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Supporting Breast Cancer Care with the Fabulous Fairfax and Favor πŸ’•

Beating Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common form of Cancer in the UK, and despite mostly affecting women, in rare cases it can also affect men. Checking your breasts regularly is so important, as the earlier the diagnosis of Breast Cancer, the easier it is to treat.

Breast Cancer is most commonly seen in older women, particularly those over the age of 50, but it can occur in younger women too. Around one in seven women in the UK will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime, with around 55,000 women in the UK diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year. The exact cause of Breast Cancer isn’t fully understood but it is believed to be a combination of factors.

There is lots of information online about what to look for, how to check yourself and the help that is available if you find something that you don’t think is normal for you. I would urge each and everyone one of you to make yourself familiar with the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer, and how to check your breasts. Lots of this information can be found here.

The stats above are really quite scary. And I think it is safe to say this terrible cancer has affected so so many of us in one way or another.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs annually from 1st to 31st October, as a Worldwide campaign to increase the awareness of Breast Cancer, education and research. The more awareness raised, the better. There are so many ways to get involved in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, do have a look to find out what you could do.

One amazing way that you are able to be involved with supporting this amazing charity is by going shopping… no I’m serious. How does supporting Breast Cancer Now, whilst buying something from one of our favourite companies sound. Well, what if I told you that’s exactly what you could do. Fairfax and Favor have launched a couple of limited edition products this month, where 100% of the profits are being donated to the charity. This means that you are able to treat yourself to something, whilst helping the most incredible cause, sounds perfect right?

For the fourth consecutive year, with a charity very close to the Fairfax and Favor founders hearts, the brand has done it again, supporting this incredible charity by launching limited edition products, where all profits are donated.

There are two products that have been launched for the 2019 campaign, lets have a closer look!

The Two 2019 Breast Cancer Care Products

The Mini Windsor – Pink Suede

This limited edition Mini Windsor is an exact replica of the the extremely popular full size Windsor handbag.

The handbag is designed in hot pink suede, with full grain leather side panels. The base is brass studded, protecting the bottom of the bag when you place it down. There is a detachable shoulder strap making the bag versatile and perfect for all occasions. There is a large inside compartment, but a handy zipped pocket inside for those extras you need to take with you- you know those small items that miraculously disappear in the main compartment of a bag!

The tassel on the front of this bag is interchangeable and there are now other colours available in this size available on the website. If you’re anything like me and need to colour coordinate everything, then this is perfect for you! I’ve linked through to the mini tassels here for you, so you don’t have to go looking. These work for all the Mini Windsor bags- not just this limited edition version.

This bag initially sold out in less than 24 hours- how amazing is that! There has been another restock since then, and these incredible bags have only gone and sold out again. There will be another restock soon, there is an option to be notified when the item comes back into stock, you can do this through the link below.

Find me here – The Mini Windsor

The Hampton Belt – Pink Suede

The popular Hampton Belt is the second item that has been launched in the Breast Cancer colours. This belt is tan leather with a contrasting bright pink suede strip through the centre. The classic Fairfax and Favor shield features as the buckle, with a studded logo at the end of the belt.

The belt is available in Small (75cm), Medium (85cm) and Large (95cm). There is a size guide available on the Fairfax and Favor website just in case you aren’t sure which size would be best for you.

Being a tan belt, there isn’t much that this belt won’t go with. Smart enough to dress up, or down, this belt is a must have wardrobe essential.

These belts are selling through really fast online. There looks to be a few Medium and Large in stock, make sure you head over and grab them whilst you can- they will not be around for long!

Find me here – The Hampton Belt

Styling the Hampton Belt

The Hampton belt comes packaged in a little dust bag inside the classic Fairfax and Favor branded box packaging. I chose a size small belt as I knew I wanted to be able to wear this around my waist with dresses and skirts, as well as with trousers. Fairfax and Favor include a size guide on the website with all of their belts so that you are able to get the right fit for what you want.

I have just started to put this belt together with some different outfits. It has gone with everything I have tried so far, so I am so excited for styling this with even more! Tan goes with absolutely everything, so I haven’t really taken it off since receiving.

This belt is perfect for dressing up or down. Despite having just started to pair with my outfits. I have a few different ideas to show you with outfits I have already tried, I have also got lots of ideas in mind for the perfect finish to some new outfits!


I absolutely love wearing a tweed skirt. I have various different colours and checks. Below is a brown check tweed, and the tan and pink work perfectly against the colouring.

The size of the belt is a really lovely width, it’s thick enough to be able to see it, and be able to catch the beautiful pink, but it isn’t so thick and chunky that you notice it around your waist.

I own a pink tweed skirt that I was able to match the belt with so perfectly. I love a good colour coordination, I find it so satisfying. This belt would match any plain coloured tweed skirt beautifully though, not just pink.

It doesn’t just have to be tweed skirts, if you have cord, moleskin or Denim skirts then this belt is also going to be perfect for you! Or why not dress it up for the office? Nip in a floaty skirt at the waist to take this look to work with you.

Notice how I don’t have belt loops on either of my skirts shown above, well don’t let that stop you! You can still accessorize with a belt around the waist without them!


I am a huge fan of dresses all year round. I like to dress quite girly and often if I go out for dinner or to the cinema I will automatically pop a dress on.

The design of the Hampton Belt makes it perfect to place around the waist to nip in one of your dresses. I have a couple of really floaty dresses that I can’t wait to pair this belt with – keep an eye on my instagram as images will go up there.

Don’t be afraid to use this belt as your colour pop, you can either accessorize in pink with it, or leave it as a bright colour pop amongst a more subtle coloured outfit. I personally can’t wait to try with white and navy dresses, with a mixture of pink or plain accessories!


The weather has most definitely changed now. I am noticing already that I am constantly layering and reaching for warmer items, even with the sun shining there is still that Autumn chill now.

I’ve said before that my white jeans had taken a backseat for a while and I went off styling with them, however, I have to admit I am hooked again. They’ve come back out of hibernation and are in full swing.

Below I’ve paired the beautiful Hampton belt with some subtle pinks. The colour from the tassels on my boots and the cuffs of my sleeves adds some subtle pink detailing whilst complimenting the belt perfectly.

I also love these coated black jeans that I have paired the belt with below. I know for a fact that I am not the only female that gets completely fed up with black jeans fading- it doesn’t matter where I buy them from, how much I spend or what I do, they always fade. I love these coated jeans because you just don’t have that issue with them. I was worried they were slightly too different from my usual style, but I have had so much wear out of them since I got them a few months ago, they are one of my favourite pairs of trousers now.

The tan and hot pink of the belt looks amazing with these trousers, I think it’s one of my favourite combinations that I have put the belt with! I have also added a silk scarf with a hot pink edge to this outfit, which compliments the look.

There are hundreds of different trouser colours that this belt would go amazingly with, I love wearing different coloured trousers so I am really excited to try pairing this belt with some of the different colours in my wardrobe.

I can’t wait to see how you all style your Hampton Belts! There are so many different ways to wear, be brave and bold with your outfits- why not!

The previous Fairfax and Favor Breast Cancer Care Products

In 2016, the campaign first launched with a pair baby pink limited edition leather longer tassels, with a goal of raising Β£10,000 in mind. The campaigned ended with a staggering total of Β£14,854.46 achieved. In 2017 we had the gorgeous baby pink Sennowe belt. I purchased this beautiful belt as part of the campaign then and it really was an incredible addition to the Breast Cancer Care limited edition range. 2018 then saw a return of pink tassels, this time in a hot pink colour, before the launch of the Mini Windsor and Hampton Belt this year.

How can you donate?

Would you like to donate directly to Breast Cancer Now? Well the good news is that it couldn’t be easier, follow the link here to find out how.

There are options to make a single donation, or set up a regular donation. Don’t forget that every little helps, and no amount is too small.

I have made my donation, please do remember that whatever you are able to give, will make a difference.

Don’t forget that Friday 18th October is Wear It Pink day. This is one of the UK’s biggest fundraising days, with donations going to Breast Cancer Now. You can organise a fundraiser wherever you are, there is lots of help and support available on the Wear It Pink website to help you with fundraising for the day, find more information here.

This is such an amazing charity, and Fairfax and Favor are just completely incredible with their support for them through this amazing limited edition range. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, girls please do check yourself, and happy spending for this very worthwhile cause!

Lots and lots of exciting things to come with the blog, I currently have a several posts ready for you so stay tuned to keep up to date with what’s next!

See you soon!

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving’ – Mother Theresa

{Hampton Belt was gifted, I have donated to Breast Cancer separately}