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Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – Snaffle bit and pearl bracelet 🐴

Welcome to ‘Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda’!

I am so excited to share top picks with you here. I love finding clothing or accessories that have the ability to totally transform an outfit…. and I want you to know about them too! Here you can find all the information about products, clothes or accessories that I have chosen and am genuinely loving myself!

My first Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda features the beautiful Snaffle and Pearl bracelet by County Equestrian Jewellers.

I have been a huge fan of County Equestrian Jewellers since first discovering them a few years ago. I have quite a few of their different pieces and their attention to detail, quality and designs are second to none.

This bracelet was purchased for me as a gift and I just can’t believe how spot on it is for my style. I am nearly always wearing pearls, usually in the form of earrings or a necklace, so a bracelet is the perfect addition.

Pearls are created naturally by shelled creatures (molluscs), and the process of producing a pearl can take anywhere between 6 months to several years. The process begins when a foreign object enters into the mollusc, and it reacts by coating the object with the same substance that its shell is made from, called Nacre. Freshwater pearls, just like this jewellery piece, are produced in lakes and rivers.

White pearls have been a symbol of purity, beauty and new beginnings. It is also believed that pearls offer protection, and attract wealth and luck!

This bracelet sits daintily on the wrist, whilst still creating an impact. The pearls are teamed with a stunning silver snaffle bit, creating a perfect classic equestrian style. Pearls have the unique ability to add both classic and contemporary looks to your outfit, making them a go to piece and staple item for a country wardrobe.

I took this bracelet on holiday to Spain. The pearls looks incredible next to the sand and sea. The bracelet had as much of a relaxed feel during the day, as it did an elegant and classy feel during the evening.

The bracelet has also featured in my recent ‘get the look’ Game Fair blog post. Here it was perfectly paired a Henrietta Spencer bag. This look combined creates a killer summer combination. I think you’ll agree that the pearls really suit the style and texture of the bag.

The bracelet is great for stacking. I love seeing it alongside the tweed of my Morris Richardson watch, and my other snaffle bracelets.

Pearls accessorise really well with pastel colour tones. I don’t think there’s a single one of my watch straps that the bracelet doesn’t work perfectly with.

I also have the matching pearl earrings and necklace for this beautiful bracelet. A matching set of jewellery can really finish off an outfit.

You can see the range of pearl jewellery available on the County Equestrian Jewellers website, by clicking here.

I hope you loved this top pick!

Until next time,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Pearls are always appropriate’ – Jackie Kennedy