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Need for Tweed? Well Timothy Foxx is the answer…

‘Need for Tweed!’

Welcome back to another brand specific blog – this time it is all about the NEED FOR TWEED! You got it – this blog is me all over. I often think many of the people that know me well, when they think of me, they would probably think of tweed – and they wouldn’t be far wrong there.
My wardrobe is made up of lots of tweed items, and for me, there has always been one brand that has stood out to me as being exceptional when it comes to finding the perfect tweed products. I am, of course, talking about the incredible Timothy Foxx…

So who are Timothy Foxx?

Timothy Foxx was founded in 2009 by the amazingly talented Rosalie Eustace, who wanted to create specialist, hand made tweed garments. The ‘Foxx’ comes from one of Rosalie’s childhood toys, a wooden horse, who still attends all of the shows with the brand now.

You might remember my ‘Build up to Burghley’ blog from last year, where Rosalie featured alongside Ben Buxton from Fairfax and Favor (you can catch up on this blog here). Rosalie was such a fun guest to speak to, so definitely head over to have a read of that blog if you want to see what we spoke about, and hear some great banter between Rosalie and Ben.

The TF stand at Burghley is usually set out with their special occasions clothing. If you haven’t seen this range from TF, you can view it here. I can still remember vividly the release of the wedding dresses. For the longest time I have said I would have a tweed wedding dress – never really knowing if that would come true. Well now I can tell you it will be, because when I saw the TF dresses, I immediately picked one. Maybe one day my future husband will be looking back over these blogs, and realise this is where my wedding dress obsession came from (awkward laughing)!!

Usually found on the show circuit all season, the TF team are always on hand to help. I have always received the very best service and help from the team. I often attend shows on my own, and whenever I have been on the TF stand, the team are just SO welcoming, helpful and their customer service is just second to none.

Alongside attending shows and selling online, the TF also have a showroom where they are able to welcome customers for a personal shopping experience, meaning you can get the individual service wanted particularly with specialist custom made items. More and more now we are looking for more unique items, and also investment pieces that fit really well and will last, so this personalised service is just amazing.

Rosalie has the most amazing eye for beautiful tweeds, well-cut items and long lasting, attractive pieces. I think it is safe to say I am obsessed with this brand, and have been for the longest time. Lets have a little look below…

My TF history…

Ok wow … where to begin with this one. I have been a customer, fan and cheerleader for this brand, for SO long. If you haven’t guessed, Country clothing seriously excites me, and when I write these blogs about brands that I genuinely love, I get so enthusiastic. I love sharing my passion through this blog.

I have shared a brief history of my TF love affair in my June edition of ‘Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda. You can catch up on my top picks from the blog here, my Timothy Foxx tassels featured as part of the round up.

Prior to starting University, one of the TF tweed cushions became part of my ever growing tweed collection. This was my first ever TF item, and it has been a spiral since then. That cushion is nearing 10 years old now, and it still has pride of place in the centre of my bed – it doesn’t look worn in the slightest and I think that completely reiterates that you really are buying quality items when you buy from this brand.

Following the cushion, I think I have purchased something from just about every possible category on the TF website. My home has welcomed everything from the TF tweed beanbag, to the coasters (used to sell), doorstops and hanging hearts, and my wardrobe has housed everything from the jackets, skirts, shirts and scarves, alongside several additional accessories.

I think it is safe to say, that I am definitely qualifed to speak about the TF range wholesomely, having used so many of their products in my home and wardrobe, for so long.

I have a few new TF pieces from their collection that I really want to share with you as they make up some really key pieces in a Country girl’s wardrobe. I am excited to show you these, let’s have a look what there is …

Isla Tweed Jacket in Juno

A good quality, fitted tweed jacket is an essential for every country wardrobe.

The Isla jacket is such a beautiful design, combining a classic Equestrian hacking jacket style with a feminine, stylish elegance. The detailing on this jacket is true TF style, with its corduroy accents, bold lining and back pleating. The front of the jacket is a simple 3 button style, and the pockets feature contrasting corduroy trim. The cut at the bottom of the jacket slopes away, creating a flattering and feminine style, which then lengthens at the back. The turn up of the cuffs reveal the same contrasting corduroy, and the jacket is lined with bright viscose lining. The back of the jacket features a striking 3 pleats, with a detailed waist band above.

A tweed jacket is an absolute essential in the Country girl’s wardrobe. Having a good quality jacket that you can continually reach for time after time is an investment not to be missed. I can’t wait to take the Isla Jacket out racing, it is just going to make the smartest outfit. But it is not limited to the racing circuit. Team over a pretty dress for meals out, team with jeans for a country show, or pair with a matching skirt to create the ultimate tweed suit.

The Isla Jacket is currently available in 6 different tweed colour-ways, all of which has matching skirt items available.

The fit of this jacket is true to size, I took my normal size and it fits perfectly.

Available in sizes 8-16.

Priced at: £345.00

Larissa Tweed Skirt in Juno

No one ever stopped at one tweed skirt, am I right? An absolute essential for the Country girl.

Choosing a tweed skirt can be tricky. Thee are so many different styles available and endless tweeds to choose from. The TF tweed skirt range is quite extensive, with a variety of tweeds and styles available. The different cuts and lengths mean that you will be able to find a skirt that is perfect for what you are looking for. Their skirts are very flattering, and the variety of lengths to choose from means you can gain the look you desire.

The Larissa skirt sits just below the waist, and is designs to hug all the right places. The skirt is a length of 16 inches, which sits at a very flattering hight on the leg. It is currently available in 3 different tweeds on the website. The Juno tweed has the fawn corduroy detailing, floral lining and pink/orange tweed check. The Larissa skirt features a side zip fastening, corduroy waistband and 3 button back detailing.

A tweed skirt is definitely another wardrobe essential for me. Many of my outfits are made up from a tweed skirt, and particularly out Racing, I love reaching for tweed. Both easy and effortless to style, investing in a good quality tweed skirt is vital if this is a piece you want to continually reach for. Suitable for any occasion, pair with a simple shirt for a classic Country look, or a roll neck is the perfect accompaniment for A/W style

I took true to size in this skirt.

Available in sizes 8 – 16.

Priced at £110.00

Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt – Multi Feathers

This shirt. Oh my goodness this shirt.

If you follow my social media accounts, you will know that I have had a love affair with this shirt this spring/summer. It is giving me all of the S/S happy vibes. Every single time I have worn this, I have had messages about it, and you all went crazy for it following my IGTV showing just how easy it was to style.

The TF shirts are amazing. I have one of their 3/4 sleeve ruffle check shirts, which looks really beautiful paired with tweed skirts. The shirts are amazing quality, I have had that shirt for quite a while now and it washes great. There are currently 9 shirt designs online, with a mix of sleeveless and 3/4 sleeve designs. They also have some really pretty shirts with lace inserts.

I created an IGTV video to show just how versatile this shirt is, and how easy it is to wear. There will be lots of you wanting to shy away from a bolder print, or who aren’t quite sure the best way to style it, but it is really simple, and this video shows you the multiple ways in which you can start styling a bolder print shirt.

You can find the IGTV for styling this shirt over on my Instagram. Use this link to head straight there.

I took my normal size in this shirt.

Currently available in sizes 8-14.

Priced at £65.00

Tweed Hair Scrunchie

This scrunchie is AMAZING! So well made.

I love having hair accessories that match my outfit. You will probably know by now that I am a huge lover of hairbands, and accessorising these to my outfits, so being able to have a play around with a scrunchie has made me very happy.

I wear my hair up a lot for work because I just find it easier when I am out all day, I also wear my hair up more in the Summer. My hair tends to go messy very quickly, it is also longer and dark, so it does generally make me much hotter when it is down.

These scrunchies are wide enough to be able to see the pattern of the tweed – without feeling too bulky in the hair, or being too heavy and falling down. I also don’t have the thickest hair, and the scrunchie doesn’t look silly when styling it in a variety of different ways, which I have found some others have if they look too bulky in comparison to my hair.

Available in 8 different tweeds.

These scrunchies are so well priced, you can’t really go wrong adding one of these to your wardrobe!

Priced at £11.50

Tweed Ear Warmer in Gooseberry

Your A/W essential…

Although slightly out of season just at the moment, but my goodness an ear warmer is an absolute essential for the A/W season. The weather is also definitely turning now isn’t it – maybe that Autumn weather is closer than we think!

Made from 100% British wool, the Timothy Foxx ear warmer head bands have a super soft fleece lining, designed to keep your ears toasty and warm, whether you are skiing, walking or at the yard, these are an essential. These ear warmers are hand made, and feature an elastic strip at the back to ensure a comfortable, good fit.

Cold ears in the winter is just the worst feeling. With so many different designs available, there will definitely be something to suit you style. These are great for those of you that are not keen on wearing a hat.

Available in several different tweeds, you can view the whole collection here.

Available in size small and medium.
Small  54cm – 57cm / Medium 57cm – 61cm

Priced at £23.00

Tassels in Juno Tweed

I purchased these tassels to match the Juno tweed jacket and skirt.

I featured these in the June edition of ‘Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda’, where I did quite an extensive review of them, you can read the full write up here, but I still wanted to include them in this as well so that all of the information is all together.

The tassels are available in 9 different tweed colourways, and simply attach onto the zip D-rings of your boots. They are approx 18cm in length, but can be trimmed to any length desired.

Priced at £22.00

I do have to also mention that TF are currently selling face masks. As you know, these have to be worn pretty much everywhere now, so if you are like me and find them a bit intimidating and ‘clinical’, why not go for a fun design. You can find their full range of masks here.

That is all for now my Darlings. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and having a closer look into some of the items available from Timothy Foxx. I absolutely adore this brand, so definitely follow their journey using the links below.

Follow the Timothy Foxx journey here:

See you all really soon.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Get your tweed on’

Timothy foxx

{Please note that whilst purchasing many items for TF, I have also worked with the brand in collaboration to produce this blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and have not been influenced by the brand in any way. The links included in this blog are not affiliate links and do not produce any commission.}

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