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The Trench Coat Fashion Edit with… Joules

🧥 The Classic Trench Style 🧥

Do you know the history of the Trench Coat?
Traditionally khaki in colour, the Trench Coats history extends way back to the First World War. They were designed with practicality and movement in mind, ensuring that they protected the military from harsh weather conditions, being both durable and water resistant. Every feature of the Trench Coat was designed with a practical element in mind, from the storm flap designed for ventilation, to the deep pockets or cuffs which could be tightened.

Whilst originally developed to be highly functional, the Trench Coat has become a timeless classic, adorned by fashionistas on the pursuit of the jewel amongst all jackets. Now considered a wardrobe staple, the Trench Coat has been seen to be worn by both Royalty and Celebrities, becoming a highly sort after piece!

I have a couple of Trench coats in my collection – and I wanted to share with you one of these below. The Joules Evita Water Resistant Trench Coat is a fairly new addition to my wardrobe, and I have been so excited to show you a lookbook of a few of my favourite styles with this colourful classic 💕

🌷 The Evita Water Resistant Trench Coat 🌷

This coat is absolutely stunning! Staying true to our favourite classic Joules twists, the Evita features the typical characteristics of the well loved Trench, but with some added zest! With a water resistant finish, this coat is practical, and durable, making it perfect for both Town and Country. Featuring the traditional doubled breasted front, storm flap and tie waist, the Evita nods to the conventional trench coat design, whilst the upbeat pink and khaki colour ways offer a subtle statement.

The Evita is such a wonderfully versatile piece. It’s lightweight nature really does make it the perfect transitional piece. Our British Summers have a tendancy to be somewhat wet and with a breeze – so this will be a great late addition to any Summer wardrobe, as well as a well reached for piece as the seasons begin to change.

I love the colours available with the Evita, both pink and khaki are easy colours to add into your wardrobe. This jacket fits really nicely. I did size down by one size to create a slightly more flattering silhouette. The pockets are nicely spacious, and on a practical angle whic is great if you’re like me and want your phone to be easily reachable! The coat also features a little bit of an A-Line, which I think makes the coat move particularly nicely when left open.

The Evita is still currently available online in both khaki and pink, but be quick, it won’t be available for long now!

✨Wearing a Trench Coat …✨

A trench coat can be worn in a variety of different ways which creates endless mix and match looks within your wardrobe. Just a couple are mentioned below, but if you’re looking for some more inspiration on tying your trench I would have a look at some of the amazing tutorials and videos out there – there is so much help out there with different ways to tie!

• Draped over the shoulders •

This is a really popular way for a coat to be worn. It’s something I just can’t seem to pull off- no matter how hard I try! To give this a go, simply ensure the waist tie is slack and the simply drape the open coat over your shoulders. The shape of the shoulders of the coat should then effortlessly hug onto your own shoulders, without slipping off, or the need to hold the coat in place. The Evita trench was actually the right fit and style on me for this to be able to work- and I think it does look trendy- it’s just not a style that I myself am particularly comfortable with.

• Tied at the back •

Certainly my favourite style of them all. There are a few different ways which you can tie the waist belt at the back of the coat. Check out some videos on tying trench coats if you’re looking for some inspiration- there are so many options, you don’t have to opt for a simple bow. I love this option because it allows for the outfit underneath to be seen for itself. It’s great for these warmer months too when a coat is simply an additional lightweight layer to keep off the chill. You can tighten the waist belt as much as required at the back, which means you can create a very flattering outline and silhouette.

• Worn open with waist untied •

Similar to the above style, however, instead of creating a more fitted shape with the gathering and tie at the back, leaving the waist tie loose creates a more causal look. Depending on the style of the trench coat will then influence how the line of the coat falls when it is left open.

• Worn done up and tied at the front •

Whether it be a single breasted, or double breasted trench coat, the classic way of tying the waist belt would of course be to the front of the coat. If you have a double breasted coat, tie slightly to the side, but if you have a single breasted, opt for a tie in the middle.

There are lots of handy tips and tricks online when looking for the best way to tie up a trench coat. My personal favourite is tying this at the back and allowing the trench to fall open, showing the outfit underneath and creating a flattering silhouette. Each different way of tying the waist belt, creates a slightly different look, helping the Trench to remain such a versatile piece when creating different looks.

🌷🌸 Style Lookbook 🌸🌷

Below are a few of my favourite outfit ideas to give you some inspiration when styling your own Evita trench, or similar coat. These looks are easy to recreate, and feature some wardrobe staples that you’ll have seen featured on my page time and time again. I always try to build a wardrobe from some really solid, core pieces, which can be styled in a multitude of ways!

– Look One –

A simple white outfit is a really easy way to draw attention to a specific, statement addition to your look. By eliminating distractions from the base of the outfit, a statement piece can become the centrepiece and talking point. I absolutely loved this look. Combining simple tan footwear and accessories to create a really classic foundation, along with the white, really allowed the trench coat to do the talking. This is such an easy outfit to recreate, and definitely represents the kind of style that I love. All of the items in this outfit are timeless, versatile pieces, which you’ll see featured across my looks time and time again, proving that a capsule wardrobe, combined with some special statement pieces, can really make for striking outfits every time. This look is perfect for so many every day occasions, and so easy to replicate.

Steal my style:

Trench – Joules, Top – Ella & Cherry, Belt, Jeans, Slider – Holland Cooper, Bag – Grays 1922.

– Look Two –

Look two incorporates one of my wardrobe favourites – navy!! I find navy so effortless to style, it’s so classic and practical – I often find it is the base colour for many of my outfits. I found the pink of the coat to contrast so well against a navy and white outfit. This coat is such a fantastic colour, because it has the ability to both stand out in its own right, and remain subtle against a classic look – just how does it do that?! I love using matching accessories to really tie an outfit together, and this suede belt really helps to break that vast contrast between navy and white, whilst my choice of elegant and delicate footwear really ties in the navy theme. This look is perfect for those Summer evenings – everything about this look says Summer, but throwing on a Trench over your shoulders, or done up for those chilly evenings really brings together a practical look for an English Summer night!

Steal my style:

Trench – Joules, Top – Ella & Cherry, Belt – Mackenzie & George, Jeans – Holland Cooper, Sliders – Fairfax & Favor

– Look Three –

Using a similar white outfit base to Look One, I’ve teamed look three with a statement shoe and belt to show how easily a pattern or colour can be used as a feature and contrast against the pink of the jacket. Animal print is something which will never go out of style, year on year it comes back, meaning any pieces you invest in will make for a timeless pick in your wardrobe, year on year. I also chose to match my bag to the contrasting black in the outfit. This is a really nice way to tie all the colours of the outfit together. This is one of my favourite looks, and tying the trench waist tie neatly at the back of the jacket creates a really flattering look, whilst showing off the outfit from the front.

Steal my style:

Trench – Joules, Top – Ella & Cherry, Belt & Loafers – Fairfax and Favor, Jeans – Holland Cooper, Bag – Salthouse England

– Look Four –

I absolutely adore this final outfit. The pink bouncing off the monochrome outfit makes for an incredibly striking finish. I had been looking for a nice linen shirt for ages to add to my wardrobe this summer … something which would feel lightweight and cool. This works so well under the trench coat, with both items being lightweight but practical, its a perfect summer combination. The ankle boots in black help to create a seamless look between the jeans and boot. I loved everything about this look, and it would be so easy to recreate!

Steal my style:

Trench, Shirt, Jeans – Joules, Boots – Fairfax & Favor

Darlings, if you are on the hunt for one of these Trench coats, be quick! The stock won’t last long.
I have loved putting together this blog, and sharing some of my favourite looks, I hope you have loved it too!

Until next time 💕

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

― Rachel Wolchin”

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{Please be aware that this trench coat formed part of a previous collaboration with Joules, however, I was not asked to produce this blog. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the brand. This blog does not contain affiliate links. All information was correct at the time of publishing}

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