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Wet winter weather? No worries. How to protect your suede boots 👢

Hi Darlings!

Urgh…. when it rains, it pours! How bad has the weather been! I hope you’re all staying safe, especially with another storm on the way. It feels like our winter weather has finally caught up with us, so I wanted to catch up on a subject where I receive quite a few questions.

I know many of your will avoid certain footwear over the winter, through fear of spoiling them, particularly something like suede. So I wanted to let you know in a quick and easy blog how I look after my suede footwear during the winter to ensure I still get the most out of my wardrobe.

What is suede?

Suede is leather, it can be almost any animal hide, but it is most commonly lamb. The difference with suede is that this is the soft, fuzzy underneath side of the leather, essentially the side that would attached to the inside of the animal. Suede has a napped finish to it. Suede became really popular in the fashion industry in the 20th century, and was considered a material of status, a favourite for the popular fashion designers to work with.

What can you do to protect your suede shoes?

Suede is not generally known for being tough or resilient, which is why it is generally used for clothing or accessories, instead of heavier furniture for example. Suede is very porous, which means when it rains… it becomes very vulnerable. Water exposure can damage suede and if very bad, it can be impossible to return it to its previous state.

So I wear my suede boots and shoes all year round. Yes of course I am still sensible with them, I don’t wear them out in the snow, or walking through puddles, however, if there is a chance of drizzle on a day out, I won’t just hide my suede footwear away. This is thanks to a protector spray that I use on all of my suede footwear. There are several suede protectors that you can buy. Definitely have a look at reviews before hand, and you can see my recommendation below.
A suede brush is a must. If your footwear does become exposed to mud, wait for it to dry and then use a suede brush to firmly brush it off. This should only be done when the footwear is dry, so that you don’t rub the mud further into the material.
If the shoes become scuffed, you can again use a suede brush to vigorously brush back and forth on the area to try and lift the nap.

I currently haven’t cleaned any of my suede shoes as I have found that protecting them and using a suede brush alone have been enough to maintain them. However there are also suede cleaners that you can buy that aim to restore your suede footwear through a step by step cleaning process.


What is Liquiproof?

Founded in 2013, Liquiproof are on a mission to help prevent fast fashion, by encouraging the correct care of fashion items, and offering the protection needed to ensure they last. Liquiproof were also on Dragons Den where they gained investment. They aim for eco-friendly solutions, less wastage, recycling and non aerosols.

The Liquiproof protector spray is so easy to use. It is recommended for maximum effect that you use on new footwear before wearing. All you need to do when using is ensure that the footwear is clean, dry and free from dust and dirt. The best way to do this is to brush over with a soft suede brush. Spray on the protector spray evenly from a distance of 10-15cm, until the footwear is damp. Then rub this into the fibres using a clean soft brush, and then repeat the previous step, and this step again following a 10 minute window. Pay close attention to the area close to the sole of the shoe. Once you have applied the product and brushes in twice, allow the footwear to stand for 24hours. The Liquiproof protector spray actually bonds to the individual fibres creating an invisible coating, although there may be certain things that reduce the effectiveness of the coating as time goes on, it should last years.

Liquiproof also offer an eco-cleaner which is safe to use on suede. This cleaner aims to remove stains whilst still restoring the natural look and feel of the material. The cleaner is also very simple to use. First, shake the bottle and mix a few drops of the concentrate with water. Apply the mixture immediately to the soiled area, and use a brush or cloth to clean deeply into the fibres. Then simply remove any excess liquid with a cloth and allow to dry. The process can be repeated if necessary.

The Liquiproof products have looked after my Fairfax and Favor Boots since day one, and I swear this stuff is magic. I wouldn’t have been without it and all my new boots are sprayed in the protector spray before their first outing. I don’t hide my suede boots away at all now, and if I’m caught out in a shower, I don’t have a heart attack and have to push everyone out of the way for cover!

So you now think you want to protect your footwear with Liquiproof? You can head over to their website to find the products here. I hope you’ve found this useful!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain’

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{please note that I am in no way associated with Liquiproof, I just love this product and it is a genuine recommendation having always used the product myself}