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Three bags I can’t wait to take into my A/W wardrobe …

Hello Autumn 🍂🍁

I can’t quite believe we are saying that now!

Hello pumpkin spice lattes, crispy golden leaves, hearty pub meals and cosy log fires! I’ve always loved Autumn, it’s such a special season. For me, it marks the start of the new NH season – which of course, means everything to me. Alongside that, I love hunting, beating, shooting, and Autumn marks the return of it all.

As the weather starts to change, so must our wardrobes. It’s time to start reaching for scarves, jumpers and jackets. I typically find Summer outfits tricky, I’m a hot person and there is nothing worse than constantly feeling mildly sticky throughout the Summer. However this year, I fell in love with my Summer wardrobe so whilst I am excited to get back to cosy layers and enchanting winter outfits, I am still clinging onto this sunny weather a little while longer.

Whilst my wardrobe is now starting to make that transition from Summer to Autumn, I am excited to share with you how to transform your wardrobe, and some new pieces that I am loving for the upcoming season!

I introduced 3 newly released bags into my wardrobe at the end of this Summer, and I know they are going to transition seamlessly through to my A/W wardrobe! You may not have seen these bags yet, so not only did I want to share them with you – but also let you know what they would be perfect for!

Let’s meet the bags! …

Adira Grande Cross Body Bag
Salthouse England

First up is a large, over the shoulder camera style bag…

If you follow my social media channels, you will have seen this bag creeping up quite a lot. I have really been putting this bag through its paces for quite a while now. It came to The Game Fair with me back in July, which was when I really realised the special place this bag has in a wardrobe. If you’re like me, you can never have enough bags, and whilst I love my everyday handbag, I like switching up my bags on days out. Whenever I have a nice day trip planned, I automatically want to take a nice clutch bag or smart/luxury feel bag to match a smarter outfit, however I am severely guilty of … OVERPACKING, making a clutch for a day out always a struggle. If you’re the same as me, this bag perfectly bridges that gap. You feel like you have a really special, luxury bag with you, but you have all the space of a handbag, without the bulky feel.

At The Game Fair, the weather was totally unpredictable, and I managed to roll up one of my small cashmere ponchos into this bag, along with an umbrella, and THEN all of my normal handbag essentials. Whilst it has a slightly structured feel, the main internal compartment is open and spacious, and flexible enough to fill comfortably.

This bag is quite literally the big sister to the classic Adira that Salthouse England released, so it includes all those iconic features you loved from the previous bag. One of the biggest ‘glow up’s’ that the Adira Grande has had though, is …. INTERCHANGEABLE STRAPS! This is a seriously big change! The bag comes complete with the classic chain and leather shoulder strap, but you can now buy additional shoulder straps which simply clip onto the bag and can be switched out to match your outfits. With so many different strap options available, you can now really make this bag your own, it also makes it so much more versatile!

I have lots of lovely days out planning in the upcoming couple of months, so I’ll be sharing lots of different ways to get the most out of this bag! Stay tuned 💙

Key Features:
– Pebble grain leather body, and leather look front pocket
– Credit card and zip closure internal pockets
– Main body zip closure
– Signature tassel
– Interchangeable shoulder straps
– Gift box packaging

Size: W 27cm x H 19cm x D 7.5cm

Available in: Navy, Black and Nude.

Perfect for:
Days out at events. It is the perfect bag when you are heading for a nice day out, when you want the luxury style of a small bag or clutch, but the practicality and size of a handbag.

Jackie Snaffle Leather Handbag
Grays 1922

Next up, a medium sized handbag with a subtle nod towards Equestrianism…

Grays bags have featured throughout my blog since the start! These are the sorts of bags which just get better with age. Soft, good quality leather is used for all of the bags, the designs are timeless and these are real investment pieces which will last in your wardrobe year after year. I use a Grays handbag for my every day bag, they are durable and hard wearing, but I love their subtle nod towards Equestrianism with their classic snaffle detailing.

The Jackie range of bags is the newest collection to be released by Grays, and I was instantly hooked by the simple, but elegant detailing and designs.

This handbag is in Cognac leather, which had a gorgeous reddish-brown undertone to it. The leather is structured, but the bag is flexible enough to be able to fill comfortably. I would say the bag is medium in size, which is great for an every day bag if you don’t carry endless items around with you (unlike me), or it’s perfect for day adventures or evening trips. You can fit a surprising amount comfortably in this bag, so for things like trips to the races, or show days, it would also work perfectly! The bag is really nicely lightweight, and comes with a detachable cross body shoulder strap, so if you want to go hands free – this is perfect for allowing you to do so!

This bag pairs so perfectly with tan and brown accessories, so it is a really versatile piece to add into your wardrobe. The Cognac leather beautifully pairs with neutral and pastels, as well as greens and burgundies as we head into the cooler months!

You can have this handbag with the snaffle bit detailing if you like the equestrian theme, but there is also a version without if you love the style of the bag, but the equine detailing isn’t quite for you.

Key Features:
– Zip top closure
– Brass protective feet
– Phone and key internal compartments
– Plain or snaffle detailing to front
– Over the shoulder detachable strap included

Size: L 35cm W 9cm H 23cm

Available with a plain leather front, or snaffle detailing.

There are multiple bags released as past of the Jackie range, so there is something to suit every style!

Perfect for:
Day trips, shopping, brunch, evenings out. The medium size is lightweight and not bulky making it the perfect accompaniment to pretty day or evening outfits.

Bourton Cartridge Handbag
Hicks & Hides

Lastly, sublime luxury perfect for the Country wardrobe…

This bag, I repeat, THIS BAG 😍

Wow, oh Wow. It is just beautiful. I have been a customer of Hicks and Hides for many years now, and I am always completely blown away by the quality. My overnight bag I purchased from them over 4 years ago now, and believe my this bag takes a beating as I stay away A LOT, it gets used multiple times a week and yet it has worn so so beautifully, and looks immaculate, so you really know what you are getting with these products. I have always trusted the incredible quality, and they are based so locally to me, just in the Cotswolds.

The Bourton range is the newest collection released from Hicks and Hides, and it is a full range comprising of belts, cosmetic bags, purses and then the handbags. This range has a seriously luxurious feel to it, but it is also built practically and durably, and would make a perfect every day range.

The Bourton Handbag quite literally blew me away when I pulled this out the bag. The contrasting suede and leather is such a beautiful finish, and the handbag is such a great size. It is definitely large enough to be used every day, and the two straps are long enough to sit over your shoulder, although the bag does come with an additional should strap if you prefer to use one long cross body strap. If you are looking for an every day bag – the brown is also a brilliant colour to go for if you’re worried about an every day bag getting a little dirty or worn!

The lining of this bag is absolutely beautiful, and gives another luxury feel to the bag, the main compartment is large and flexible, but the internal pockets ensure any smaller items are within easy reach.

Whether shooting or equine is your thing, you can customise the front of the bag with their a cartridge or snaffle bit.

Key Features:
– Suede and leather finish
– Choice of cartridge or snaffle detailing.

Available in: Tan and Brown.

Perfect for:
Everyday handbag use! This is a great size to be able to fit everything in, and the straps are long enough to go over your shoulder as well as being held, making it perfect for all day, every day wear.

If you love any, or all, of these bags, do keep an eye on my social media channels (all found @countryclassiclucinda), because I’ll be sharing lots of ways to style these over the upcoming weeks and months!

I have lots of exciting things planned heading into Autumn, I hope you do too! There is lots to come on the blog, if you don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe below ☺️.

My next blog is coming very soon, and I am going to be joined – you don’t want to miss it!

See you soon 🤍

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“Life is short, buy the bag!”

– unknown

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