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The Cheltenham November Meet – what to expect and your style guide 🐎

The November Meet at Cheltenham Racecourse is now very fast approaching, but whether you’re wondering if the day out is for you, or are stuck what to wear, this blog has got you covered. Find out all the information about the race meet below, along with a handy style guide to help you when choosing your outfit.

This year the November Meet runs Friday 15th – Sunday 17th November. This meet is considered the real start in the build up to the magical Festival in March. Three unforgettable days of racing await us, so let’s see what is in store…

Countryside Day – Friday 15th

The launch of the November Meet and quite possibly my favourite day, Countryside Day.

Gates open at 10.30am on the Friday and there are a whole host of countryside activities throughout the day. The Wurzels are then providing after race entertainment in The Centeur, free to those who have purchased Clubs/Tatts tickets.

There is a silent auction, gun dog display, chainsaw sculpture demonstration and hounds display amongst some of the countryside activities on the day. There will also be a parade of some of the well known equine hero’s and Sir Anthony McCoy will be trying his hand at Dressage again in the parade ring with Dressage rider Laura Tomlinson.

This is sure to be a fabulous day, and don’t forget to check out the extensive shopping village!

Race schedule

Gates open- 10.30am

Race one- 12.40pm

Race two- 1.15pm

Race three- 1.50pm

Race four- 2.25pm

Race five- 3.00pm

Race six- 3.35pm


There are two enclosures for the November Meet, the Best Mate enclosure and the Clubs/Tatts enclosure.

Under 18 entry is free.

Note on site parking on the day is 5 pounds.

Saturday 16th

Day two of the November Meeting welcomes the popular Saturday race day, featuring the Betvictor Gold Cup.

Gates open at 10am for the Severn race card day. There is live music in The Centaur from The Wandering Wings, following the racing, which is available for free to those who have purchased Clubs/Tatts tickets.

Race schedule

Gates open- 10.00am

Race one- 12.40pm

Race two- 1.15pm

Race three- 1.50pm

Race four- 2.25pm

Race five- 3.00pm

Race six- 3.30pm

Race seven- 4.00pm


There are two enclosures for the November Meet, the Best Mate enclosure and the Clubs/Tatts enclosure.

Under 18 entry is free.

Note on site parking on the day is 5 pounds.

Sunday 17th

A slightly later start today, it is Sunday after all! Gates open at 11am on this date, and the Sunday holds a whole host of family fun entertainment.

Alongside the six races, there are also two pony races running at 12.00 noon and 12.15pm. If you haven’t seen any of this before, it is definitely worth a watch!

The D-Day Darlings are providing the after race live music in The Centaur following the racing. This is available for free to those who have purchased Club/Tatts tickets.

Race schedule

Gates open- 10.30am

Race one- 1.15pm

Race two- 1.50pm

Race three- 2.25pm

Race four- 3.00pm

Race five- 3.30pm

Race six- 4.00pm


There are two enclosures for the November Meet, the Best Mate enclosure and the Clubs/Tatts enclosure.

Under 18 entry is free.

Note on site parking on the day is 5 pounds.

Style Guide

Wanting some tips and tricks to help you with choosing the perfect November Meet outfit? Look no further, I’ve got you covered.

Dressing for warmth and the weather is absolutely key when producing the perfect Cheltenham outfit, you just can’t look your most stylish if you’re freezing cold and shivering! Have a look before for some of my top tips and favourite items for race meets this season!


My go to hat is, of course, a fedora. I get mine from High Bird Designs. The service here is amazing and they are able to create bespoke for you, so that you can get your perfect look. They also do fascinators, not only perfect for the races but if you have any other occasions coming up.

I really like wearing a hat to Cheltenham races as the weather is usually appalling. I hate my hair and I find it just never sits nicely, so a hat is able to hide a multitude of sins! It also usually rains at Cheltenham, and it will definitely be windy, so a hat will ensure your race day hair is looking the best it can be. You don’t have to go for a fedora if this isn’t your style, why not try some different hats and see what works for you.

You may have seen at the last Cheltenham meet that I changed up my fedora with a gorgeous silk twilly. For those of you that aren’t familiar with these, a twilly is a long narrow silk scarf which can be tied in a variety of ways – one of which around a fedora hat. I have a chestnut brown coloured design which works beautifully and subtly with my fedora hats. Such a great alternative to a hat pin if you are looking for something a little different. My twilly is from Gemma Webster Photography, who uses her incredible images as the silk designs.

If you follow Country Classic Lucinda on instagram, you will have probably seen that I absolutely love a hairband. Again, I find adding something to my hair helps to keep it in place a little better, and helps to add some volume. I love the styles available from Penelope Henderson if you’re looking for somewhere with lots of options, from really plain to statement pieces. These pieces are perfect for the races, they can help to keep your hair under control in the wind, whilst adding a stylish accessory to your race day look.


My go to jackets are, of course, from Welligogs. Tweed is probably the most popular jacket option for the races, and I have to agree, you just can’t go wrong with this. Whether you’re used to styling tweed or not, there are so many variations out there, some statement and some very subtle, so there would definitely be one for you. Welligogs attend the November Meet with a stand in the shopping village. If you haven’t tried their jackets before, I highly recommend giving them a visit and trying some on – the only danger with this is that you just won’t want to take it off!

It is so important that you wear a comfortable and warm jacket at the races. Do not be caught out, stood in the wind and the rain, without a good jacket on. Don’t forget we are racing in Autumn/Winter – the weather just isn’t going to be sunshine and warmth. Layers will be a necessity so ensure your jacket allows you to cater for this.

I also love a blazer. Blazers are such classic styling, and go with everything so they are a complete wardrobe essential. I love wearing them for the races as you can dress up your outfit a little more by adding one. My biggest advice at the races if you’re looking too style a blazer would just be to ensure you can fit enough layers underneath! The last thing you want is to be cold!! I have been loving the blazers from My Best Friends Wardrobe recently.


Warmth, warmth, warmth is key! I am living in jumpers right now- and I love it! A roll neck jumper is perfect to style underneath your jacket for the races. You will definitely want something round your neck, particularly if it is windy or rainy, so a roll neck is perfect for keeping you warm. They are also incredibly easy to layer underneath as you don’t have to worry about any underneath layers showing at the neckline. I also love a chunky cable knit jumper, and these can still be styled really smartly, particularly if you go for a skirt option.

I can’t but mention Welligogs for a second time here. I am yet to get my hands on one of their gorgeous new jumpers, but I am in complete and utter love with a couple of the new designs already.

I am also loving the Holland Cooper jumpers at the moment. If you watched my Bicester Village haul, you’ll have seen I recently purchased some of these jumpers, and they have started to appear on my Instagram now. The detailing on the sleeves and shoulders give these jumpers a really special and stand out design. I think they look great teamed with skirts and jeans so there are lots of ways to experiment with styling them, and they would be perfect for race day styling.


Now we are racing in Autumn/Winter, so it is optimistic to think a shirt will be on full show for your race day style, however, paired under a jacket or blazer, your shirt can still be a stand out piece, and can still make the cut on the morning of the races, even if there is a bit of a chill!

I have raved on and on about Welligogs shirts in the past, so of course they are receiving yet another mention in my style guide. I used to wear a lot of shirts and I have to say I got a bit bored of them and fed up of the material (and ironing!), I felt like there was a lot of ‘admin’ that went alongside wearing a lot of my shirts. Then I was introduced to the Welligogs shirts, and everything changed! They are super comfortable, with gorgeous designs that are perfect for the races. Many are a classic white design – and you can never have too many white shirts, they are perfect to pair with anything and everything.

Another shirt company that produce too good to be true products are the ever incredible Koy Clothing. I was fortunate enough to meet the duo behind the brand recently and their passion and love for their products shines through. I own one of the Ladies Kilroy shirts which really are super soft and east to wear. The colours in these shirts are striking and their quality and detail are second to none. If you are looking for a stand out shirt for the races, I cannot recommend these enough!


Scarves are a great way to accessorise your outfit, but will also help to add additional warmth. If you want some inspiration for tying scarves, have a look at my previous scarf blog.

My go to scarves are obviously Clare Haggas. This lady is one of the most inspirational and kind hearted women there could be. Her talent knows no bounds and she supplies us with endless incredible creations, which we just can’t say no to. The scarves are country themed, silk and come in a variety of different sizes – you can even have matching scarves and ties, or ties and pocket squares. I currently have my eye on the George & Friends Gold Large Square Scarf if you’re wanting to know the exact look I would be going for this meet. These scarves also seem to be made for the Welligogs jackets, they pair perfectly for the ultimate stand out race day look.

My other go to for scarves for this Cheltenham meet are those from Wandering Bee. Wandering Bee have an endless collection of beautiful scarves that will add the finishing touch to any race day outfit. Lots of these scarves are nice and big so that you can wrap up in them.


I absolutely love a tweed skirt, and you can’t really go wrong with race day style if you wear a skirt. Tweed skirts are a timeless, classic look and one of my absolute favourites, I also find them really easy to style, particularly with a jumper or shirt.

The Holland Cooper tweed skirts are beautiful, and I own these in a few different colour-ways. The quality and fit is just as you would expect with these skirts, so these are definitely worth a look if you are unsure what to go for.

I also really like the Vantage Atelier Tweed Skirts. The belt loops make these skirts for me, as I usually always accessorise with a belt.

And then there is this, I can’t deny it, and I am going to have to say it – I am also LOVING the two cord skirts that I recently picked up from Primark. Racing day style doesn’t have to be expensive and I really like these skirts. I have worn them several times already and I actually haven’t noticed them to be poor quality or compromising on the fit. They look great and I have found them so easy to style. These are current season so you should still be able to grab them in store!


Trousers don’t have to make for a more casual outfit. They are often warmer and there are so many great designs and colours out there – the options are endless. Here are a couple of my favourite, stand out pieces, great for perfecting that race day style.

As a first for me, I have to state that the coated jeans from Next are a must. They styled great for the October races meet, but were also so practical. The rain seemed to just bounce off them and my legs stayed perfectly dry for the duration of the day. They wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I am so pleased I went for them, and in my option I actually think they looked great! I was also in Next the other day and saw these are now available in even more colourways too – perfect!

My other go to for trousers has to be the Teddy Edwards Moleskin jeans. WOW – you will most certainly not be disappointed with these. I wore them during the weekend just gone for the first time and I now have a firm favourite. The quality of these jeans is incredible, and they feel amazing on, they are definitely a feel good product. If you follow me you’ll know I don’t like and rarely wear blue denim jeans. I am all about the coloured jean but I also have a couple of classic navy, white and black trousers. These are my current favourites and would be perfect for Cheltenham with the warmer material. They have a high waisted, slim fit and original option and colour-ways are black, navy and white. I definitely have a white pair on my shopping list having fallen madly in love!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – wear comfortable footwear! Don’t be caught out with uncomfortable footwear as it will seriously impact on the day. There isn’t that many places to sit down so you will probably be on your feet for most of the day. I would also suggest practical footwear as many of the car parks are based on gravel/stones or on grass!

Obviously, my go to boot is from Fairfax and Favor. I love the leather Regina and I rely on these boots when the weather isn’t great – which means at Cheltenham they almost definitely make an appearance. I am also likely to style the Amira boot during the meet. These boots are so comfortable, and they style well with absolutely everything, dressing up an outfit for the races perfectly. Pretty much any boot from Fairfax and Favor is going to work for you at the races – they also attend the meet in the shopping village – so trying on that pair you currently have your eye on is a definite must!

Another favourite of mine is the Welligogs Leather Chelsea Boot- new this season. Coming in four different colourways, these are quite possibly one of the most comfortable pair of boots I own. I wore them during the October meet and not only did they look great, and keep my feet dry, my feet didn’t rub or ache once during the day – exactly what you need for a long day at Cheltenham.


I tend to wear the same jewellery day in day out, I don’t take off my core pieces… at all! This core jewellery currently includes a snaffle bit bracelet and ring from County Equestrian Jewellers, the foxy bangle from Hiho Silver, several Pandora rings and two snaffle bracelets from Pegasus Jewellery. I am sure you have seen these pieces creep up in several of my pictures.

My Morris Richardson watch is also a go to piece. If you read my last racing blog, you’ll know I always wear a watch to the races and consider it an essential. The interchangeable straps of the Morris Richardson collection are stand out and would be my only choice when it comes to styling a watch.


I have mentioned this in the previous racing blog, but don’t forget Cheltenham does have a bag policy which should be stuck to. I always take a slightly smaller bag or clutch to the races anyway – but it is worth checking up on this policy if you aren’t familiar with it.

Last year I took the beautiful Grays Elizabeth Evening bag with me to the races for this meet. This bag is perfect to pop over your shoulder, but it styles so beautifully with outfits. It also has lots of handy card holders, meaning that you don’t need to take a bulky purse with you on the day – more room for all of your race day essentials. Grays have a really fantastic collection of equine themed bags which suit race day style perfectly – so they are definitely worth a look.

As I mentioned I also love clutch bags, and I featured two gorgeous designs in my previous bags blog – one from Hicks and Brown and one from Frank and Grace. Both brands are definitely worth a look if you are also a clutch bag lover and are wanting to style using one of these.

Last Years Outfits

Here’s a little round up of the outfits I went for last year. When I say I always wear tan or navy, I do quite literally mean it!


Day one outfit inspiration.

Last year on Day one of the November meet I opted for a simple navy Joules Blazer over one of their white shirts. I then paired this with a fur hat- which I purchased on the day from the shopping village. I also wore fur cuffs and a tweed and fur scarf in navy check. White jeans are always a popular styling option and I chose these with my navy Fairfax and Favor heeled Regina boots, with the cobalt blue tassels. I chose my Grays Elizabeth evening bag to complete the look.


Day two outfit inspiration.

On the Saturday last year, I layered up a lot of jumpers underneath one of the Holland Cooper capes, which is in the Tawny brown check. I then used a Mulberry Clare Haggas scarf and matching tassels to pull through a colour pop. I paired with my leather Regina boots and a tan clutch from Hicks and Hide.


Day three outfit inspiration.

Warmth was the absolute key on day three. I opted for lots of jumpers underneath a very snuggly coat, which also matched my hat! I used a pretty Joules silk scarf with silver and floral detailing and paired with a pink tweed Joules skirt. I finished off the look with Tan Amira boots.

I can’t wait to share the November Meet with you all. There will also be a round up blog after the event.

More information can also be found on the Jockey Club website- follow this link.

If racing isn’t quite your thing, keep an eye out for my other content, a new blog is coming very soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda, xo

‘You glow differently when you’re happy’ – Unknown

{Please note, I was under no obligation to mention any brand within this blog, these thoughts and outfit styles are my own and are genuine opinions and recommendations}