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The Regal Regina – the evolution of the most iconic Fairfax & Favor boot!

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step – Chinese Proverb

The Regina Family

Fairfax & Favor was founded in 2013 by Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, two lifelong friends who had set about going into business together. After a couple of initial ideas were tried, Fairfax & Favor was born! With loafers in hand, and a pitch at a local show, the founders set out to prepare for a future ahead of them. From the first set of loafers sold at the show, to rethinking the original Spanish boot to create a new design, the duo worked together to find a concept which would catapult their brand forwards.

The Regina boot was described as the ‘lucky charm’ of F&F in their words, and so began the journey to the brand we know today. Going from strength to strength, the brand has excelled in the Country Lifestyle market.

The Regina family has expanded over the years to now incorporate a variety of different styles and designs, perfect for both town and country. There is something for everyone in the range, the hardest decision – which one to pick!

The brand we all know and love today has had the most inspiring, special and hardworking journey, and it all really took off here, with the Regina boot!

Each boot below includes a style gallery, and how to wear for each of the 4 seasons!

The Regina

The boot where it all began!

The boot we all know and love, a staple in both Town and Country wardrobes, and considered ‘uniform’ is it not for the Young Farmer, Equestrian, Race day lover and Country life enthusiast! A boot for all occasions, the Regina is quite simply the epitome of all footwear.

From days at the races, to trips into town, the Regina is a perfectly versatile boot for any occasion, day to night, town to Country, season to season. Available in a flat or heeled version, the Regina is suited to anyone looking to make their first tall boot purchase, or wanting to invest in a reliable classic that will last for many years to come. Whilst the flat boot is elegant, the heeled version offers a 6cm heel, creating a slight lift, perfect for that extra swish from the interchangeable tassels that feature on the outer zips.

Instantly recognisable, the sleek Regina boot features a stretch panel at the back for a close fit, a comfort insole to ensure they can comfortably be worn all day, and the scalloped edging to the top of the boot, which is beautifully shapely.

The Regina is available in a range of colours, heel heights, calf widths and materials, making it one of the most versatile and tailored boots that F&F have to offer.

The classic Regina boot is, and has always been, a go to boot for me. I remember the Navy heeled coming soon image going up, and I was straight on the phone trying to reserve a pair. From there, my obsession grew and grew. But it all started with that one boot. Not only is it so incredibly special to the team at F&F, it is also a boot that so many opt for as their first purchase, making it a boot just as special to the customer!

How to Style:

There is certainly no right or wrong way to style the Regina boot. The timeless design of the boot pairs effortlessly with everything, so whether it’s a pair of denim jeans, your favourite dress or a tweed skirt, this design is sure to be reached for time and time again.

In the Spring, why not pair with a tweed skirt, roll neck jumper and colour co-ordinated silk scarf. Finish with a gilet for those chilly days!

In the Summer, pair with a floral summer dress, or babydoll dress, and matching fedora for the chic style.

In Autumn, try with a jumper dress and tights for an easy to reach for style!

In Winter, team your Regina’s with a pair of jeans, chunky roll neck jumper, a cosy scarf, and your favourite Winter coat.

The Regina Gallery

The Ankle Regina

Every wardrobe needs a short ankle boot!

The second boot to be introduced into the Regina family range was the Ankle Regina. Taking a super elegant short boot, and injecting it with the iconic Regina styling, the Ankle Regina is recognisably F&F. Featuring a pointed toe and arch block heel, the Ankle Regina looks graceful, whilst its comfort insole and 6cm heel make it practical and easy to reach for. The scalloped design top nods towards the tall Regina boots, and the shield F&F logo makes for those special finishing touches.

Now available in 4 different colour ways, there is an Ankle Regina for every wardrobe!

The shape of the Ankle Regina is so elegant, that I’ve found every time I am wanting to reach for a dressy ankle boot, this is always my go to. Whether it is teamed with jeans, a skirt or a dress, the Ankle Regina is both smart and stylish.

Top tip – If you are going to wear tights with your Regina Ankle Boots, try to match your tights to your boot colour. This helps to elongate your legs, and create a seamless flow between your outfit and your footwear. For Tan boots use nude tights, Chocolate boots use brown tights, for Navy boots use Navy tights and for Black boots use Black tights.

How to style:

A timeless ankle boot to pair with outfits season to season. Opt for tights on cooler days.

In the Spring, wear with jumper dresses, sunglasses and matching bag for a sleek style.

In the Summer, pair with a skirt, crisp shirt and matching accessories for a classic, easy outfit.

In the Autumn, team with a tweed skirt, matching tights, jumper and jacket for Country chic styling.

In the Winter, wear with black or white jeans, a biker jacket, and roll neck jumper.

The Ankle Regina Gallery

The High Heeled Regina

An elegant twist on the classic!

The High Heeled Regina takes all of the well loved design features of the classic Regina, but gives it a boost with a 9cm block heel. Stepping up the Heeled Regina, the High Heeled Regina features an almond toe and full gold zip. Elegant and stylish, this boot is sure to dress up any outfit easily.

Available in Black, Navy and Tan suede, these staple colours are incredibly easy to style with all outfit colours, and are versatile enough to wear time and time again. The suede can be protected, so for race day, or day out, you can wear with confidence!

The High Heeled Regina is a boot a never knew I needed. The standard Heeled Regina’s were my first ever Fairfax & Favor boot, and I wasn’t sure if I would make use of an increased heel height. HOW WRONG WAS I!!! The High Heeled Regina is SO elegant, and in terms of heel height, they are comfortable and for me didn’t feel like too much of a dramatic jump (despite the fact I can struggle in a heel normally!!). This boot has fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, I absolutely love dressing up, and these boots have the ability to transform any outfit, whether it’s jeans and a nice top, or your favourite dress. Whether it’s race day style, drinks with friends, or a day shopping, the High Heeled Regina is effortlessly elegant and a dressy step up from the classic Heeled Regina.

How to style:

Great with dresses and skirts, or at the races. These will easily dress up any outfit for a chic style in the Town or Country.

In the Spring, try these with a jumper dress, silk scarf and matching bag for a seamless style.

In the Summer, pair with a lightweight summer dress, perfect for drinks or brunch!

In the Autumn, wear with tights, a skirt, and a chunky jumper for a great evening or weekend outfit!

In the Winter, pair with white or black jeans, chunky roll neck jumpers and a winter coat for easy styling!

The High Heeled Regina Gallery

The Shearling Lined Regina

The hybrid we never just how much we needed, until now!

The newest boot to the Regina family, the Shearling Lined Regina has only recently launched! The first Regina boot to take a Nubuck leather design, the Shearling Lined Regina takes a completely new approach, and it’s one we never knew just how much we needed!!

As a little bit of background information, Nubuck is leather, and comes from a process whereby the topside of the leather is sanded/buffed to create a velvety feel, which is essentially the nap from the fibres below. Nubuck is made from the outer of the leather, instead of the inner (like suede), meaning it is a little tougher and thicker than suede. In terms of an outdoor boot, Nubuck is easy to clean with a specific Nubuck cleaner, mud can be left to try and simply brushed off, and with a slightly water resistant nature, water tends to darken the Nubuck temporarily, but it drys to its natural colour. You can treat Nubuck with a protector, which is highly recommended to help keep them water resistant!

The thicker traction tread sole on the Shearling Lined Regina makes it the perfect boot for walks or countryside activities, whilst the somewhat sleek design means this boot isn’t too bulky to transition into your everyday wardrobe. The distinctive interchangeable tassels of the Regina have also been brought across to the Shearling Lined Regina, making it incredibly easy to pair with all of your outfits!

Having tried and tested the boot myself, in wet and dry weather, I’ve been so impressed by the performance of the Shearling Lined Regina. Bridging a gap between a wellie and a leather Country boot, it ticks all the boxes for a versatile outdoor boot. Whilst the shearling lining is cosy, it also isn’t TOO thick, which makes it ideal for transitional weather, and doesn’t make the boot feel too claustrophobic on the leg and foot.

How to style:

A cosy hybrid filling that footwear gap in your wardrobe. Cognac and Chocolate colour ways will match with everything, all you need to do is throw them on and head outside!

In the Spring, wear with everything!! These will be your go-to for transitional weather, so whether you’re walking the dog, heading to sort errands, or at the yard, these are likely to be your favourite friend!

In the Summer, team with light denim jeans and a t-shirt for an easy dog walking style.

In the Autumn, pair with a tweed skirt and a roll neck jumper for a country chic style!

In the Winter, these will also be your best friend! For cosy toes all Winter, pair with all of your outfits!

The Shearling Lined Regina Gallery

A full comparison of the Regina Family

The Flat ReginaThe Heeled ReginaThe High Heeled ReginaThe Ankle ReginaThe Shearling Lined Regina
Current Colourways Tan, Navy, Chocolate, Black, Taupe, Mahogony LeatherTan, Navy, Chocolate, Black, Taupe, Mahogony LeatherTan, Black, NavyTan, Chocolate, Black, NavyCognac, Chocolate
MaterialSuede, Leather Suede, Leather Suede SuedeNubuck
Fit Narrow, Regular, SportingNarrow, Regular, SportingRegularn/aNarrow, Regular, Sporting
Heel Height Flat6cm cuban heel9cm block heel6cm heelFlat
Perfect forWorkwear, weekend activities, evenings out Workwear, weekend activities, evenings out The races, drinks, brunches, shopping, dinnersDrinks, dinners, weekend plans Walks, being outside, the yard
Best way to protectSuede Protector Suede Protector Suede Protector Suede Protector Nubuck Protector
Best way to cleanSuede brush and cleanerSuede brush and cleanerSuede brush and cleanerSuede brush and cleanerSoft brush and Nubuck cleaner
Best suited toEvery day wear Every day wearEvenings and WeekendsEvenings and WeekendsOutdoors
Pricing £375 – £395£395 – £415£415 £250£425

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I hope you have loved finding out more about the full Regina family. I have previously written a blog for the Rockingham family too, you can find that post here!

See you really soon in the next one 🤍

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.’

– Bette Midler

Please note I have a working relationship with Fairfax & Favor, therefore some of the items discussed above may have been gifted to myself during the duration of this working relationship. All information was correct at the time of publishing.

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