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Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – March – Transitional Tops!


Oh my goodness, I am excited!! I love Autumn/Winter normally, it would typically be my favourite time of year, but with lockdown and the loss of the events, and pretty much all of my hobbies, I’ve felt pretty rubbish about the cold weather and dark nights.

However, the clocks have changed, the light nights and warmer days are coming, and I’m feeling good! With restrictions starting to ease, there are lots of opportunities to dig out our favourite clothing and finally put together some fabulous outfits! But…. are you feeling a little lost? Have you spent so much time in PJ’s and cosy clothes that you aren’t quite sure where to start again for those perfect garden outfits? Well, never fear, I have some payday treats for you. These are the tops I have been trying and testing over the last month or so, which I’ve found as the perfect transitional pieces, and I know you’d love for your Spring wardrobes too!

Rosie Knitted Reversible Button Up Cardigan by Joules

Nothing screams Spring quite like pastels, and this new in top from Joules has really stolen my heart. This was one of the pieces I picked for my ‘what I would have worn to Cheltenham’ content, which was released on Festival week. If you missed my two reels, you can find them here and here!

I have been such a huge lover of Joules for as long as I can remember. You may know from reading my previous blogs that it all started with a lilac rugby top when I was very young… and the obsession just grew and grew. The quality, price point and general style of Joules clothing still sets the brand apart for me, and they would be my go to for so many items and staples across my wardrobe.

This jumper has such fantastic reviews online, and it is such fun as it has a multiway design! The jumper can be worn with the buttons to the back, this is such a classy look and the jumper has a beautiful relaxed fit whilst still being smart enough to dress up. The jumper can then also be reversed to create a cardigan with the buttons to the front. This could be worn with the buttons done up, or over a top or jumper undone. I love pieces that are able to transition from day to night really easily and this is definitely one of those pieces.

The jumper is a beautifully soft, cosy material, whilst being a relaxed fit, and still lightweight, meaning it makes for the perfect S/S piece, whether that be stand alone, or as a layer piece. The jumper is also machine washable, and I have washed this several times now, and it has come up really well every time.

Whatever your style, this jumper could fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. Team with a silk scarf and white jeans for an elegant Country feel, or team with a pair of nude heels and jeans for a smart casual drinks outfit. This would look beautiful with tweeds, or any style of trouser, so a very versatile piece to add into the wardrobe.

This is available in the light pink and also in an orange colour. I chose the light pink because it worked so well with the Cheltenham outfit I had planned, and pastels are perfect for Spring, but the orange would work so beautifully with navy or denim!

Well priced, washes well, and available in two great colour ways – this is a great little pay day treat!

Priced at: £44.95
(PS… Joules currently have 25% off everything for the Easter weekend, offer ends Monday 5th! Use code: EASTER)

Sloppy Joe Cashmere Jersey by Pink Avocet

I am obsessed!! I had been so drawn to the Sloppy Joe for ages. I was living for the chunky roll neck, loose fit and relaxed sleeves. I love a poncho (didn’t you know?!?!), but I liked that this was also more like a chunky roll neck jumper too (also a key piece in my wardrobe). Combining the two types of style, I just knew this would become a firm favourite of mine, and it really has!

This is designed to be a loose, flowing fit which makes it a really nice Spring/Summer piece, and it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy. It will also work in your wardrobe all year though, and during the A/W months, it will make for such a cosy layering piece! You may have seen me styling this over on my social media in the much colder couple of months we have just had – it’s also been a go to for me whilst working from home!

Whether I’m relaxing at home, heading out for a walk, or wanting to dress things up a little more – this jumper really works for everything! Paired with white jeans, over PJs or with black coated jeans – there isn’t anything yet that I haven’t found it goes with!

This is created from a great mix, meaning it is easily washable, and remains durable – 40% cashmere, 15% silk, 15% lambswool and 30% mix. The jumper feels beautifully soft, and I have already washed this piece a couple of times, and had no issues!

The Sloppy Joe is well priced, BUT I also have a little discount code for you to use too – because a little extra saving makes those pay day treats even sweeter!

Pink Avocet have such a beautiful collection of sheepskin and cashmere items, if you want some total indulgence, sit and have a look through their website. Their pieces are beautiful, and perfect for the Country wardrobe – I have also never seen so many colour options for items! There really is a shade for every occasion in pretty much every item! The Sloppy Joe is no exception to this – your hardest decision is just which colour to go for now!!

Discount Code: ‘LUCINDA15’ for 15% off ☺️
(This code works across the whole of the Pink Avocet website – whatever product you fancy 🤍)

Priced at: £82.00 (or £69.70 using discount code)

Classic Sweater in Forest Green by Bit and Collar

Darlings, you know I am all for EASY, EFFORTLESS pieces, that make it look like I’ve made an effort. I’m a cheat when it comes to style and I pick items that make it look like more effort went into my outfit, than actually did! I don’t dress particularly casually (in my opinion), but I like simple, comfortable, easy to wear pieces. This sweatshirt fits this whole criteria perfectly!

A classic sweater isn’t necessarily my go to, although I’ll happy wear one at home (I don’t think I own a hoody, so I guess sweatshirts replace this for me). I also don’t own many round neck tops which can be perfect for throwing on with a pair of jeans. When I first saw the classic Bit & Collar sweatshirt, I had assumed this would be a similar sweatshirt to some of those in my wardrobe, with the fleece lining and less of a fitted design. But I was wrong! It is almost a cross between a long sleeve tees and a sweatshirt, being a mix of 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester. It just seems to fit the gap in your wardrobe that you never even knew was there! Now I have one, I don’t know what I did without it.

I really didn’t realise how easy this would be to dress up and down. It looks great styled with a skirt, denim jeans or white jeans. Whatever style you love, this sweatshirt will work for you. The Forest Green colouring pairs so beautifully with Tan footwear and accessories, and the contrasting colours of the dark green mixed with light, bright tan work exceptionally well for those transitional season outfits.

If the classic forest green isn’t quite your thing, why not try their new Spring colours – Baby Pink, Dusky Blue or Sage Green! I am desperate to add one of these 3 colours to my wardrobe – but every time I look I jus can’t decide which colour I love the most – is adding 3 more a little too excessive?!?!

It is a one woman powerhouse behind the brand of Bit and Collar, and Sophie has done an incredible job to create beautiful pieces which fit seamlessly into a wardrobe, and pieces that you wonder how you ever lived without! With a focus on organic garments and recycled materials, this brand is perfect for a guilt free treat!

The classic sweatshirt is incredibly well priced at £30.00. I have washed this several times now and it comes out the wash every time looking great, this is going to be a key piece in my wardrobe all Spring/Summer.

Priced at: £30.00

Faux Fur Collar Poncho Asymmetrical Pale Pink by Ella and Cherry

Ok ok ok, I won’t say it again – you know how I feel about a poncho, but how could I not include one! It is easy to think in Spring, particularly with the weather we’ve had over the last few days, that it’s all about Summer dresses and sunshine. We all know the reality of English weather is very different to this though. Spring doesn’t necessarily mean warm, and those cosy, but still lightweight transitional layers are key!

This style of poncho is very much the ‘classic Country style’ and is a perfect wardrobe addition for all ages and wardrobe styles. Wearing a shirt or top underneath your poncho which has a frill or ruffle to the collars and sleeves looks a really nice touch to the outfit. This piece will pair effortlessly with all outfits. I have styled with various skirts, white jeans and denim jeans.

I love the faux fur collar on this piece, it looks very realistic. I find that faux fur is something that can often be compromised and ends up looking tatty and scruffy very quickly. This collar sets itself apart and is really a cut above the rest when it comes to the quality. This piece is available in a variety of beautiful pastel tones, which transition seamlessly into the S/S wardrobe colour palette. It doesn’t look or feel bulky, despite the collar, meaning it is the perfect layer to throw on when the days are a bit chilly, and you need that additional layer over your outfit.

This type of poncho really will take you from day to night, for any occasion. I am so attached to ponchos and their ability to totally transform an outfit, whilst being SO practical. Plus, who else loves that you can hide either numerous layers, or a basic top underneath, and its totally hidden whilst looking fabulous from the outer!!

Earlier on in the month I wrote a blog about some amazing pieces from Ella and Cherry, which would be perfect if you’re looking for some new essentials for building your S/S wardrobe. If you want to find out more about the brand and some of my favourite pieces from there, you can find that blog here.

Priced at: £69.00

Malton Unisex Contrast 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt by Feathers Country

I’ve had my eye on this piece for ages, I really love 1/4 zip sweatshirts and I’ve been looking for the right ones to add into my wardrobe, particularly as there are quite a few types out there. I think, in my opinion, they are slightly easier to dress up than a classic round neck sweatshirt, but still have that nice, relaxed feel.

I love the contrasting panels of the navy and white on this sweatshirt, it is striking, but still understated. The colour way is simple, and easy to pair with all other colours, meaning this really can be a staple in your wardrobe because it can pair effortlessly with whatever trousers you wish to put with it. Navy and white always has a slightly nautical, Summery feel when paired together this time of year, whilst still remaining a classic in your wardrobe for A/W. The Feathers logo to the front of the sweatshirt comes in both pink or white option and there is quite a deep zip feature, which I really like. This gives a really relaxed feel if you prefer a more open neck – particularly great in Summer if you don’t want to layer up, but equally ideal for the transitional weather, when you may want to put a top or roll neck jumper underneath, but still have some of that showing!

Feathers Country have such a beautiful range of products in, there really is something for everyone. I am addicted to their website, every time I click on there, I seem to want something new! Another item I recently purchased from there was one of their ‘Lucinda sweater capes’, I’ll link that here, because I know you’ll love this piece too!

These sweatshirts are Unisex, and available in XS to XXL. Again, I have washed this already several times now, and this comes up perfectly! The sweatshirt is really reasonably priced.

Priced at: £39.99

So there we have it! These are the tops I am loving in my wardrobe right now, which are making those transitional outfits a whole lot easier!

Happy styling my darlings. I hope you have so much fun creating outfits now we are able to head out into the garden and enjoy a little bit of company again!

I can’t wait to see you in the next blog, so many exciting things that I am working on currently, I just know you’re going to love it!
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See you very soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

Carrie Bradshaw

{Please note that I have had, or do have, a working relationship with the brands featured in this blog. All links, except for the Pink Avocet Sloppy Joe link, are not affiliate links. I only include items within my end of the month reviews, which I would personally add into my wardrobe, and which are tried and tested by myself, and put through the lifestyle I recommend them for!}

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