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Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – May Edition

Hi Darlings!
Welcome back to another Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda. These are some of my favourite blogs as you know. I just love bringing you tried and tested products that I am loving right now.
How much are you enjoying this sunshine?! I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy some of it. Some of the products mentioned this month are definitely perfect for the weather!
I’ve had a much better week this week, you’ll know this Lockdown seems to have so many of us up and down with all kinds of emotions. I am actually grateful for a bit of a slower pace at the moment, time to catch up with myself, and reflect. I hope you are all doing ok, I know I get to speak with so many of you, and I love getting to know you!
So once again I am here with some payday treats for you, I think you’re really going to like them, and hopefully I might introduce you to a couple of brands that you might not have met before.
Let’s get started! …

Stitched Equestrian Zen Gratitude T-shirt

Tell me more about the brand:
Started in 2014, Stitched Equestrian is working with high profile riders and brands, supplying embroidery, vinyl printing and branding. The lady behind the brand is Victoria, who has horses herself and enjoys showjumping, she also loves the colour orange, and cooking!
So whether you have equestrian products needing embroidery, or employee t-shirts branding, Stitched Equestrian will be able to offer a bespoke service for you.

Tell me more about the product:
I love the word Gratitude, meaning thankful and appreciative. I think this word plays a particularly important role this year, as so many challenges have, and still are, being faced due to the Coronavirus. Now more than ever we are finding ways to be both thankful and appreciative for our own lives, and what those around us do. Gratitude reminds us to reflect on the life we have, and not on what we don’t.
Stitched Equestrian have recently launched a range of slogan t-shirts with inspiring and positive wording, including ‘DOn’t quIT’, Socially Distant, and Gratitude. The gratitude t-shirts particularly stood out to me, the colours and text caught my eye – and I love the message behind them.
These Gratitude T-shirts are available in two styles, the Zen collection (more subtle colours), and the Fluro collection (for those of you who love bright colours). I have opted for one of the white zen t-shirts and one of the fluro pink t-shirts.
Both tops arrived and are super soft – the quality of the top is amazing, and they feel great – there is nothing worse than a t-shirt arriving that feels stiff, itchy and a rough material. The Gratitude tee’s are 100% cotton, with bright, bold lettering across the chest. This lettering comes in Purple, Mint, orange, blue, gold and yellow.
Available in size XS – 2XL (sizing is unisex, and there is sizing help on the website), and both styles are available in white, pink and blue.
I love these t-shirts, I think the message behind them is such an important one, they immediately drew my eye with the pretty colourings, and the fit and quality means once you have one, you’ll definitely want another!

How much is it to buy:
These tops are available at £24.00 each.

Where can I buy one from:
Direct from the Stitched Equestrian website, using this link.

Pegasus jewellery vitality band

Tell me more about the brand:
The idea for Pegasus Jewellery first came about at Blair Horse Trials in 2015, where founder Kim wanted to combine her love of both horses and jewellery. Jewellery has been in the family for over 100 years, as her Great Grandfather opened a jewellery store, which is still run by Kim’s brother today! Pegasus Jewellery aims to deliver stylish and affordable pieces, that don’t compromise on quality.

Tell me more about the product:
Do you ever wonder if these types of products work, or is it just the placebo effect? Not heard of the placebo effect? This is where someone experiences a benefit, despite not actually being given the desired treatment. The body of those not given the treatment can sometimes still work in the way it would have been expected to, if the actual treatment was carried out. It is something that has been widely debated for many many years.
I have actually had a vitality bracelet from Pegasus Jewellery before, and I am convinced that it worked. I work long hours and was away at a lot of shows, and after a friend purchased one and was pleased with the results, I decided to try it out too.
Nearly a year on, and I am back trying out one of Pegasus Jewellery’s brand new designs, the leather plaited vitality bracelets, which are also raising money for the NHS.
Now I want to be perfectly honest with you, I have only been wearing this for about 10 days. I have been taking it off only if it is to become submerged in water (e.g when in the shower) but I have been really good at wearing it the rest of the time. The great thing about these designs is that they look really nice and stylish, so you don’t mind wearing it all the time – it adds to your jewellery stack, instead of taking away from it!!
The aim of the vitality bracelet is to boost the body and mind, through the magnetic power of Neodymium & Germanium. It is suggested that magnetic therapy can help to reduce stress, mental fatigue, aches and pains, and increase circulation, flexibility and energy, just to name a few.
I have been sleeping really restlessly during lockdown, waking up constantly throughout the night, and having several nightmares. I have found since wearing the vitality bracelet, that once asleep, I seem to be sleeping all the way through the night now, even if I have struggled to get off to sleep to begin with.
Available in Small – X Large, and three colour ways – Navy, Mulberry and Black. All 3 colours have a rose gold magnetic catch closure. Sizing help is available on the website, with 1cm difference in sizes. It is recommended that you measure your wrist for an accurate fit.
I am really positive about the effects of magnetic therapy, and how it works, as I mentioned, I haven’t been wearing this for a huge amount of time, but I have noticed a difference is sleep pattern – which is only a good thing! I love that these bands are contributing towards the NHS, and that they look stylish enough to add to your jewellery stack on a daily basis. Overall, I don’t think you can go wrong giving one of these a go!

How much is it to buy:
£35.00, with £5.00 from every sale donated to the NHS.

Where can I buy one from:
Direct from Pegasus Jewellery, using this link.

Bee ‘We’re going to the races’ scarf

Tell me more about the brand:
Set up by a mother and daughter duo, Bee are sharing elegant clothing perfect for those in the city or country, wanting both classic and timeless attire. They have handpicked their clothing based on their own love for elegant style. Bee is currently focused on women’s and babies clothing items, through their boutique style website.

Tell me more about the product:
Could this scarf be named any more appropriately for me? You know I love silk scarves, and I love racing – so say hello to my perfect combination!
This racing print scarf is full of pretty pastel colours, with a detailed print throughout the whole scarf. The 100% silk scarf has a high quality, luxury feel, instantly transforming your outfit.
This scarf was a little longer than I expected, making it perfect to drape over your shoulders, as well as tying round your neck. It is the perfect addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe – injecting some pretty pastels into your outfit, and adding an extra layer to take the chill off your shoulders on those summer evenings.
Pair with your favourite summer dress, skinny jeans or tweed skirt for the ultimate country style.
I think this scarf is so pretty and such a welcomed addition to my wardrobe – I am excited to keep styling it and to see what outfit ideas I can come up with. The scarf is also really affordable too!

How much is it to buy:

Where can I buy one from:
You can buy direct from the Shop Bee website using this link.

Henrietta Spencer Wessex Leather Clasp Basket Bag

Tell me more about the brand:
If you have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I am just a little bit obsessed with this brand. You know I love to share with you products I genuinely love, and anything that comes from Henrietta Spencer ALWAYS excites me! These products just last and last, they are so well made, stylish and timeless.
The Henrietta Spencer brand brings unique hand crafted basket bags to the market combining timeless and classic products with the Spanish Mediterranean style and craftsmanship that Jaimie adores so much. With fast fashion an ever debated topic, sustainability is close to the heart of those behind Henrietta Spencer.
The ‘Signature Collection’ launched new for 2020, and if you haven’t seen it yet, well I urge you to get over to the website, because you WILL fall in love – just as I have – is one of each too many? They do say you can never have too many handbags right?

Tell me more about the product:
Ahhh, who doesn’t love a basket bag, they just scream Summer sunshine don’t they?! The Wessex Leather Clasp Basket Bag is no exception. This bag is an amazing size, it is pretty large, which makes it perfect for those beach days out or picnics. I am such an overpacker (have I mentioned this before?!), so big bags fit into my life perfectly, the more I can fit in, the better.
This bag closes with a leather flap and twist metal clasp, the detailing is beautiful and the bag is finished with a secure Henrietta Spencer logo zip. I absolutely love the new zip additions to these bags – that extra bit of security makes all the difference and I have been finding that this has become one of my everyday bags due to it’s perfect sizing. Inside is one large compartment, meaning storing everything inside is easy – it also seems to be a Mary Poppins bag – where you can just keep filling and filling!
Sizing is as follows (approx): H 30cm, W 22cm-45cm, D 21cm. These is a leather shoulder strap which extends between 103cm – 115cm.
The leather detailing on this bag is available in either Nude or Walnut. I went for the Walnut, I love how this stands out against the natural colour of the bag. The nude creates a more subtle effect. The neutral colouring of the bag means it pairs perfectly with every single outfit that you could put it with- never letting you down!

How much is it to buy:

Where can I buy one from:
Direct from the Henrietta Spencer website, use this link here.

Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30

Tell me more about the brand:
We have met Dermalogica in some of my previous blogs now, and you’ll know I have become a huge fan of their products, and they are really helping with my somewhat difficult skin. Dermalogica products are created with the aim of producing optimal, healthy skin, not just covering up problems with a cosmetic result. Dermalogica are a cruelty free brand, and all products bar 4 are vegan friendly.

Tell me more about the product:
We already know I am somewhat naive when it comes to skincare, and using a set and beneficial routine. I think it is safe to say over the past 6months – 1year I have become so much more knowledgeable, and conscious of looking after my skin, and putting the correct measures in place to ensure it is healthy. I am also not getting any younger, and I am conscious that this skin may need a bit of a helping hand now – to keep it looking fresh faced moving forwards.
We are having such glorious weather at the moment, and the restrictions on lockdown are gradually loosening, meaning a lot of us are able to spend more and more time outside. How many of us are putting in place the correct protection against the sun though? I know I am incredibly guilty of not understanding a summer skincare routine, and how this should change, and what products I should be using.
This invisible defense has been designed to blend easily onto skin, and contains Zinc Oxide. This protection should be applied to the face approximately 30 minutes prior to sun exposure, to help ensure protection. This product helps to reduce the redness and dryness associated with environmental aggressors, UV and free radical damage. This invisible and weightless defense works perfectly under your foundation without that horrid white residue that can so often be left with other products.
Did you know, you should actually always ensure you have SPF protection, and underneath your make up too!

How much is it to buy:

Where can I buy one from:
You can buy this product direct from the Dermalogica website, by using this link here.

I hope you’ve loved these items featured this month. Don’t forget that you can still enter the birthday giveaway over on my Instagram page – one lucky winner will win a prize bundle of over £430. Entering is so simple, head over to this Instagram post to find out how you could be in with a chance of winning!

See you very soon indeed,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend’

Melody Beattie

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