Three pieces to help you transition into your A/W wardrobe…

Well, we are currently on day 4 of the daily blogs, if you are still here … hello! How are you finding these daily blogs releases, too much to keep up with, or are you enjoying them?

Today’s blog is having a little look at 3 pieces that I find really help to transition you from your S/S wardrobe, over to A/W style. I talk you through the pieces, and then I have also put a couple of my suggestions for where to start looking for these products if you are not sure where to begin , I have tried to include a variety of prices through these suggestions.

Enjoy …

A Cape

First up has to be capes, these are such an amazing piece that will help to take your wardrobe from S/S to A/W. These are such an easy, throw on item. Without the bulk or restrictions that you can get with wearing a coat, these are the perfect transition piece.

A cape will pair well with everything, so whether your go to look is skirts, dresses or trousers, you can ensure your cape will look great on top. My favourite thing about a cape is the practicality of layering underneath them. You can layer as much as you need to under these, as they are so lose and free-flowing. This makes them so easy to wear – with jackets it can often get uncomfortable if you layer too much, or if you like thick or chunky jumpers. You just don’t get that when wearing a cape.

Ponchos, capes and wraps have all become extremely popular for the Country wardrobe, with so many people choosing to add them to their collection. These look absolutely brilliant whether you are going racing, shooting or out for an autumn walk, so not only practical, but incredibly versatile, and stylish too!

Our Autumn weather can be extremely temperamental, from warm sunny days, to crisp, cold or rainy days. A cape will allow you to dress for all of these occasions, offering a light layer should it be sunny, or the perfect layering piece for those chilly days.

Capes are available in so many different materials, from knitted ponchos, to tweed wraps and wax capes. There is something for every style.

CCL Suggestions:
Waring Brooke – Classic Draped Poncho
Jayley – Faux Suede Cape Jacket
Holland Cooper – The Classic Cape

Matte Look Jeans

I shied away from these for the longest time because I felt like they didn’t fit my Country style. For me, I wanted more of a matte coated look, rather than a leather look, but depending on your style, there are so many different variations available – all of which will work well as a transitional piece! It took me quite a while to find a pair that I really felt suited me and my style, but since finding my ideal pair, they have had so so much wear!

These are such an easy way to start changing up your outfits to an A/W feel. If you are new here and haven’t read any of my other blogs, I have a slight obsession with white jeans, and live in these most of the year, so for me, matte jeans really offer a change, and a more Autumnal feel. Whilst you can still wear them in the S/S season, they look so great paired with roll neck jumpers, or layered up.

I think these offer such a great change from denim jeans, and they will give you lots of inspo and ideas for some transitional outfits. Paired with ankle boots and a gilet also makes for a great heading into Autumn look. There are also several different colours of these type of trouser available. I have a black pair, but I also have my eye on a mink pair which I also think look really fun to style.

The pair I wear are actually just from Next, and they are a pair of their leggings. They have belt loops which I think is essential for smartening leggings up, and ensuring they are versatile. I wear these lots, and every time I do, people are always asking where they are from. They were also so reasonably priced, and in my opinion, I think they look smart and suit my style.

CCL Suggestions:
Next – Pull-on Coated Leggings
Holland Cooper – Jodhpur Jeans Leather Look

Ankle Boots

I have written a couple of blogs now which feature ankle boots, I really enjoy styling around them. I love the look they bring, and I think they are incredibly versatile all year round, however, when starting to style those transitional outfits, these are the perfect thing to reach for!

Some people do hide away their boots during S/S – I have spoken several times in previous blogs that I don’t tend to hide any of my clothes away season to season – it all always stays out. I don’t think boots are in any way limited to the A/W season, but for those of your now looking for a way to start to change your style for the new season, reaching for some ankle boots is a great place to start.

These pair with everything from trousers to dresses, so you can reach for them time and time again, whatever the outfit. If wearing a skirt or dress, I will generally wear tights that compliment the boot, so if I am wearing Tan ankle boots, I will generally wear nude tights, and black tights with black ankle boots. In my opinion, this just helps to create a seamless line between your boots and your clothes, instead of blocks of colour.

I generally like my boots to have a slight heel, as a personal preference. I by no means wear high heels, but a small heel helps me to feel a little more elegant in my outfits. There are so SO many styles of boot out there though – everything from really practical, to really dressed up.

If you are looking for a good colour to start with, a chocolate boot is always a great place to start, the darker colour is slightly more Autumnal, but also slightly more practical when it comes to rain and mud. I spray all of my leather and suede boots with Liquiproof protector spray.

There are so many brands offering ankle boots, so it is worth having a look around to see what there is. My go to ankle boots would be from Fairfax & Favor, I have the Kensington’s and the Rockingham’s, both of which I would highly recommend. I wrote a blog all about the Kensingtons, which you can find here, and about the Rockinghams, which you can find here.

CCL Suggestions:
Fairfax & Favor – The Rockingham Ankle Boot
Fairfax & Favor – The Kensington
Welligogs – Buckled Chelsea Boot

So there it is, a quick look into 3 of my key transitional pieces for A/W styling. I hope you found this useful.

Happy styling, and I will see you tomorrow at 7pm.

Lots of love. Lucinda xo

‘And all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall’

Oscar Wilde

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