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Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – August Edition

Hello, I hope you are all well? We are coming to the end of August now and I wanted to catch up with you in this blog about a couple of products/items that I am loving right now. So many times I am asked if I recommend something, or what I am wearing or loving right now, so I have picked five of my favourite items so far this Summer for an August Edition of Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda. I know for many of us today marks pay day, and we all deserve to treat ourselves… right?! Keep reading below to see if there’s something that takes your fancy- I’m sure you’ll fall in love!

Purdey and Sloane – Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream

First up, I wanted to share with you a product from the Purdey and Sloane skincare range. I have been using the products from their range for a few weeks now and although I have a full blog review coming soon for the whole range, I really want to give myself chance to have used them for a good amount of time before diving into an honest review for you!

That being said, I can’t resist giving you a sneak peak of what’s to come by talking a little bit about the Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream. As I mentioned, I have been using this specific product for a few weeks now.

I am always a little bit sceptical of skincare. If I am being totally honest, I think my thought process in the past has been that my money is better spent on other things. I have always just picked up your standard skincare products and had a very basic routine. This is also probably why I have never been overly happy with my skin and how it looks. I have had a very naive approach to skincare and how it should be used, and actually how much our skin should be looked after, after all, it’s with us until the end!

I was really excited when Purdey and Sloane launched their skincare range at The Game Faie this year. A range designed for the active country lover, who’s skin goes through a lot in just one day, let alone in a week or month! As equine and country lovers, our skin is exposed to all of the elements all day, and I suppose I myself just had not considered the consequences of this, and the damage it may cause. That’s where Purdey and Sloane come in – an why I want to share some information on their overnight cream!

The first thing you will notice about this product is the packaging. This has a super premium look and feel. If you are anything like me, this is exactly something you go for. If you are spending that bit more on a product, you want something that is luxurious from the packaging to the product itself. The beautiful box and label scream quality, just from seeing the packaging, I knew I couldn’t wait to try it. Encased in a glass pot, the smell of the cream jumps out when you unscrew the lid. The smell is absolutely amazing, and the scent can still be smelt the next morning!

The skincare range is formulated and manufactured in Great Britain. Including some key ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Lupine Peptides and Vitamins A, C and E. If that meant little to you – don’t worry, it did me too! So Hyaluronic Acid is a vital ingredient when helping to maintain skin hydration, something that when we are outside all day, our skin can struggle with, this ingredient helps the skin to retain this moisture. Skin which is correctly hydrated will look and feel better. Lupine Peptides have restorative properties, helping to boost and support production of collagen and elasticity of skin. Certain vitamins have antioxidant properties helping prevent damage from the elements and supporting cell growth.

I can safely say that I am seriously impressed with this cream so far. My skin is looking and feeling much better already, and I actually feel good using this product, it makes me go to bed in a good mood, and wake up in a good mood. Using quality products really speak for themselves. The product is lasting me really well, and I will definitely be replenishing this cream now when it runs out – I am really pleased with the results.

The cream couldn’t be more simple to use. After cleansing, you simply apply a generous amount of product onto your face and neck, and massage in. Apply this cream before going to bed.

Top tip: Use in conjunction with the daily moisturiser for best results. And don’t forget to read the full review when it goes live on the blog!

Find me here – Purdey and Sloane Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream

Hicks and Brown – Ciga Cow Hide Belt

I have been a customer of Hicks and Brown for many years. Their hair on hide products are some of my favourites out there. Based in Suffolk, the accessories range from Hicks and Brown are nothing short of beautiful British style. The team are always so welcoming and helpful too, they attend lots of shows so do go and say hello!

The piece I am wanting to share with you for this blog is the beautiful Ciga Cow Hide Belt. The belt is a brown and white spotty cow hide combined with a bright orange leather under. The combination of these colours is both striking and attractive.

These belts are so supple, it doesn’t feel like you have a bulky or thick belt in place. The width of the belt is 3cm, so it fits nicely through your belt loops, looking substantial and striking but as I said, not bulky.

I have already enjoyed playing around with some different styles for this belt. There isn’t a pair of jeans or colour that it won’t work with – and we all know how many coloured jeans I have! I absolutely love belts and accessorising with them, and you can have a lot of fun with creating a unique look due to the pattern of the spots.

This comes in four different belt sizes so that you can ensure the right fit for you and where you want to style the belt.

Keep an eye out for some different looks on my instagram so that you can see just how differently this belt can be styled.

Top tip: Hicks and Brown do a matching clutch bag, and you know what they say about never having too many bags!

Find me here – Hicks and Brown Ciga Cow Hide Belt

Welligogs – Henley Blue Check Fitted Jacket

It’s completely safe to say Welligogs is one of my favourite clothing brands. From service to quality to fit, it ticks all of the boxes for me. The clothing is practical, stylish and beautiful, and will take you everywhere from out in the countryside, to Ladies Day at the races. Welligogs was founded in 2000, and is described as ‘distinctly British clothing and footwear’, and I couldn’t agree more!

So which product is it that I am dying to share with you in my August Edition of Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda? It is the Henley Blue Check Fitted Jacket. I am completed in love with this jacket. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, winter or summer.

The jacket has a lightweight feel meaning it has been my go to layer over the past few weeks. Our Summer weather has been far from predictable this year, I think I’ve had to take a jacket out with me pretty much every day. The Henley jacket has a linen and viscose outer, meaning that it feels super lightweight, without the typical bulk you can feel feel from some jackets. It has been the perfect layer to take the chill off, without feeling like I am wrapped up in Winter clothing in the middle of August. The beauty of the feel of this jacket also means that come the colder weather, you will be able to layer up under the jacket and still not have that restrictive feeling that you often get with a bulkier material. The jacket has a silky feel lining so anything underneath sits nicely and the jacket just slides over the top.

I love the length of this longer style jacket. This type and style of jacket is perfect for day to day wear, but will also wear perfectly over a dress or skirt. I find that the length being that bit longer offers an extra flattering fit. This jacket length is also perfect to pair with knee high boots, perfect for styling with your Autumn/Winter outfit choices.

The colouring of the Henley jacket is simply stunning, a mixture of light and dark blue, with a striking orange check throughout. I love anything that has a subtle colour throughout the check, I like my accessories to match the subtle colour to emphasise this and really show off the detail and colourings. The darker blue contrast on the collar, sleeves and pockets is both attractive and eye catching.

I already have a hat lined up to match this jacket, ready for Cheltenham Races, so keep an eye out for the striking combination that I put together this season- I think you’ll love it!

This jacket is easy to wear, easy to style, and is going to take you through all of the seasons. I will show you lots of different looks and ways to wear this length and style of jacket throughout my instagram so do watch out if you’d like to see how I continue to pair this with my wardrobe. I think you’ll agree with me- this jacket is an absolute must have!

Top tip: Welligogs offer free next day delivery to UK Mainland on all orders over £49 and placed before 2pm , go go go!

Find me here – Welligogs Henley Blue Check Fitted Jacket

Smokeless – The Southill Jersey

It’s safe to say we haven’t had the warmest of summers this year. I have still mostly found myself throwing on something with long sleeves when leaving the house. So I wanted to bring to your attention a rugby top that I have found to be the perfect item for this frustrating ‘in between’ weather.

I’ve had my eye on the Smokeless rugby top for a while now. A fairly new arrival to their range of clothing, the Southill Jersey is comfortable, practical and stylish. The rugby top comes in two classic colours, navy and dark green, both colours being incredibly easy to style with changeable looks. The are 100% cotton and are really easy to slip on to relax, as well as creating a stylish outfit to head out in. To the left of the chest is the signature barrel Smokeless logo.

The fit of this rugby top is nice and relaxed, whilst still looking stylish and keeping its shape, and the item is actually unisex, so girls if you are looking for a present for your other half, look no further, and vice versa! This top looks great with a pair of deck shoes or loafers. I will show you some looks so keep an eye on my Instagram if you’d like to see how I pair this product to create some different looks.

I am very familiar with the Smokeless and Smokeless Equestrian range and I love the design of the products and their detail. The range of clothing is practical for out in the field or at the yard, and I can’t recommend the team behind the brand enough. Customer service is so important with everything we do, and the Smokeless team can’t do enough to help with your orders or requests.

Smokeless are also able to create bespoke teamwear orders so if you are looking for something in particular, be sure to head to their website and drop them a message.

Top tip: Pair with coloured jeans and some deck shoes for a casual day to day look.

Find me here – Smokeless Southill Jersey

Wandering Bee – Navy Vintage Union Jack Print Scarf

I have been in love with the Wandering Bee range for a long while now. The materials used, and feel of the clothing just oozes luxury. This scarf is absolutely no exception. Wendy from Wandering Bee describes how her love of accessories started at a young age, and stemmed from her Grandma, who herself had great style, and passed on a love for fabric, colour and fashion. If you browse the Wandering Bee website, you will see just that, vibrant colours, luxury fabric and clothing which stands out as stylish, practical and ‘more-ish’.

If you read my Game Fair round up blog, you will know I caught up with Wandering Bee at the show to find out about their best seller for the event, and sure enough, it was the Union Jack Scarf. I can completely see why too!

This scarf is fairly large, dimensions – width 70cm, length 180cm. This means the scarf can be worn in the traditional way, looped around your neck, or it can be used as a wrap. The scarf isn’t too bulky, I have found with similar sized scarves that I struggle to wear them as a typical scarf – they are just too bulky and you end up with material and fur half way up your face and you can’t move your neck! With these scarves, they are flexible enough to wear around your neck, or draped as a wrap.

Wandering Bee do a variety of colours, grey, khaki, traditional and then the navy blue featured here. So there really is a colour for every occasion, whether you have a specific outfit in mind and need an eye catching accessory or if you would like a colour to match to any style you are wanting to put together.

When pottering about this summer I have found this to be the perfect layering addition to the wardrobe. Draped over your shoulders during a BBQ to keep the chill off, paired over a dress as a striking wrap accessory, or simply placed around the neck to add some colour or statement to a simple outfit.

This scarf will most definitely be featuring in my Cheltenham Races wardrobe so do watch out for how I look to style this for the races, as well as every day wear!

Wandering Bee will be at Burghley in the Rural Crafts Marquee, be sure to go and say hello to the team, and maybe have a sneak peak, and try on, of this scarf yourself!

Top tip: don’t forget this item is perfect for dressing up OR down! It is definitely an all rounder!

Find me here – Wandering Bee Navy Vintage Union Jack Print Scarf

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda. Maybe I have even shown you a product you haven’t seen previously that you love.

Happy shopping, after all, it is pay day! 🥰

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to shop’ – Bo Derek