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The Royal Three Counties Show, including an interview with Adam Henson πŸ‘

It feels like it’s been a while since we last caught up- but it really hasn’t been. It must have been a long week, and I know I was definitely lusting for the weekend.

I’ve had a really lovely weekend, I was at the Royal Three Counties Show on Saturday. This is a local one for me, so I usually attend every year! This year for me there was a slight difference though, I was able to attend the event as press!

The weather was horrendous throughout the day, where is our sunny June that we know and love?! Despite this, competitors, visitors and everyone involved all turned out to support the activities and sports they love. Isn’t there something incredible about people coming together, whatever the weather or circumstances, to enjoy what they love, and support it!

The Main Arena timetable for the day was action packed with everything from ridden hunters, to sheep herding, YFC soap box race to the Grand Parade of Livestock. There was absolutely something for every one. As well as the Main Arena, there were many smaller theatres and arenas hosting a variety of displays, talks or activities – something for everyone! Despite circling pretty much everything on every timetable, I just didn’t manage to get round to seeing it all!

The Showjumping Six Bar Challenge has always been a firm favourite of mine to watch, how incredible are these riders! The youngest competitor was just 14 years old and did so well on her beautiful grey. It was a joint win in the end for two of the riders, a fence height of 1.70m!! As we all know, I can’t seem to stay on for one jump, let alone six!

The Parachute Regiment Freefall Display Team always draw a huge crowd! This is seriously impressive though, how they can actually plan their landings and execute it in such a polished way- amazing! Sadly my photographs of this were somewhat less polished than the performance itself!!!

I managed to meet some of the lovely trade stands at the event, some I already know, and some new to me! Having worked on the show circuit myself, I know how much hard work, dedication and determination goes into every single event. It is very easy sometimes to think they’ve just popped up, without realising the immense work that goes on packing, travelling and setting up, and that’s all before the show has even started! It was lovely to see Eton Taylor and Grays Country Gifts- both of which have jam packed event calendars so you must pop and see them! I didn’t actually make a purchase at this event either – you can tell I was busy!

So after some socialising and entertainment from the Main Arena, I was fortunate enough to interview Adam Henson. Adam Henson is a presenter, author and well known farmer, he is the Show President for the Royal Three Counties Show, playing a huge role throughout the whole event. With the Game Fair coming up I was keen to ask his opinion on men’s fashion, as well as his thoughts on social media and blogging! Find the interview questions below!

How are you finding the show so far?

Well I’m absolutely loving it. So I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little boy with my dads showing animals. He was president of the show in his later life. He introduced the rare breeds, and I’m a big fan of rare breeds. To be asked to be the show president, now in my fourth year, is a great honour and I love it. It is a lovely atmosphere with so much going on, I’ve just been judging the Young Farmers, so there’s some really serious business going on here, with proper agriculturalists and people of the countryside, but also lots of families and visitors coming along, we had 3000 school kids yesterday!

What top two must see things would you recommend people do or see whilst here?

I definitely think you should pop into the Young Farmers tent, and I would go through the animal lines, so the sheep, cattle and pigs is what I really enjoy seeing. Then possibly the orchid tent, many people wouldn’t know about it but it is absolutely extraordinary.

There are lots of lovely trade stands and exhibitors here, is there anyone in particular that you would recommend going to see?

There is a trade stand called Happerley, which is looking at the trust and traceability in food provenance of suppliers. There are traders in there selling different things such as bread, oil, crisps and what Happerley is doing is it is looking at the trust and transparency in the food supply chain, and auditing it. So in the Happerley tent, are some fantastic producers, and you can tell exactly and talk to the farmers about looking at the journey from field to fork.

With the Game Fair coming up, what are the essentials, and key pieces for a mens country classic look?

Well I think a nice jacket, a sharp jacket. I would recommend if you could get one made from wool, and there are some fine grade wools as well, so it doesn’t have to be really heavy and hot. I think it’s good to wear a hat, whether that’s a trendy flat cap, or a trilby, or of course, a panama. So a nice jacket and a good hat is what you need.

I think Holland Cooper is an great brand and Jade Holland-Cooper is brilliant, doing an amazing job. An entrepreneurial woman who is really driven, making some great clothing. In fact, I had a Holland Cooper jacket on yesterday and I love it!

We are seeing social media rapidly growing and increasing in popularity, would you say it’s having a positive impact on farming and the countryside?

I think it’s a great way of communicating and as long as it’s used carefully and sensibly, I think we can get some fantastic messages out there. So certainly with the Happerley brand, they have QR codes on their packaging so you can download the app, go on the QR code and then get behind the scenes of the farm, find out what they do socially, for animal welfare, for the environment. So that kind of technology is absolutely brilliant. What worries me is sometimes when there’s fake news that hits social media, and people that don’t know the true story, sometimes believe the mis-truths. So it has its up and downs, but generally if it’s used well, then it’s a good thing.

We are seeing a rise in country/rural bloggers, what sort of impact do you think that is having?

I think they are fantastic, it is really really good to be able to get those stories out there, instantly, so if you’ve got something to advertise or tell a story about, bloggers are doing an amazing job and are getting thousands, if not millions of followers in some instances, which is fantastic.

It was amazing to hear some of Adam’s thoughts on the above questions, I hope you also found it both interesting and insightful!

Get The Look – The Royal Three Counties Show πŸ‘œ

If you liked my outfit for the Royal Three Counties Show, details are as follows:

Hat/hatpin – High Bird Designs

Gilet – Nattily

Boots/bag – Fairfax and Favor

So that rounds up my day at The Royal Three Counties Show this year. I’ve had an amazing experience and an unforgettable day. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about it too!

I can’t believe that’s another blog written and posted. I am loving blogging and sharing my adventures with you all.

I have some seriously exciting things to share with you all soon! I wish I could spill it all now, but they are for another blog.

I will see you soon!

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.’ – Debasish Mridha