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The Game Fair Style & Outfit Inspiration PLUS … Best Dressed Lady Competition – tips, tricks & advice on what to wear!

Darlings we are gearing up for that time of year again…. and I am EXCITED!

Show season is me, it’s part of my personality. Having worked on the show circuit for a number of years, and probably attended near enough every type of event in the UK, I am just about as mad about the show season as you could get.

One of the great things about heading to the shows is getting to dig out your favourite clothes and head out for the day. Most of my wardrobe shopping and home shopping is done on the show circuit, so not only do I love getting ready for these events, but most of my outfits actually come from them!

Everything about the Country Shows takes me right back to all of my favourite days, and I have been attending them and loving them for as long as I can remember. I felt the same heartbreak as everyone when we lost all of our favourite events in 2020, and then they continued to slip away from us this year too. The events which have been able to go ahead mean more to us than ever before, the same stands for absolutely everyone involved, whether that be organising, working, competing or spectating. I am so excited for the events to bring us back together after such a difficult time 🤍

The Game Fair is going ahead next week, one of the few events which has planned to keep running all year – and aren’t we glad about it! The event is scheduled for Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th July.

Not familiar with The Game Fair? You can catch up on my round up from the 2019 Game Fair here.

✨ The Best Dressed Lady Competition ✨

Ladies days are becoming ever more popular at Country shows and events, and what better way to celebrate classic style than through a competition. These competitions offer a fantastic opportunity to express your personality and confidence, through your favourite, most stylish outfit.

Now running for the sixth year, Welligogs are again supporting the Best Dress Ladies Competition at The Game Fair. Held on Friday 23rd July, the first day of The Game Fair, you can enter into the competition by visiting the Welligogs team at their stand , ready for the final judging at 2.00pm. The winner will receive a huge £1000 Welligogs voucher!

Wanting to enter this year? There’s plenty of time to get your favourite outfit together. Fancy some inspiration from the 2019 winner? You can read all about Lucinda Southern, and her winning outfit here!

Below you can find some of my top tips for the competition, which may just help you in deciding your final outfit!


  • Confidence is the best thing you can wear – pick something you feel confident and comfortable in.
  • A good tip – if you’re wearing a statement outfit, tone down the accessories, if you’re making a statement with your accessories, tone down the outfit.
  • Try on your outfit before the day – something I am guilty of NOT doing. Planning ahead can help there to be less stress on the day – you’ll already know you are happy with how everything looks that way.
  • Look for originality in your outfits. Letting your personality shine through is key in these competitions.
  • Don’t be afraid of adding in colour, this is a great opportunity to add a pop of colour through your outfit or accessories.
  • Be creative, and make your outfit your own. Everyone can shop at the same places – but no one can imitate your unique style! Use accessories, layering pieces or your footwear to finish off your look.
  • Dress for the weather – it’s a long day if you’re too hot, too cold, soaking wet or have the wrong footwear on! It’s hard to have confidence in your outfit if it’s been planned for the opposite type of weather!
  • Going for a fedora hat? Utilise a hatpin to tie your outfit colours together, or create a real statement through a large, bold hatpin design.
  • Don’t forget, it isn’t about the latest trends or most expensive items – it is about finding and styling a unique but timeless outfit.
  • Don’t forget: Sunglasses, a suitably sized bag, comfortable footwear.

Darlings, please do bear in mind, this is purely my opinion. I have not previously entered the best dressed lady competition, nor have I been a judge.

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🌿 Dressing for The Game Fair 2021 🌿

Whether entering the Best Dressed Ladies Competition is for you or not, this year more than ever welcomes an opportunity to get dressed up, and sport our favourite outfits out and about. The great thing about The Game Fair is that you can dress exactly how you like! You will always fit in here! So whether you want to wear wellies and your favourite Schoffel, or pull out your favourite dress – it doesn’t matter, you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

If you are stuck for what to wear, or lacking some inspiration, don’t worry – I am on hand to help!
Have a look below at some of my top tips for creating your very own Game Fair style!


Accessories are an incredible way to totally transform an outfit and make it your own. Whether it’s hats, scarves or your handbag, there’s so many ways to totally transform your outfit through accessories.

Hats …

I am rarely without a hat at an event, I have spoken about this before – but my hair is WILD. It never does what I want and I think it looses volume very quickly. A hat has become part of my staple look – not only stylish, but practical. If it’s looking like it’s going to be showery, a hat is going to be an invaluable accessory you won’t want to be without! The same goes if it’s a bit breezy- this will help to keep your hair in place!

A fedora is definitely considered part of the classic Country look and will easily pair with your Summer show outfits. These are available in such a wide variety of colours, styles and customisations. If you have a very statement outfit, why not opt for a classic navy, dark green or beige fedora. Opting for a more simple outfit? Create a real statement through a bold, bright fedora. You can also get standard and wide brims. The wide brimmed hats are so elegant, and will add a slightly more ‘dressy’ look to your outfit, the classic brims are the signature style.

Wanting to try something a little different? Why not opt for one of the Summer fedoras?! These are lighter weight and look great paired with all types of outfit! If you’re wearing a Summer dress- this will perfectly complete the look!

Adding a hat pin is a unique way to made your fedora your own. I love opting for really statement hats pins – the bigger the better. However, these are available to buy in all sizes, so whether you want a small couple of feathers to add to your hat, or you want something huge to make a real statement, there is something for everyone available.

Hat a little big? You don’t want it blowing off on the day- there is nothing worse than chasing a tumbling hat across the ground. You can get hold of strip hat tape, which you simply place inside the hat around the band- don’t be caught out if your hat isn’t snug!

Belts …

Belts are a great way to add a subtle colour or print to your outfit, or pairing one with matching accessories will create a really sleek look! Not only are belts practical, they have become such a key feature of outfits, and they have the ability to transform an outfit. It is through the little accessories that you are able to make your outfits your own!

I would always recommend investing in a good quality leather belt in either brown or tan as an investment piece for your wardrobe. This will go with absolutely everything and is a great ‘go to’ piece for any outfit. This is the perfect accessory to add to any Show outfit… but if you want to ✨spice✨ things up a little, why not add a suede or animal print belt to your outfit. These still have a Country feel, but add a little bit more of a statement.

If you’re wanting to stick with classic show style – opt for one of the polo belts. These are timeless and if you look for good quality leather, they will last you for years to come. The polo belts often encompass various colours – making it a really easy way to colour coordinate your outfit!

Bags …

The Game Fair is a long day – therefore ensuring you have a suitable bag is crucial to making the day as easy as possible. I am an over-packer for sure, but you’ll notice a heavy bag after a long day – so do bear this in mind. I would personally recommend something that will go over your shoulder as well as in your hand – as you will probably want to change it’s positioning throughout the day.

Unless you pack very light, you are likely to need something bigger than a clutch bag. Don’t forget, you’re probably going to want space for an umbrella and sunglasses, as well as your daily essentials. I’d opt for a small umbrella which will fit in your handbag as it is likely to only be showers, and this will eliminate something else to carry. I would definitely pack sunglasses, again, its a long day to be squinting trying to see! You may also want a bag which has space for for water – something else you don’t necessarily want to be carrying round in your hand!

Matching your bag to your outfit will create a really streamlined look. If you can match with a belt and your shoes, this is a perfect way to incorporate colour coordination. Otherwise, utilise either a neutral bag, or opt for the same colour as something else in your outfit.

Don’t forget to get your bag ready the night before if you’re using a different bag to your normal handbag – you don’t want to forget something on the day because you’re in a rush!

Jewellery …

Adding the perfect jewellery can really transform your outfit. I have a few set favourites that I wear all the time and never take off.

I love layering jewellery. I’ll always wear layered necklaces and bangles which add a little more of a statement look.

Keep it classic with silver or gold jewellery, or mix up the two for a more modern twist. You can’t go wrong with a string of pearls – so if you’re just for what to wear, a simple Pearl necklace will add a timeless elegance to your outfit!

I would also highly recommend taking a watch with you. I recommend this for all shows and events. I know we all constantly walk around with our phones in our hands now, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we will at the shows. Wearing a watch is an easy way to glance at the time, especially if you have a lot of specific displays you want to see. If you can also match your watch to. your outfit – amazing! My Morris Richardson Watch has interchangable tweed straps – meaning it always colour coordinates!

Scarves …

I am a huge fan of a silk scarf. These are so easy to tie or let hang, and add such a beautiful touch to any outfit. Silk scarves are great for the Summer months because they won’t add any weight or heat to your outfit, but will still add a unique twist. I will nearly always add a scarf to my show outfits – I just love how they look and I like to add some colour coordination through them. Not wanting to add too much colour through a scarf? Don’t worry – opt for navy, green or cream tones!

If it is really warm, consider wearing a shorter design, or allowing the scarf to lie open. You can tie your scarf in so many different ways – don’t be afraid to be experimental!

Stuck for ways to tie a scarf? Check out my blog showing you different examples below.

At the event, Keep an eye out for: Bethany Rae, County Equestrian Jewellers, Hicks and Hides, J&T Plumes and Mackenzie and George.


I personally love wearing a dress. I find during the Summer months this is what I end up reaching for time and time again! I find them so easy to style, and I think they are a bit of a cheat outfit as they take minimal effort to put together! There are so many different designs which are suitable for shows – so honestly, wear what your feel most comfortable in. If its going to be chilly, why not opt for a classic roll neck dress? Wanting to pair with a Schoffel? The Joules Riviera style dresses are perfect for a more relaxed feel with a Schoffel and deck shoes.

As you are probably aware – I am also obsessed with white dresses. Some people may not think ‘appropriate’ for a Country show – honestly I couldn’t care about that, and nor should you. So if there’s a dress, style or colour you want to wear – you go for it and you rock it. You will look amazing.

Don’t forget it’s a lot of walking around- choose a dress you feel comfortable in. Is it really floaty? Are you going to have to keep holding it down all day if it’s a little breezy? Consider the design being out on your feel all day.

One of my ‘go-to’ dresses at the moment is the Holland Cooper Military Shirt Dress. This has a very strong chance of being worn on one of the days I attend the Game Fair this year. It’s such an easy dress to wear and style – and it is very much to my taste! Want to find out more? Head over to that blog linked below!

At the event, Keep an eye out for: Holland Cooper, Joules and Welligogs


If you’re wanting to wear a skirt of trousers, don’t overthink a top too much – you can wear anything, from a shirt to a jumper to a casual tee. The main thing to remember here is, 1. is it suitable for the weather, and 2. do you feel confident and comfortable with it. If you answer yes to both of those with the top you’ve picked out – wear it and you can’t go wrong!

If you’re wanting to go for a classic show style, opt for a pastel coloured shirt, blue, pink or white are popular options. If you own Fairfax & Favor or similar boots – match your tassels to the shirt colour for a really seamless look. Wanting to try something a little more bold? Go for a print shirt. There are so many country, or animal themes which create a beautiful outfit.

I’ll say it again – just don’t forget to check the weather! The last thing you want is to be stuck in a roll neck if its 30 degrees – equally you may need more layers over a t-shirt if its likely to rain or be breezy!

At the event, Keep an eye out for: Holland Cooper, Joules, and Welligogs


If a dress isn’t quite your style, or it’s looking particularly muddy or chilly – you’re likely to opt for trousers or a skirt. Once again here you have completely free rein over what you can choose to wear.

Classic show style nods towards the controversial white jean. I personally love these and who cares if you spill a bit of coffee on them, or get a bit of mud on them – if they are what you want to wear – go for it and have a great day regardless of the odd spill here and there. The beauty of white jeans is that they go with absolutely everything, so it takes very minimal panic to put a full outfit together. Wanting a classic style – pair with a shirt, deck shoes and a Schoffel.

A skirt is also a great option, particularly if it’s warm. I love tweed skirts, these are an easy style to go for, and create a very timeless look. If it’s due to rain (I think it might be), you can pair this with either ankle boots or tall boots and take a wax jacket just in case of showers. Complete this look with a fedora and you have a simple, classic show style. Not wanting to go for boots? Totally understandable! Team with your favourite deck shoes or loafers!

Wanting something a little bolder and brighter? Opt for a pair of coloured jeans. These can be in any colour you like! I love orange, yellow and green tones, but you’ll have also seen me in my favourite pink pair several times too. Don’t forget if you’re opting for a bright trouser, you may want to tone down the rest of your outfit, and keep these as the statement piece.

At the event, Keep an eye out for: Holland Cooper, Joules


From what I have seen of the weather so far, it looks like we are due some rain! Whilst it is likely to only be showers, I have been to some of the Game Fairs and quite literally been knee deep in mud. Taking a coat or gilet is never a bad idea – even if you end up leaving it in the car. It is going to be an expensive day out if you need to buy a coat when you get there because of horrendous downpours!

Jackets …

A tweed or wax jacket may be the obvious choice if you’re hoping to go for the classic show style. I personally don’t have a preference of one over the other. My wax jackets are generally lighter than my tweed – therefore if the weather is looking warmer, this may be something to bare in mind. You’re not likely to want to wear something that is going to generate yet more heat.

If your jacket doesn’t match your outfit – at this stage in the Summer, I really wouldn’t worry, If you’re having to wear a jacket in July, it’s likely the rain is bad – therefore you’re better off wearing a jacket that doesn’t quite match – than getting soaking wet!

Gilets …

A gilet is the perfect in between layer if its a bit chilly on the day. I am a huge fan of Schoffels and think they are well worth the investment. Not only do they look great, they are incredibly hard wearing and practical. They are absolutely a classic country show style, and they will help to keep the chill off.

If you’re not wanting to wear any sort of fleece gilet, another great option would be some sort of tweed gilet or waistcoat. If you can match this to your tweed skirt, even better!

Ponchos …

A little like the gilets, these are another great way to add a lighter layer to your outfit, without having to opt for a coat. There are so many different styles and designs of poncho available, so be sure to have a browse to see what type suits your wardrobe. Not only do I love a classic poncho shape, I am a huge fan of capes, which often have that central zip and feel a little more ‘coat like’. Your poncho can be as statement or as subtle as you like!

One thing to bare in mind with a poncho is ….. your bag! if you’re wanting to wear your bag on your shoulder all day, ponchos may not be the easiest design to work with – just a thought!

At the event, Keep an eye out for: Fortescue England, Holland Cooper and Welligogs


It’s a long day at the Country Shows. I cannot stress enough how important the right footwear is! Something which may rub, no matter how nice it looks, just. isn’t, worth. it. Please believe me on this one.

If it’s due to rain or the ground is damp (or you just love them!) – wellies are perfectly acceptable. I would highly recommend taking them with you anyway if you’re driving – it’s better to have them with you and not need them.

Otherwise I would just suggest supportive, comfortable footwear. I’ll often wear boots, even if it’s warm. I know I can tolerate it. But if you get warm legs in boots then I would suggest looking at ankle boots, or a loafer or deck shoe.

If it rains in the lead up, or during the event, bear in mind that the ground will be muddy. If you’re wearing suede shoes, have you used a protector on them? If not I’d recommend getting Liquiproof protector spray, and making sure they are protected before the day!

Need some summer footwear inspiration? Check out my ‘Ultimate Summer Foorwear Guide’ blog below.

✨Outfit Inspiration ✨

I rarely outfit plan, I normally have an idea of a piece or two that I’d like to wear, but I always want to dress practically on the day – so I will normally decide my full outfit the evening before or day of an event. If you’re really not sure what to go for – I’d recommend having a play with outfits well in advance. There is nothing worse than wardrobe stress on the morning you’re trying to leave.

Here are a couple more ‘top tips’ to go by…

More top tips…

  • You can’t go wrong with a tweed skirt, style with a simple shirt for a classic style
  • Wear something YOU feel comfortable in, it doesn’t matter if you think other people will like it, what matters is if you do.
  • Match shoes, belts and handbags for a flawless, streamlined look.
  • Fedoras are a great way to prepare you for all weathers – but also look great with all outfit styles. Use a neutral colour with a bold outfit, or a bold colour with a neutral outfit!
  • Take a coat!! Even if you just leave it in the car!
  • If you have footwear with tassels – look to match your tassels with either a key colour in your outfit, or a neutral colour.
  • Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your outfit styling. No one can replicate your individual style, despite owning the same clothes. Use accessories to really elevate your look to your own unique style!
  • Take plasters – hopefully you’ve got comfortable footwear- but you can never be too sure after a full day! Don’t get caught out!
  • Don’t forget to apply suncream – you don’t want to burn!

So there we have it, if this has given you a little bit of inspiration, I shall be very happy. I am so glad to be getting back out to the shows, I have been to a couple and it just feels amazing again!

Don’t forget to follow my social channels (find all linked below) for more inspiration, I’ll be sharing lots of NEW show outfit inspo images not seen in this blog!

Darlings, happy dressing! And I will see you in the next blog.

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

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