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Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – September Edition

Hello Autumn!
Our first ‘Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda’ of the new season!

I would typically be so excited about Autumn, it marks everything I cherish, and for me, is generally when the ‘fun’ begins. But this year just feels different doesn’t it, there is still so much uncertainty surrounding the times.

We have lost all our A/W events, which for me, was such a key part of my enjoyment of the change of season. To be honest Darlings, I am feeling a bit miserable about this Winter. Normally the C (hristmas) word would indefinitely cheer me up, but nope, not this year!

How many of you are feeling the same?

Well, to cheer us all up, I’m here speading the love through September’s top picked products. There is a real mixture this month, in terms of pricing and product, so there should be something for everyone! I love putting these blogs together, because well, shopping is something that comes incredibly easily to me!

On with the products! …

Holland Cooper Kensington Jumper Dress

Elegant, effortless, and everyone should have one!

I am loving everything that is being released from Holland Cooper at the moment, we seem to be treated to another new in product every single week. I have invested in pieces from this brand for a long time, and I think the story of the brand, and how it has grown since 2008, is just inspirational.

I had been debating buying this dress for a little while. I personally think these are quite expensive, and for me it had to be an investment piece. When I purchased the same dress in black last year, I had wished it was in navy, as I wear so much more navy to black, but unfortunately at the time the navy wasn’t an option.

Since buying the black dress, it has just been worn and worn, so when the navy was released last month, I knew my cost per wear would be worth the investment in another piece. It has been suggested that we potentially only wear the average item of our clothing just 7 times. This is crazy. How many items are currently in your wardrobe that you have worn 7 times or less? When I saw this, I definitely thought about a new way to consider what we are buying, and also what is currently in our wardrobes. My wardrobe had been undergoing a bit of a sort out during lockdown, and this has really made me think even more about what I am buying, and wearing.

There is a lot of information on the internet now about cost per wear, investment pieces, and the need to move away from this rise in ‘fast fashion’. Investing in pieces that will last in your wardrobe has really been a change in focus for many, and people are definitely now looking for pieces that will stand the test of time, instead of buying into catwalk trends, or cheaper, throwaway items.

This dress feels a little thicker than the initial black version that I bought last year. It is a really beautiful design and fit, and the material feels very good quality. I love the signature HC hardware on the shoulder and sleeve, classic of the HC knitwear. I bought this dress true to size, and I am about 5ft6 and it sits just above my knee.

Knowing how much I wear the black version, I know this is going to be pulled out time and time again – keep an eye on my Instagram or Pinterest for some outfit inspo! You can’t go wrong with this sort of timeless dress, so if you are looking for a dress to take you through all seasons, this would definitely be my recommendation.

Now available in Ink Navy, and Black

Priced at £129.00

Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

‘Satisfying spheres for smooth and healthy skin!’

How often do I mention my skin?! It is something that comes up in conversation fairly regularly, as it is something I have struggled with, on and off. I have never hidden the fact that my skincare routine is somewhat chaotic, which probably accounts for some of the issues I have faced with my skin. Since teaming up with Dermalogica, I have taken much more time and pride in a skincare routine, and have made much more of an effort to actually look after my skin, after all, this face has got to last a fair while yet!

Dermalogica is a no fuss skincare brand, with simple packaging and easy to use products. The range of products are created with the aim of producing optimal, healthy skin, with a focus on not ‘just covering up’ problems with a cosmetic result. The brand is cruelty free, and currently all products bar 4 are vegan friendly.

The Hydro Masque Exfoliant is one of the newer products to the Dermalogica range, and has a focus on skin hydration and exfoliation. The product includes ingredients such as Snow Mushroom (aiding hydration), Sugar Beets (strengthening moisture barrier) and Bamboo (exfoliating). The product helps to leave skin feeling smooth, refreshed and healthy.

This is such a cool product to use, and it is so satisfying. The product is made up of small spheres which you massage in circular motions until they disappear. This is SO satisfying, I honestly can’t describe how enjoyable this part is. The masque only needs to be left on for 3-5 minutes, so it is a quick and easy product to add into your routine.

My skin has been quite red recently following some breakouts, and I have found this product to be really quite soothing, and my skin does feel and look much nicer following rinsing off this product. This isn’t the cheapest product to add into your collection, but it only needs to be used once or twice a week!

Priced at: £55.00

Waring Brooke Classic Draped Poncho

‘Perfect ponchos – the A/W wardrobe essential!’

It’s no secret that I love a poncho. I am so fond of classic country styling, and a poncho for me definitely fits into this category. I also love the ease of wearing a poncho, there isn’t the bulk you can get from a coat, and I love being able to layer up effortlessly underneath.

This change in season is a funny old time, we seem to have some nice days, and some really miserable days! A poncho offers a light layer on those nice days, just keeping the chill off. And on those plain miserable days, it offers an opportunity to really layer up underneath, and keep warm, whilst looking effortlessly flawless over the top.

The Waring Brooke brand has a fascinating story, with founder Samantha Brooke not only an award winning knitwear designer, but has a history selling designs to elite fashion houses. Waring Brooke support the movement away from fast fashion, with their designs reflecting high quality, timeless pieces, whilst encouraging people to make use of their repair services to restore items instead of the need to throw pieces away.

These beautiful capes are created from a fine merino wool blend and are made in Nottingham. There is subtle Waring Brooke logo branding to the right arm, and the cape has been designed to drape beautifully, creating a flowing, elegant piece. The capes are available in one size, and their is a petite option available.

Transitional outfits can be really difficult to think up, but these types of pieces really do make for easy, effortless outfits. This piece is so well priced, is going to stand the test of time, and is suitable all year round – perfect if you are looking at creating more of a capsule wardrobe!

Currently available in 7 different colour-ways.
Mushroom, Hot Pink, Navy, Green, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy and Black.

Priced at £79.00

Vezavi 100 % Satin Silk Long Equestrian Scarf | Red & Navy Blue

‘Equestrian elegance in a versatile scarf!’

I mentioned Vezavi in my last blog, with their bold and bright nautical themed belt (read here). This brand is based in Glasgow, and produces unique, personalised leather goods. There is a strong equestrian theme running through many of their products, which I just love, and with everything from spur straps to handbags, there is something for everyone.

I’ve been trying one of their 100% silk scarves this month, which has a satin finish. The scarf feels incredible, is so beautifully made, and has a real vibrance to its colour. These scarves are long enough to tie around your waist making for a beautiful equestrian themed, unique belt. They are also long enough to tie in various other scarf styles too such as around your handbag or even in your hair!

I have had such fun experimenting with this style and length of scarf. I don’t currently own anything similar, so I have been able to play around with several different looks, and I have really enjoyed seeing just how many different ways this could be styled.

With such endless opportunities, this scarf is such a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. You will be able to style in so many different ways, showing just how versatile this scarf is, leaving you reaching for it, tine and time again! This is also available in a slightly more subtle Khaki and Rust design.

This product is really reasonably priced It is great for equestrian lovers, and someone wanting to add a pop of colour to their outfit!

Priced at £23.99

Clarity Blend Aromatherapy

I have never used any Aromatherapy products before, and to be honest, I haven’t ever looked into them, so I didn’t have a clue about the benefits. I have been on a quest recently to further research mind and body. Life had taken a slower pace for me over the past few months, but things are back to normal now, and as a very busy, hectic life resumes, I want to carry forward what I have learnt over the past few months, about myself, and how to take better care of both my mind and body.

Clarity Blend was set up by Veronika and Dimitar Vasilev, who have a real passion for products which help to refocus and reconnect with our inner selves. Using pure and natural ingredients, they have come up with a range of products which encourage self-care. The range uses 100% natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. The products are also vegan, and cruelty free.

The Clarity Blend products are broken down into six different ranges:

Product range Description
Active LifeFormulated with muscle relaxation and tension release in mind. A blend of essential oils to help sooth muscles following sport or strenuous activity.
Energy BoostDesigned to help refresh and energise through a blend of peppermint, rosemary and sweet orange. This range will aid vitality and positivity, through mood boosting aromatherapy scents.
Heart ChakraFormulated to aid those looking for creative, inspirational living. A range containing sweet, spicy and woody essential oils, perfect for self-exploration.
Mind SpaDesigned to help promote focus and concentration, and ease irritability. Perfect to try for those wanting a moment of ‘slow’ amongst a busy life.
Sweet DreamsFormulated to help aid a better night’s sleep through quietening the senses and relaxing the body, encouraging the mind to calm.
Sensual SeductionDesigned with the senses in mind, helping to aid feelings of romance.

Within the different ranges, there are different products available, including body oils, roll ons, essential oils, bath salts, eye pillows and neck pillows.

I have really been enjoying using the roll on pulse point collection, specifically the sweet dreams and mind spa products. The roll ons are so easy to use, and perfect for just keeping by the bed, or at my desk. The scents last a good amount of time, and have such a calming affect to them. I have found a real enjoyment in using them so far, and I am looking forward to continuing to use all 6 roll on pulse points, having had such a positive experience so far.

I tend to become especially restless at night time. I have slept very poorly since March and the thought of getting into bed actually fills me with some dread, not knowing how long it may take to drift off! I have found both the body oil and roll on from the sweet dreams range so calming and it has put a much more positive spin onto my nighttime routine again!

The roll on pulse point products come in small 10ml bottles, so they are perfect to pop into your handbag, or keep on your desk, for a boost throughout the day.

Body Oils – Priced at £24.00
Roll On Pulse Point Collection – Priced at £36.00
Individual Roll Ons – Priced at £9.00

Use ‘LUCINDA20’ for 20% off at the checkout, and free delivery.

So that brings us to the end of this months ‘Chosen by CCL’. I really hope you’ve enjoyed the review. This blog took a slightly different layout this time around, as there were a couple of different topics I wanted to mention when looking at these products.

That’s all for now my Darlings,
There is another new blog coming this weekend, so I will see you soon!

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘Buy Less, Choose Well’


(Please note: The following items were gifted: Waringbrooke Poncho, Dermalogica skincare, Clarity Blend Aromatherapy and Vezavi Scarf . These thoughts and opinions are my own though, and have not been influenced by the brands included in this blog. None of the links included are affiliate links, and the discount code provided is not commission based – it is purely shared for your enjoyment. All information was correct at the time of publishing.}

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