re starting to build on a country wardrobe.

Grays 1922 Croc Tan Leather Belt
I have a couple of they Grays belts and they are something special. This tan croc design is one of the newer designs, and has two snaffle bits on the sides, and a weave of suede at the back. It’s the perfect equestrian touch to add to an outfit.
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Hyde and Hare Belt
I was so excited when I received this belt a long while ago, and wear it ALL of the time! This brand has quality beyond measure and this belt was so perfect for my Nashville look!
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Daltons Leopard Print Belt
I wanted to take a leopard print belt to add a bit of a different colour to my outfits, and to wear with may fur gilets. I love the width of this belt, which shows off the leopard print really well, and it matches great with burgundy!
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Black raised and Navy plaited hairbands
I am rarely ever without a hairband, they are crucial for holiday packing as they help with any bad hair days as well as adding the finishing touch to an outfit.
Bethany Rae Cowhide Bag
I only took one handbag with me for the holiday so I wanted to make sure it would be able to fit in everything I needed for the day, and still added a classic country look to any outfit I chose. This bag certainly offered that.
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Country Allure Cowhide Earrings
I took two pairs of Country Allure earrings. If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, they are an Australian brand selling gorgeous clothing, footwear and accessories. If you LOVE cowhide, this brand is for you. They ship worldwide too. I took some black teardrop cowhide earrings, which I wore for the evenings, I also took some of the cowhide tassel earrings, which I again wore for nights out. This is one of my favourite brands for jewellery – the quality is incredible and they are so unique.
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Country Allure Cowhide Clutch
Another Country Allure accessory. I took the cowhide clutch that matches my cowhide earrings. I absolutely love it, the hide is dark and look luxurious!
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Morris Richardson Watch
Another accessory I am never without is my watch. I so always wear this and love the interchangeable straps on this watch as it means I can match perfectly to my outfit.
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In true Nashville style, I look both pairs of my Fairfax and Favor Rockingham boots, I also took another few pairs of shoes with me. I purchased a pair of cowboy boots whilst I was out in Nash for a steal in a little store, but I am now craving a really nice pair – looks like I’ll have to go back!!

Fairfax and Favor Rockingham Boots
I have the knee high and calf high Rockingham boots, and couldn’t resist taking both – of course!! Well it wouldn’t be Nashville if I wasn’t totally kitted out in western style boots the whole time. These boots are my favourite I think – as I said – dying to be a cowgirl over here so anything that makes me feel slightly more that way is an absolute yes! These boots are really comfortable, despite walking round all day every day. Both boots are in tan – so went with everything! I have just purchased the ankle Rockingham now to complete the family, so on my return to Nashville, I really will be prepared!
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Welligogs over the knee boots
I took these boots as I really love them, they are about the only non F&F footwear that I own. I took these to travel in as they are flat soled and they are really comfortable and flexible which was perfect for the long travel time. I also wore them with a couple of outfits whilst in Nashville and I think they are really different and create a nice look.
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Black ankle boots
I took these little boots as they are so easy to throw on in the evening with a dress, to create a bit more of a casual evening look. They were just a pair from New Look, but I actually still really like them – super affordable and easy for dressing up an outfit for an evening meal or drinks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little blog of my outfit choices for Nashville. That’s all for now darlings, but I’ll see you again very soon.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

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*please note that at some point I have in the past, or do still collaborate with several of the brands featured in this blog. Therefore, this blog should be considered as an advert as it consists of some items that have been previously gifted as part of older collaborations.