What I really thought of my Torquay Stayca Outfits – Instagram vs Reality *unfiltered*

Instagram looks so glossy doesn’t it? It is the highlight reel, and to a certain degree, I think we do go on there to look at the polished images as we immerse ourselves into the lives of someone else. However, it is all about balance, and whilst polished is pretty, it isn’t always the reality. I have tried to strike up a balance on my page of both ‘Instagram vs Reality’. So many people comment in response to the real life, unfiltered posts I put up, whether that be the reality of bad skin, trolling comments, or the real life of blogging on Instagram.

I still see my Instagram as my own page, and a place for me to put my life and save my memories, as well as being a place to share fashion and lifestyle. I think the authenticity does shine through on my page (or I hope it does!), because it does have that personal element still.

So, that leads us to this blog! Day 6 of the daily blogs btw… I know!!! Also the 7th blog published in a row, talk about a Marathon! Anyway, I recently took a trip to Torquay for a couple of days break, (read all about that trip here), and I thought it would be fun to actually break down what I thought of the outfits I wore. On Instagram, you see the glossy picture of how the outfit looked, but what did I really think behind the camera, and the posts I was sharing!

One thing I always mention regarding any trip I take …. you will never see my packing. For someone organised, my packing is an utter embarrassment! I am, what can only be described as, a panic packer. I always make a list of what to take, and put this all into neat little piles, it looks like I have my life together, and then suddenly, last minute, everything is everywhere. There will be clothes flying across the room, another 8 outfits packed, underwear to last a month, I just end up panicking! So we always assess the suitcase situation on return from a Holiday – you’ll never see a guide to packing a capsule wardrobe for holidays on this blog!!

It’s funny because I always seem to get endless comments on social media about how I dress up too much or how long does it take me to plan an outfit. People don’t seem to believe me, but I don’t outfit plan. Even for the races and the shows, I generally make up an outfit on the morning of the event. I tend to pack so much when I go away, because I don’t outfit plan, I just pack whatever I fancy… and just make it work when I wake up and throw something together. I also have dressed like this for as long as I can remember, I don’t see it as dressing up, just because I wear a dress instead of jeans day to day, I really don’t see it as dressing up, and it certainly doesn’t take me any longer to get ready! I think it is very easy, and very quick to make a snap judgment on someone, without knowing the reality.

So what I have done below, is rate the outfits I wore in Torquay. I have never done a blog like this before – so do let me know your thoughts, and whether you enjoy it!

Day One

Day Outfit:

Waring Brooke Headband, Rydale Wax Jacket, Eton Taylor Sleeveless Roll Neck, Primark High Rise Jeans, Hook Polo Needlepoint Belt, Fairfax & Favor Hemsby Loafers.

I love wearing a hairband, and I wear one nearly all of the time, mainly because my hair is usually so messy. I can’t help but laugh when I wear them because last year I was in a Travelodge and someone opened the door for me and as i walked through they said I like your tiara. I mean, I am in my late 20’s, so it was quite a funny thing to hear, and it still makes me laugh now. But, the weather was windy, and a bit rainy in Torquay, so I popped on my tiara and got to it.

It was raining in showers on this first day, so I took a wax jacket with me. This jacket is just from Rydale, I think it was £15 because they had some money off – it isn’t anything fancy, but it does the job. I actually loved it so much that I purchased it in the navy colour as well. I think they are probably only showerproof, but I haven’t ever got wet underneath when wearing it, so it definitely is a recommendation from me!

The sleeveless rollneck was a great option because it was warm enough when it was chilly, but when I was walking a lot and took my jacket off, I could cool down easily. And these jeans were just from Primark – I know!! I don’t normally wear blue denim, but I picked these up a little while ago, and I just really like them. They are super stretchy, so they are really comfortable, and they are high rise, so nice and flattering. An absolute steal, I actually went back for another pair and they had sold out!!

The Hemsby loafer from F&F are one of my most reached for pairs of shoes. I have had these for about a year and a half, and they are really really well worn. They are so comfortable, so if ever I am going to be walking around or have a long day, I know these are going to be perfect. I have protected these with a suede protector, however, I thought I had ruined them on them this day as a huge wave completely sprayed them. They were soaked – but somehow came away unmarked from the event.

Overall, there wasn’t any issues with this outfit. It was actually a well priced outfit to wear, and it ticked all the boxes for a drizzly day at the beach and walking around a lot.

4.5 stars
Practical, stylish enough and comfortable!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Evening Outfit:

Holland Cooper Jumper Dress, Holland Cooper Suede Belt, Fairfax & Favor Monaco Wedges, Salthouse England Adira Bag.

I spent the evening at the hotel restaurant. I hadn’t made any sort of plan for Torquay, and I had spent later on in the day at a bar, so it was nice to be able to spend the evening at the hotel. I got back to the hotel quite late, as I booked a dinner reservation for 8pm, so I had had a full day out exploring.

The restaurant in the hotel looked nice, and I had already checked out the menu, so I had a rough idea of what would be appropriate dress for the evening. The Holland Cooper Jumper Dress is amazing as it can be so easily dressed up or down. I think this looked really smart teamed with the wedges, and I felt great in myself. The wedges added a nice pop of colour to quite a dark outfit. I have no issue with eating alone and ‘dating myself’ and I will happily dress up for myself to make myself feel good. This outfit was definitely on the more pricey side, but, I do think each of the items are well worn in my wardrobe, and are good quality.

5.0 stars
Such a comfortable outfit, smart and stylish.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Day Two

Day Outfit:

Zara Bodysuit, Holland Cooper Suede Belt, Joules Knit Cardi, Joules Skinny Jeans, Fairfax & Favor Brancaster Sandals.

I love this Zara bodysuit, BUT, it has taken me AGES to get comfortable with leopard print. I never thought it suited my style, but after gradually building up my collection, this Zara body is always something I reach for. The Zara bodysuits are hugely popular, and I can see why, they are great value, and good quality. Now, generally I find bodysuits more comfortable than a normal top … however, I think I should have sized up in this bodysuit. I think that every time I wear it, because it is VERY slim fitting on me. Now I can wear it no worries, but it does feel tight. Anyway this specific day it was rubbing against my jeans so uncomfortably, and I had to walk all the way back to the hotel just to sort it out. I didn’t actually get changed, I did just adjust it, but this was really uncomfortable, and had actually hurt my skin, which is just not ideal when you’re trying to enjoy walking all day.

I know there is controversy with white jeans, but I just don’t find them impractical at all. My theory is whatever colour you wear, you could sit in something or spill something, so does it really matter. So I was completely happy with this option.

Now I have mentioned before that the F&F Brancasters have rubbed me a bit at the back, so I have to admit, I was a little nervous about wearing them all day, I took some plasters as a precaution, but they didn’t rub! This day was actually hot, the weather was nice, so this outfit definitely suited the day.

4.0 stars
Bodysuit rubbed, but overall a good effort.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Evening Outfit:

Zara Lace Bodysuit, Joules Knitted Cardi, Joules Skinny Jeans, Fairfax & Favor Knee High Rockinghams.

I had had a really busy day, and didn’t even think that I would have needed to have booked a table for the evening. Turns out I had to really look long and hard for somewhere with a table spare. I did manage to get a table for some food, but it was outside. I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity – but outfit wise, I was freezing. Luckily, I had thrown my cardi on just for the walk into town, but I ended up completely wrapped in it, and I was freezing.

As I knew I was just going to be in a town restaurant (I was also just meeting a friend for some drinks), I knew I could just dress in a normal evening outfit. I went for my white jeans again, and the F&F Rockingham boots. These are potentially my favourite pair of F&F so I do generally take them everywhere with me now. They are really comfortable for walking around – and they just seem to go with every single outfit that I pair them with!

I went for another Zara bodysuit for this evening. Now I’ve said how much I love bodysuits, and how they don’t create lines. False news here I’m afraid! I don’t think I’ve worn this body with white jeans before, and oh my goodness it made the biggest, and darkest, visible line. As I had already committed to wearing it, I have to leave it unpopped, and just tuck it in as though it was a normal top. I then felt conscious about it the whole evening because I wasn’t wearing it properly.

I am also never quite sure what to wear under this bodysuit, I have tried a couple of different options and I never seem 100% satisfied with any. As it is completely made of lace, the decision is quite important – and if you get it wrong, it really isn’t going to be ideal. I have the cream version of this as well, and it is such a feel good top, it is so pretty, and I think it pairs so nicely as an evening outfit, but is it the most practical item – in my opinion, no.

3.5 stars
Absolutely love this outfit, but wearing the bodysuit undone was not the point.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Day Three

Day Outfit:

Waring Brooke Headband, Primark Denim Dress, Holland Cooper Suede Belt, GH Hurt & Son Knitted Shawl, Fairfax & Favor Hemsby Loafers.

Massive Fashion Faux Pas!

Ok, so this really wasn’t a great outfit, and I have to admit, I was confident until about 3 minutes after I had left the hotel and was walking along the beach. The wind was ridiculous – it was so so windy. And wearing a dress in that wind – well it just really wasn’t helpful. I was having to have a constant battle, every, single, minute.

Now this denim dress is actually just another Primark steal again. I have no shame saying this. It was another one of those impulse buys and it was really cheap, but actually the quality seems good, and it has been a piece that I have reached for time and time again this Summer, and I know it will transition into my A/W wardrobe so well too. But, it is a little on the short side, and in the wind …. not helpful!

I am so pleased that I tucked my knitted GH Hurt & Son Shawl in my bag as a last minute thing when I left the hotel – and thank goodness I did as I had this wrapped round me the whole day – it was 100% needed. I also wore a hairband (Tiara) because I just had no chance with my hair in the wind!

It was back to the Hemsby loafers for a day of walking and an evening of driving home, and after their wave soaking, they had recovered amazingly and were back to their old selves!

I actually love this outfit, and it is an outfit I have worn several times this Summer. But I just should have thought about the wind. I wasn’t thinking practically at all – and that did just spoil the look. I also think there is nothing worse than looking like you are having to battle to hold your clothes down! I would say lesson learnt – but we will see won’t we!

3.0 stars
Completely impractical for the weather, but I did love it.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

So, that’s the honest review of my Torquay outfits. On Instagram, I sometimes think posts can look like one big positive advert for how amazing everything is – and I actually wanted to share with you the reality of it too!

It has been quite fun being a little critical of the outfits I selected. (It was also nice to do it for myself, instead of someone inboxing me their opinion!). I would love to rate my best and worst outfits over the past year, so let me know if you would love to see that as a blog, and I will start putting it together. I have definitely put together some questionable outfits over time – so revisiting these could be fun!

See you again tomorrow at 7pm.
It will be the last day of the daily blogs – we have almost made it!

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life — to be happy. It’s all that matters.’

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