The Summer of no shows, and the perfect Burghley outfit

The Summer of No Shows …

What a Summer it’s been. The shows are, and have always been, such a huge part of my life. I have loved attending the shows, right from a young age, but alongside attending as a visitor, I have also worked on the show circuit for several years. Before starting University (all those years ago!), I worked for an event bar company, and did a Summer on the show circuit. I fell in love with the lifestyle that show life brings – being on the road, meeting lots of people, and exploring lots of new places. All through University, during the holidays I would work for an event company, and spend the Summer travelling show to show. When I finished my Masters, I then worked organising the Trade Stands and Sponsorship for some equine events, and even now, my work involves attending many of the shows. Alongside having worked several roles which all have included life on the show circuit, anything I am not attending with a job, I will usually attend as a spectator. The whole Equestrian & Country shows calendar becomes my life for the Summer, and this has been the case for so many years now.

This Summer has been a real hit for me, something which is such a huge part of my life, completely missing, and it has definitely left an empty hole. I also know how devastating it is for everyone involved with all of the events which have been cancelled, and what a huge impact this has had. It really has been a sad Summer from that respect, and so hugely impactful on everyone in the industry, right through from organisers, competitors, trade stands, and every other role associated with the smooth running of an event.

Burghley Horse Trials …

Normally the first thing you think of when entering into September, is the excitement of Burghley. I absolutely adore Burghley Horse Trials, it is such a special event and has such an amazing feel to it. Burghley Horse Trials is a 5* equestrian event, and it makes up one third of the Rolex Grand Slam of Eventing. It is seen as the ultimate Eventing test for horse and rider combinations, with crowds drawing in to watch the thrilling action, ‘shop til they drop’ and support our favourite sport, at the stunning location of the beautiful Burghley House. Last year I was so lucky to be joined by Ben (Fairfax & Favor) and Rosalie (Timothy Foxx) for a build up to Burghley blog, you can re-read that blog here.

What have Burghley got planned this year as the event has been cancelled?
Burghley are running an at home celebration this year, from Friday 4th – Sunday 6th September. Friday will host their online shopping event, whilst Saturday will be an opportunity to review achieve material. Sunday features the main event, where Clare Balding will host the All-Star Sunday Programme from 3pm, right from the LRBHT website.
This will include Strictly Dressage with Carl Hester & Nick Burton, talks with Sir Mark Todd, Pippa Funnell, Oliver Townend, Dickie Waygood & Henry Bullen. Clare will also be chatting to new LRBHT Course Designer, Derek di Grazia.
There will also be an opportunity on the Sunday to vote for the Ultimate Burghley Champion via social media too!

So it looks like we are in for an exciting few days, despite not being able to actually attend the show this year!
I had thought long and hard in the run up to Burghley about whether or not to do some Burghley outfit inspo in a blog, despite the event not being able to go ahead. Not only do visitors enjoy the shopping at Burghley itself, but so many love the chance to put together their perfect Burghley outfit. Although I didn’t want to do a full outfit inspo blog this year, I couldn’t resist putting together what makes up the perfect Burghley outfit, to share with you. After all, it is me, and if there is any excuse to write about style … I am there! Let’s have a little look…

What makes the perfect Burghley outfit?

A Hat

A fedora is just the perfect accessory for any outfit, but particularly when attending an equestrian event, it ticks all of the boxes. Burghley falls during September, therefore the weather can be hugely temperamental – and showers are likely. Fedoras are such a blessing for our hair with this weather. If it is even slightly windy, my hair just gains a mind of its own, and generally just starts to look horrible – a hat helps to tame this and keep everything under control. They also really finish off that equestrian chic look so so perfectly. An absolute essential!

The Perfect Jacket

For me, a tweed jacket wins every time. You really want something that is going to be warm enough all day, as it is all outside. Whilst hanging on to the last Pimms of the Summer hoping it may warm you a little – you’re still likely to want that extra clothing layer.
Opting for a lighter colour tweed will help you to feel your outfit is transitioning from S/S into A/W. Generally September still feels like we are trying to hang on to that Summer feeling – so don’t rush for anything too dark or wintery looking!

Coloured Trousers

Because, why not! I rarely wear blue denim jeans, so for me, these aren’t what I would really reach for in my day to day outfits. There are such a variety of coloured jeans on the market, you don’t have to go for something really bright and bold, but a classic pastel will work perfectly at Burghley. Trousers are really practical when you will be outside all day, probably sitting on the ground, and moving around a lot.


A pair of tall boots will finish off the ultimate Burghley outfit. I would probably opt for a pair of leather boots – there is always the potential that the ground will be a little damp and muddy, and leather boots will clean up nice and easily – and you won’t have to worry about any muddy splashes. Of course, suede tall boots are an ever popular option in the Country wardrobe, and if protected – these will be absolutely fine – whatever the weather! Protecting your footwear with a leather/suede protector before attending would always be advised so that you aren’t caught out! As long as your footwear is comfortable for being on your feet all day – that will be the biggest win!


No outfit is complete without accessories. A big faux fur/fur wrap is an amazing addition to your outfit, offering some extra warmth, whilst still looking extremely stylish.
A belt is also a must for me, practical but stylish. I would either go for a leather to match the colour of my boots, or a classic hair on hide.
A watch would also be an essential for me, especially if you aren’t glued to your phone.
Finish off the outfit with some equestrian themed jewellery, and there you have it – the perfect Burghley outfit!

Disclaimer: Other Burghley outfit looks and styles are available 😉

That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this blog. It is quite the marathon launching a new blog every single day, but if you’ve made it to day 5 with me, thank you!! I am signing off now, currently sat in Wagamamas with my friend giving this the final sign off- so I must go!

See you again tomorrow at 7pm.

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

“There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill

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