The Denim Dress Edit. Country Western Style? Too Casual? And is it right for you?

I have a pretty love-hate relationship with denim. It is rare that I will regularly reach for a pair of blue denim jeans to style, but when I find some denim that I like, I seem to fall in love.

I have been on the hunt for the right denim dress for a little while now. I couldn’t really decide exactly what I wanted, so I had been searching high and low to see what was currently around, and what would suit my style. There are so many designs and styles available, and I was reminded once again what a minefield denim which – which is exactly what inspired this blog post!

The History of Denim

I suppose this is a good place to start!

With its roots beginning in France, Denim originally started out as a fabric called “Serge de Nimes.” The fabric dates way back and was originally worn by workers, due to its durability. Levi Strauss and Jabob Davies were suppling miners with heavy duty denim. Levi, who was a businessman, was approached by tailor Jacob and suggested patenting the idea of using rivets to reinforce the jeans. This was in 1873, and is considered the birthday of the typical blue jean we know today.

The music and film (especially Western films) industry started to boost the popularity of denim outside of work wear, with the likes of James Dean and Elvis Presley wearing and popularising the item in the early stages. Initially it was considered something the ‘heart throb bad boys’ were wearing, which then started to catch on.

Now, denim is considered an extremely popular item, and is worn by most!

Iconically Associated With Country Western Style

It was in the 1870’s that denim wear was adopted by some ranchers and cowboys, and still today denim is probably the most associated fabric with the Country Western style.

I really do love the Country Western Style. I would definitely say there are hints of this running through my outfits, it is an incredible style, and I would probably dress in that style off the time time if I could. BUT, denim dresses are by no means limited to those who only like the Western style.

Denim dresses are so chic, and depending on how they are styles, their look can be completely transformed to suit any style and wardrobe, whether you like the Country Western look, or not.

Styles of Denim Dress

As I mentioned above, I struggled to find my idea of the perfect denim dress, because I really had quite a set idea of what I didn’t want, but I also really didn’t know what I did want. So I wasn’t entirely sure what exactly I was looking for.

There are SO many styles and versions of the denim dress out there. With popular styles including a pinafore dress, shirt dress and shift dresses. Some will definitely work season to season, so if you want something that will work all year round, do look for a piece that has sleeves, or will allow you to layer a jumper/roll neck underneath.

The level of casual to smart really does vary with a denim dress. My initial impression was that I didn’t think I would be able to find a style to work with, because of how I feel about denim jeans and my struggle with them. There there are several different denim washes available, so look at colour as well as style to see what works best for you.

As with other dresses, it is a good idea to have a try on of different styles, to work out what you really like, and what suits you.

What To Wear With A Denim Dress?

I suppose the beauty of denim is that it goes with a lot. For me, I don’t tend to wear blue denim jeans because I can’t find anything that matches them from my wardrobe – it isn’t my style and I never feel confident in an outfit I have put together with them. But for many others, it is denim that is their go to, easy item.

I so often reach for a pair of Western inspired boots with my denim dresses, because I love that Country Western feel. However, you are definitely not limited to only wearing boots. Teaming with some heels can create a really elegant look with a fitted denim dress, whilst sandals team perfectly with a relaxed fit shirt or shift dress. And you all already know how I feel about loafers, there is no occasion that a pair of those aren’t appropriate for!

Smaller bags will create a smart and chic look with a denim dress, whilst a larger handbag will help to create the perfect casual look.

I have been styling my dresses during the summer , with the sleeves turned up. They look great in the Summer, and although denim, they haven’t looked or felt too heavy in the sunshine. However, these are going to style incredibly during the Winter. I am a firm believer that dresses should be carried through to your A/W wardrobe, so I will be teaming with scarves, boots and tights for the perfect winter look.

My Denim Dresses

My two denim dresses were actually a complete steal from Primark. They were exactly what I wanted in the end. As I mentioned, I had really searched high and low, and couldn’t really find the right thing for me. Next had a large selection on their website, so if you are looking for a good place to start looking at styles – then this would be my recommendation as a starting point.

Denim dresses are definitely not just for the Country Western Lover – so whether you work in an office, or want the perfect Country show outfit – a denim dress is so versatile and can be styled in a multitude of ways!

So that’s it!

That concludes the week of daily blogs! Wow – I can’t believe it has been a whole week of getting blog posts out! It has been quite the marathon, but I have loved pushing out a few more posts than normal. I have been sat on so many ideas, and with an overflowing drafts folder, this has given me a boost to get through some posts, get creative, and get some content out!

I will see you very soon.

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.’