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The Game Fair 2021 – Catching up with our favourite brands, AND steal my show style …

The Game Fair 2021 …

You know that sinking feeling when it’s all over ….

Finally, some more normality resumed! I know a few events have gone ahead so far, but whilst restrictions had still been tighter, many had some form of limitations in place. The Game Fair had been determined to go ahead, and was one of the few events which remained on the calendar for the year.

The Game Fair is one of my favourite events, I love the buzz surrounding it, the demonstrations, and the opportunity to catch up with friends, old colleagues, and just about everyone else in between. July is always a very busy month for me with work, so I attended the Game Fair for 2 of the 3 days. There is always so much to see and do, and if you know plenty of people going, it can often be hard to fit everything into just one day! It was based at Ragley Hall this year, so there was no need for me to stay locally, I was close enough to drive each day.

The Game Fair is an all encompassing event, so whether you have a passion for the countryside, shooting, animals, equestrianism, food or work in the industry, there really is something for everyone. The Game Fair really is a true celebration of the Countryside, and everything linked to it!

Being there for a couple of days, I was fortunate enough to catch all of the demonstrations that I love. Of course, being an equine girl myself, it’s the equine displays that I usually make the most of, that being said, I am completely fascinated by the falconry, and I always like to catch the working dogs. The main arena generally doubles up on displays for all 3 days, so you have a couple of opportunities to catch anything you want to watch.

I can’t even put into words how much it has meant to everyone to be back at these events. Every single person I spoke to, the topic of conversation couldn’t help but steer towards how amazing it was to be back around people, for people to be out enjoying themselves, and for a feeling of somewhat ‘normality’ to be resumed for a weekend.

Alongside watching all of the displays, demonstrations and things to do, I had some time to catch up with exhibitors!


Catching up with …

Wanting to find out the products people can’t keep their hands off at the moment? Want to hear about the newest releases from your favourite brands?! Well… I can help!!

I had chance to catch up with some of my favourite brands during the event, to find out what’s been going on with them, what’s flying off the shelf at the moment, and what’s new!!

🌷 – Hicks & Brown – 🌷

I first met this brand many, many years ago at Burghley. I had my heart set on the most perfect fedora I had seen on the website, and off I went, screenshot in hand, to find the stand and make one of my most exciting purchases. I can still remember the conversation I had with the ladies, and how excited I was. It has been amazing to see H&B go from strength to strength, and I have loved watching their journey. Their products are absolutely incredible, and will always be items I reach for time and time again.

How have you found the event, and what does it mean for Hicks & Brown to be back at the shows?

There was a real buzz at The Game Fair, we didn’t think it would be as busy as previous years but it was packed. Everyone was clearly so keen to get out and enjoy so much of what we have all missed over the last year.  We were so excited to be back, shows are such a big part of our business and we just love being able to meet our customers face to face. Aside from the actual selling of our collection, shows are a brilliant platform to showcase new products, receive feedback as well as make new contacts and catch up with old friends – we’ve missed this so much!

What has been your best selling product at The Game Fair?

Different weather on different show days really affects which products sell at a particular time – Friday the weather was really hot so our summer hats were by far the best sellers, customers were buying them to where there and then. As the weather changed throughout the weekend, our Suffolk Fedoras proved really popular.

What is the newest product that you’ve brought to market?

Our Pillbox hats are our first formal collection and they launched last month, it was great to have them on display.

What’s a Hicks & Brown Summer essential?

The Hemley without a doubt! This is our new collection of wide brimmed summer hats that we brought out this year. They were available in three colours but we now only have one colour left in stock (navy) this season due to their popularity.

Which product is a real statement or special piece, and why?

The Beaumont Pillbox in Fuschia – it’s a real wow pop of colour. It’s to be worn at a wedding or other special occasion, each one is hand made in the UK.

Finally, can you sum up Hicks & Brown for us in one sentence?

Hicks & Brown creates timeless hats and accessories designed to be worn for years to come.

🧡 – Welligogs – 🧡

If there was ever a brand to represent my style so perfectly, it’s Welligogs. Ever since I met this brand, I have continually been blown away by their designs and quality. These pieces are just SO beautiful, and the whole team behind the brand are some of the kindest people you could ever come across. The customer is at the forefront of everything they do, and they’re great fun too!

How have you found the event, and what does it mean for Welligogs to be back at the shows?

The events has been really really good – I think it would be one of our best yet! It’s been really lovely, Ladies Day was fantastic, we were so pleased with the turnout and how much effort everyone had gone to. Everyone is just so happy to be back at the events, and it’s so lovely to see all of our customers again. Honestly, its been a really great weekend, and it means the world to be back! A lot of effort goes into these shows, but it’s 100% worth it!

What has been your best selling product at The Game Fair?

The Odette has done very well for us, despite it being warm, its such a great, practical coat, and the woman love it! Our Summer dresses have also done really well because of the heat!

What is the newest product that you’ve brought to market?

This would be our linen range – the bell sleeve tops and the layered dresses. We have brought out loads of different colours in them because they are so lovely to wear, and they are a beautiful Italian linen – perfect for the warmer months!

What’s a Welligogs Summer essential?

The Safari slides have done really well! You yourself have the cowhide, and people just absolutely love them! They’re super comfortable, you can just slip them on and off, and they are ideal for all of this hot weather!

Which product is a real statement or special piece, and why?

The Ascot Sunrise is doing really well, everyone loves the pinks! If you’re a pink person, then its a really fabulous piece, and then also the Venice as well. For those people who are eventually able to go to weddings or events that is the perfect piece.

Finally, can you sum up Welligogs for us in one sentence?

Welligogs is pretty, practical wear, that will make you feel beautiful and feminine.

🌿 – Bethany Rae – 🌿

The team over at Bethany Rae couldn’t have made me feel more welcome at the event, and they continually had me laughing! I have been fortunate enough to work with this brand, and if you attended the Game Fair, you may well have seen CCL modelling a couple of the items on the wall of the marquee. The brand is based around such fun, practical and hard wearing products.

How have you found the event, and what does it mean for Bethany Rae to be back at the shows?

We have absolutely loved being at The Game Fair. We have met so many wonderful people, it’s so lovely to meet people in person, and we’ve had so many lovely new customers. It’s been a really special experience, and we will definitely be back next year!

What has been your best selling product at The Game Fair?

We have almost completely sold out of the Caramel Upton Bags and Belts – people love a matching set!

What is the newest product that you’ve brought to market?

At The Game Fair, we have met a wonderful lady selling goatskin capes, which are made in a beautiful suede tan, with gold buckles. So we are actually heading up to London to collaborate, and launch our own line in September!

What’s a Bethany Rae Summer essential?

Everybody needs an Abbotsbury Rucksack in their life! They are just perfect for days out on the beach, dog walks, or if you’re at a show – you’re completely hands free for shopping, but still have lots of room in your bag for everything else.

Which product is a real statement or special piece, and why?

Our statement piece would be our Upton Handbags. Its our flagship piece that we launched the brand with, and its the one that everyone goes to time and time again. Every single handbag is one of a kind and you will be the only person that gets to wear it!

Finally, can you sum up Bethany Rae for us in one sentence?

Bethany Rae is perfectly one of a kind, every item is unique, cowhides.

💙 – Mackenzie & George – 💙

This is another brand that I have known for many years, and another brand which has been a foundation when building my Country wardrobe. There have been many a night where I waited up at midnight to get hold of one of their limited discount codes to get one of those long awaited purchases. I have always known these products have a quality which is second to none, and the designs are classic, classy and practical. Mackenzie and George is the Epitomy of Country fashion and style, the products create that perfect wardrobe cross over between work and play, day and night, and country and city.

How have you found the event, and what does it mean for Mackenzie & George to be back at the shows?

It’s been fantastic to be back at The Game Fair. Our first event back out and being able to see the customers interact with the new products that we’ve brought out and try things on has been such an important part of how we’ve built our brand, so we’ve really missed that over the past 18 months. It’s actually looking like it could be a record breaking show for us, so fingers crossed!

What has been your best selling product at The Game Fair?

Our best selling product would definitely be between the hats and feathers– (it’s lovely seeing customers coming back and buying new feathers to swap around on their hats, and new hats to swap their feathers onto) and the Wycombe! Our Wycombe belt is always a classic best seller!

What is the newest product that you’ve brought to market?

The newest product we’ve brought to market is the Mini Wycombe belt. It’s just like our standard Wycombe but its shrunk down to only 30mm so it’s a nice narrow belt that you can wear on dresses or higher waisted trousers. It’s super cute and im completely in love with it!

What’s a Mackenzie & George Summer essential?

I don’t think there is a wardrobe in the Country that wouldn’t need one of our Tetbury Dotty Belts. It goes with everything, it’s nice and lightweight, and it works really well with nice light Summery, floaty clothes. It also works just as great with a pair of jeans, that’s why I think everyone needs one of those!

Which product is a real statement or special piece, and why?

This will always be our Warwick belt. There is nothing else quite like it in existence. We hand lay all of the real pheasant and guinea fowl feathers inside, then they are coated with a specially formulated solution which ensures they don’t just go all fluffy and literally fly away! The belt is then finished with our branded shotgun cartridges and our usual vegetable tan leather. Its such a beautiful statement piece, but actually also quite subtle as well!

Finally, can you sum up Mackenzie & George for us in one sentence?

Timeless and built to last is what we pin ourselves to! Whenever we are designing or thinking about a new product those are the boxes that it has to tick! It has to never go out of fashion, its got to work with everything and be a real classic piece which will work in nearly everybody’s wardrobe, and its got to be built to last and more than fit for purpose. Everything must wear and age beautifully, and that’s what we’ve built our name on!

🌹 – County Equestrian Jewellers – 🌹

It wouldn’t be a show without me being able to catch up with the CEJ team! You can’t help but feel like a magpie as you walk toward this stand, just wanting a little bit of everything from there. Whatever type of jewellery you have your sights on, CEJ have something for everyone. The detail in the designs is so intricate and special. I have loved this brand for a long time and would highly recommend their pieces, you’ll probably know I have a few of their pieces which I never ever remove!

How have you found the event, and what does it mean for County Equestrian Jewellers to be back at the shows?

It has been great- it is so good to be back on the road (even if there is only a couple this year)! The shows mean so much to us as a business We have really missed the interaction with our customers. It’s so lovely to see our customers when they find a piece they love – you just don’t get that with online sales.

What has been your best selling product at The Game Fair?

The Riffle Bullet and Shotgun Necklaces, and the Cubic Zirconia Horseshoe Necklaces have been best sellers for us at the event.

What is the newest product that you’ve brought to market?

We have added a few country inspired pieces such as the hare necklace & greyhound necklace. They went down really well at the Game Fair.

What’s a County Equestrian Jewellers Summer essential?

Anything from the pearl range is a great Summer essential!

Which product is a real statement or special piece, and why?

Our new chunky Snaffle bracelet. It is solid silver and really stands out.

Finally, can you sum up County Equestrian Jewellers for us in one sentence?

County Equestrian Jewellers prides itself on offering great quality jewellery at affordable prices.

Steal my Game Fair Style …

Dressing for shows is my FAVOURITE, and it’s so nice to finally have somewhere to go! I love pushing boundaries when it comes to style, I am happy to not play it safe – and try bold bright colours, interesting patterns, and styles you may not have thought about putting together.
The Game Fair this year was no different! I experimented with colour to really add a bold element to both days outfits!

If you’re attending any more shows this year – check out my show outfit inspiration blog for some more ideas – click here!

Now for my Game Fair outfits ….

✨ Saturday ✨

Saturday’s weather was not looking good. In the lead up to the event I felt glued to my weather app hoping it wasn’t going to pour! I took my large trusty Grays handbag with me, it’s a bit of a Mary Poppins bag, so I was able to pack a lightweight cape AND my wax jacket in there! I started the say in my little cape, but as soon as I set foot into Ragley, it poured! By the afternoon, the weather had brightened up – and we didn’t need any layers!

I rarely outfit plan. Normally have an item or two in mind that I might want to wear, but I am more of a spur of the moment, on the day type of dresser. I’ve been eyeing up this beautiful sleeveless roll neck from Eton Taylor, I have it in cream and it gets so much wear. I had it in my basket for a few days but when I finally went to purchase, it was out of stock! Luckily Jo had one left and it arrived on the Friday, so in true Lucinda fashion, I wanted to wear my new purchase 🙈


Wide Brimmed Fedora – Hicks & Brown – The Oxley Fedora in Pebble
Sleeveless Roll Neck – Eton Taylor – Chloe Orange Jumper
Jewellery – The Silver Stable –  Chunky Sterling Silver Necklace with Silver T-Bar Clasp
Scarf – Clare Haggas – Best in Show in Toffee
Skirt – Timothy Foxx – Larissa Tweed Skirt in Juno
Boots – Fairfax & Favor – The Knee High Rockingham in Tan
Handbag – Grays 1922 – Mary Handbag Natural Leather and Suede Tan
Watch – Morris Richardson – Ladies Blenheim 36mm

✨ Sunday ✨

Sunday went from looking VERY rainy, to actually remaining dry all day! I risked no coat at the event, despite packing every type of wax jacket and poncho into the car just in case! I decided to try something a little different with this outfit on Sunday. With the weather looking like it might be holding up ok, I decided do go for a Summer fedora instead. I paired the hat from J&T Plumes with a matching statement pin. Hatpins are such a great way to add some personality into your outfit, and the bigger they are, they more I like them, so naturally I chose one of the biggest I own!

I have been heavily attached to this Black Watch Philippa Pinkney skirt since it landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, and I just knew it was going to end up coming to The Game Fair with them. Whilst it does have an obvious check, I actually think it pairs really well with a print shirt. The shirt is one of my favourite designs from Timothy Foxx, I received this last year but had very little opportunity to wear it with a lack of shows and events going on. The bold, bright colours are Summery and fun, and although it felt a slight gamble with the skirt – I don’t shy away from making bold decisions, and I think it worked!

I kept my accessories and footwear to a simple navy. I’ve talked about in previous vlogs, if you’re going to make a statement with the outfit, something needs to be toned down. My bag is actually a brand new design from Salthouse England, which is currently unreleased but coming VERY soon – it was the perfect size and style for an event, so if you’re wanting something elegant and special to take to the shows, but big enough to carry everything round, I’d urge you to keep an eye on their social media over the next week! Of course pretty much every show day outfit is completed with a trusty pair of Fairfax & Favor boots. They are so reliable, comfortable and incredibly stunning!


Summer Fedora & Hatpin – J&T Plumes – Summer Fedora & Pin
Sleeveless Shirt – Timothy Foxx – Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt – Multi Feathers
Jewellery – The Silver Stable – Chunky Sterling Silver Necklace with Silver T-Bar Clasp
Belt – Mackenzie & George – Clifton Cinch in Navy
Skirt – Philippa Pinkney – Canterbury Skirt: Black Watch
Boots – Fairfax & Favor – The Heeled Regina in Navy
Bag – Salthouse England – 🤫 It’s a new release coming soon – but I’ve linked the website so make sure you subscribe to stay informed!
Watch – Morris Richardson – Ladies Chatsworth 36mm in Rose Gold

It’s always quite sad when you have an amazing weekend and it comes to an end, especially after the last 18 months that we’ve had! However, this isn’t the end, its actually only the beginning!! And as the restrictions continue to ease and our freedom returns, there are only going to be more amazing events around the corner!

If you made it over to The Game Fair this year, I hope you too had an incredible time! If you weren’t able to make it this time – definitely get the date in your diary for next year, you won’t regret it!

See you in the next blog 🤍

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

― Rachel Wolchin”

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