The 10 MOST WORN clothing/accessories in my Country wardrobe!

If someone was to describe my style on the spot, they would probably say tweed, white jeans and Fairfax and Favor, and you know what, they wouldn’t be far wrong. Whilst I consider myself to be somewhat adventurous with my clothing, I definitely have a certain style, and a typical look that I go for.

I took the inspiration for this blog from one of my favourite YouTubers, I just loved the idea. However, I didn’t realise quite how hard it would be. I wear so much of my wardrobe so frequently, so to break it down was really tricky! I still loved the idea of putting this blog out there, so I have gone for the pieces which made the most sense. This was only meant to be 5 pieces, but to be honest, I even struggled to stop at 10!

Most of these items have been in my wardrobe for a while, hence why I felt I could say that these were the ones I possibly wear more.

Disclaimer (I feel like it is needed these days!): This blog is based solely upon my casual country wardrobe, and is not based off my work/jodhpurs/wellies/waterproofs/riding boots side of my wardrobe….

Holland Cooper Tawny Cape

I had owned a couple of different capes before taking the plunge with a Holland Cooper one. I had had my sights set on one for pretty much as long as I can remember, but as it was going to be an investment, I had tried several slightly more affordable options first.

The quality of the Holland Cooper pieces are just incredible, and there is certainly a luxury feel that comes with wearing one of these capes. They hang so beautifully, and the attention to detail throughout the whole cape makes for such a special piece.

This is such an easy, versatile piece to wear, hence why I reach for it time and time again. Not only is it the perfect piece for the races, or Country shows, but I also throw it on for day to day errands more often than not, because it covers whatever is underneath so perfectly, whilst looking like I haven’t just left the house in a fluffy jumper and leggings!

You can shop this Tawny Classic Cape here.

Schoffel Gilet

Well this is one item that certainly needs no introduction. The faithful Schoffel gilet, our good friend. I seriously live in these, whether it’s a layer for work, riding, beating, shooting, country shows, eating out….. whatever the occasion, a schoffel is never far from my mind when it comes to outfits.

I love everything about these gilets, from their practicality, to how you can dress them up or down, to how hard wearing they are. I am such a huge fan of layering, and I have been wearing these for many many years now.

It’s very rare that my riding wardrobe and casual wardrobe cross over, however, I constantly reach for my schoffel at the yard as well as when I want to dress up slightly more.

The hardest decision … which colour to wear!

You can find the Schoffel Lyndon Gilets here.

Navy Roll Neck Jumpers

Roll necks are definitely an essential for me. The manority of my A/W outfits are made up with a roll neck at the base. I would more commonly reach for cream or navy in colour, but because I wear white jeans so often, I probably reach for navy slightly more than the cream.

Not only are these extremely practical in the winter, but I do this the higher neck looks chic and seamless with outfits. I just find them so easy to wear, warm and stylish. I generally don’t over spend on my basics. I have roll neck jumpers from various stores, ranging from high street stores such as Primark and New Look, to stores I would see on the show circuit such as Welligogs.

Harris Rae Tweed Skirt

Although a slightly newer addition to my wardrobe compared to some of the other items, I honestly don’t know what I did without this. It’s my favourite skirt, and it’s the piece I reach for constantly. It’s also my ‘go to’ piece if I really don’t know what to wear or where to start!

Tweed skirts most definitely make up essential wear in my own wardrobe. More often than not, I will opt for a skirt if I am heading out somewhere, and this skirt is such a simple design and colour, that it goes with absolutely everything, meaning it always gives me a good starting point if I have no idea what I want to wear. I love the length of the skirt, and its versatility within my wardrobe just makes it a complete winner for me.

You can find this skirt here.

White Jeans

It wouldn’t take much to guess these were on here. Probably my most worn item. These seem to cause a stir constantly, and I just don’t understand why, When worn with common sense in mind, there is no reason why there is an issue wearing these! I am by no means apologetic about how often I wear them. Everything goes with them, everything looks great with them, and for me, every. single. time. they will come out on top as a wardrobe essential!

I obviously don’t wear them to muck out, and I obviously don’t wear them if I’m on a long dog walk, out beating etc etc … I can’t believe I am even having to explain this, but apparently I haven’t made it clear previously. Despite this, I am happy to live a little in them, you could also spill something on blue jeans.

I know every time I wear these I receive all the comments about how people find them see-through, impractical, too ‘young’ etc. I think I have probably heard every comment there is about white jeans now, but I personally reach for them constantly.

I would always recommend trying on white jeans, because there are pairs out there which are not as thick, and I have purchased some pairs before which I have then never worn as I have felt they were just not flattering in the end. I always opt for a higher waist in mine now, and I always check the material to ensure I am happy with them before keeping!

Fairfax & Favor Tan Amiras

These were my fourth or fifth purchase from F&F many years ago, and I have no idea how I managed without them. If I don’t know what to wear, I wear these! They are so classy, sophisticated and elegant, they look amazing every time.

I like the slight lift that the heeled Amria’s give, I think this looks really elegant. These pair with everything, so whether you mainly wear jeans, skirts or dresses, they will match with whatever. I was so scared when I initially bought these that I would be too worried to wear them. They were an investment for me and I was totally torn between them being too expensive to ruin, but also too expensive to not get any wear from.

I got very brave with them, and after protecting them with Liquiproof (which I use on all of my suede products) I just took the plunge, and I now wear them all of the time. There are a few marks to the bottoms – but they are several years old now. Generally, these still brush and clean up amazingly well, and they are most definitely my most worn boot!

‘Life is short – wear the boots!!’

You can shop the Tan Heeled Amira’s here.

Navy Fedora

If you are a regular to the CCL blog, you’ll know I am a huge fan of a hat. I have very temperamental hair, and to be honest, it usually looks a mess. I love the simplicity of not having to worry what my hair is up to, because I know it will be neatly tucked under a hat.

Equally perfect for sunny, summer days or drizzly, winter wet weather… You just can’t go wrong with a hat. I wear so much navy that I would more often reach for my navy fedora over my other colours. If I am leaving the house to go anywhere outside, it is likely a hat will be an addition to my wardrobe!

I love hats and hat pins from High Bird Designs – here.

Grays Alice Handbag

I am the first to admit that a girl can never have too many bags. One for every outfit is not too excessive in my mind. But.. I definitely believe some bags are more practical than others. Whilst I love dressing up outfits with the perfect matching bag, you still need an every day go to staple. For me, thats where my Alice Handbag comes in.

Made from leather, this handbag is practical and durable. Leather is also generally easy to buff any marks out of, wipe clean easily, and they usually look better with age. This specific bag is so handy for me as it fits my laptop in, meaning whenever I am blogging it is aways the one I reach for, as well as being my daily handbag. If you are a regular here, you will also be aware of just how much I love to carry round with me. This bag is super spacious, which I love. Mine is about 2 years old now and it is in amazing condition and the leather still looks incredible. I am also obsessed with having anything Equestrian looking with me – I will forever be the horse mad girl!!

Find the Alice Handbag here.

Morris Richardson Watch

Not only in my work life is a watch a complete essential, but my social/home life is also very busy. I just couldn’t live without a decent watch.

To be able to find a watch that is SO ME is something I thought would have been impossible. Whilst I do love my jewellery, the pieces I wear never come off, and live a hard life, and I knew my watch would need to be able to do the same. As you’ll know… I am absolutely OBSESSED with tweed, and to be able to have a tweed watch, which I am able to mix and match with my outfit, is just a dream come true.

Not only an essential in my wardrobe, but also one of my favourite things to coordinate and style, it is a very rare occurrence now for me to be seen without my watch.

You can shop my watch here.

Pearl Earrings

I’ve mentioned them before, and I have no doubt that I’ll be mentioning them again! I just love the simple elegance that comes with a pair of pearl earrings.

I haven’t really ever been a huge fan of statement earrings, I love the simplicity of a beautiful pair of pearls. I wear these pretty much every single day, and if I swap them, it is generally for one other pair of earrings which have a very small t-bar with a dangle pearl – so still pearls!

I have had this pair for a couple of years now, they are from Country Equestrian Jewellers, and are amazing quality! You can find my pearl earrings here.

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‘The joy of dressing is an art’

– John Galliano

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