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I want to start by apologising, it seems to be a little bit of a theme at the moment, doesn’t it. I am dealing with a few things and there are unfortunately some delays with blog uploads due to this. I am so guilty of pretending everything is fine online to show off this perfect world, and actually the last couple of months have been tough! It’s odd, it is mainly things associated with my social media world and blog which are having such a big impact – hence the delays. I don’t particularly like oversharing, but I think a CCL diaries will be coming if you’re interested in why the content has been a little hit and miss. I think I need to get some things off my chest to move forwards – I haven’t been ok about a few things going on. If you’re just here for the style content though, let’s get going, the rest can wait!

There is absolutely no denying that Navy is one of the main colours featured in my wardrobe. I am completely hooked. I think it is a slightly less harsh colouring to wear than black, and against my pale skin it definitely works to my advantage, so this tends to be my choice of dark colour. I love how it can be easily dressed up and down, and it seems to be the colour that most of my outfits are based around. I know that so many of you are the same, and if you’re here from one of my social media channels, maybe at some point we have even had a discussion about Navy ourselves – I really do rate it as a foundation colour for wardrobes.

I thought it would be fun to share with you my 5 most worn navy pieces! If you love Navy too, this may give you a helping hand on deciding on some worthwhile purchases, those things that will really bring down that cost per wear which we so often speak about!

Welcome to the 5 most worn Navy items in my wardrobe …

1. Fairfax & Favor Heeled Amira

Without a doubt these are my most worn Navy footwear, in fact, they are probably my most worn item of footwear out of my whole collection. I am completely obsessed. The Heeled Amira is super elegant, so easy to wear, and surprisingly practical if you are on your feet all day at a show/the races etc.

I generally pick these up every single time that I have no idea what to wear, they pretty much go with my whole wardrobe, and I can guarantee I’ll be ok in them even if its a long day. With them being Navy, I am much more willing to wear them at whatever show, even if its raining or muddy. All of my boots are protected with Liquiproof, and I don’t live in as much fear with them being a darker suede. These boots have seen it all and still look immaculate! A winner for me every time!

2. Ella & Cherry Jazz Jersey Top

I absolutely love this easy to wear jersey top. This has featured in my blog a few times now and whilst I would never really reach for a classic long sleeve tee, this style of top is much more to my taste. I love clothing which has a little but more about it, and this has exactly that, appealing so much more to my wardrobe and style. The flattering cinching in on the v neckline is a really elegant finish to the top, and the buttoned sleeve again adds such beautiful attention to detail. Whilst being fitted, the material doesn’t feel clingy and claustrophobic. I love to have easy to style pieces in my wardrobe, and this goes with everything. This would be perfect whether you wanted something to wear to an office, day out, the races, a country show, it really would be fit for purpose for a whole variety of occasions.

The best news?! I have a 10% off code for you if you want one too! Enter: ‘Lucinda10’ at the checkout! *aff*

3. Highland & Herringbone Blair Dress

This is another piece that I have raved about on this blog time and time again, and you will have seen it creep up so many times on my social media. I have been living in this dress. I love the design, I love the fit. It is so easy to throw on. I am definitely a dress girl, and to be honest, its because I am all for wardrobe hacks and I believe dresses are just so much easier to style. It takes minimal effort to style a dress, yet it always looks like you’ve gone to more effort than you actually have!

A navy dress is a really easy, classic design, and it is practical all year round, and for all types of occasion. I will wear this super casually if I am just having a quiet day at home, equally I will dress this up with accessories and heeled footwear if I am wanting to dress up a little for an occasion! The perfect all-rounder!

4. Schoffel Lyndon Gilet

Absolutely no Country wardrobe is complete without a Schöffel. My poor gilets really do the rounds and they are expected to cover every aspect of my wardrobe, whether that’s at the horses, out beating, on holiday, or paired with a dress for meeting friends. I have such a high expectation for my Schöffel gilets, and they are washed continually as they have to go from smelling of horses to being acceptable to wear out in public within the space of a day.

I have owned these gilets for years and they are practically and technically incredible. But not only this, I love how well they pair casually too. I will never be without them. Whilst I own various colours, Navy is such a strong choice and this is definitely one of the most worn items in my wardrobe overall! I would be completely lost without my Lyndon gilets and whilst they are possibly at the more pricey end of the scale, quality and performance makes them worth the investment.

5. Navy Fedora Hat

If you’re a regular here you’ll know my content creation journey began with High Bird Designs, and lots of my hats and pins are from this brand.

I wear a hat so often, my hair is always a mess and a fedora is able to hide all hair sins so easily! I think Navy is one of my most reached for colours because of the amount of Navy I wear in general! I love accessorising with all different coloured and sized hat pins to create a slightly different look.

I feel like a fedora hat has become part of my signature look now. When I think of my style, there are some items which just immediately jump out to myself as being very ‘me’. This is absolutely one of those pieces which I really feel defines my style. There are lots of hats out there – so if you think one doesn’t suit you, I would definitely encourage you to try and few different styles and not give up hope on the perfect piece!

I hope you enjoyed this blog!
New blog coming soon, I can’t wait to share some of the bigger projects that I have been working on too!

See you soon! 🤍

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

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