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Summer to Autumn made easy! Transitional outfits with your favourite Instagrammers …

Autumn outfits are coming – and I am so excited! Back to layers, coats and scarves, it’s finally time to dig out all of our favourite cosy clothes. Whilst everyone has a preference on which season they find easiest to dress for, there is such a lovely feel to Autumn. It’s not bitterly cold yet, meaning you aren’t so wrapped up you can hardly see or move. But the cooler feel to the days, the crisp mornings and the golden hues of each day make for the most beautiful of outfits. There is something so comforting about cosy knits and our favourite boots paired together!

If you struggle a little heading into Autumn, here are a couple of my top tips to get you started!

🍂CCL’s top tips heading into Autumn 🍂

🍁 You don’t have to splash out – basic knits can be purchased from anywhere and still last well! I will often get my roll necks from places like Primark, I have found these to last perfectly well.
🍁 Focus on a capsule wardrobe to begin with, neutrals, browns, greens, burgundy work really well for A/W and will pair well with most other colours! Make up your basic wardrobe with these. Include a good quality tweed jacket and skirt.
🍁 Invest in good quality footwear. Boots and wellies can be expensive, but I have found it pays to invest initially, and see the benefits long term. Otherwise you can end up splashing out every year on a new pair, and that quickly adds up!
🍁 Try something new this Autumn. Why not use the new season as an opportunity to try an item out of our comfort zone. Whether that be a hat, type of jacket or a colour you wouldn’t normally go for. Sometimes testing our style boundaries can be really beneficial!
🍁 Gilets are key! I would again invest in good quality. Schoffel’s are great for work and play, and make for a perfect layering pice – one of these will come pretty much everywhere with me!
🍁 Brown tights! Something a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t have even thought about, but if you like wearing dark brown boots, a pair of brown tights will look smart with these boots, and less summery than a nude pair!
🍁 Find a good, small umbrella to keep in your bag. It sounds so simple and so obvious, but unexpected showers are not fun to be caught out in, whatever you’re up to!

Steal My Autumnal Style:

Biker Jacket – Zut London
Roll Neck Jumper – Primark
Jeans – Joules
Ankle Boots – Fairfax & Favor

How your favourite Instragrammers style their Autumn outfits!

I am so fortunate to be able to be joined by some of my favourite Instagrammers on this blog, to bring you some of their style ideas and thoughts! Each one of these lovely ladies has put together their top tips for transitional outfits as we head into Autumn, as well as sharing one of their favourite outfit styles with us! I can’t thank these ladies enough for taking the time to share this with us all!

I hope you love it!

Emily Charlotte
Instagram: @Emily_charlotte_x

Emily is a fashion blogger living in Lincolnshire, sharing the most perfect mix of Country style mixed with some glam! Emily’s taste is exceptional and she bridges a gap perfectly between Country style and office / everyday wear. Alongside her beautiful outfit images, Emily shares a mixture of her life in the Lincolnshire countryside, and her gorgeous spaniel Bentley!

Get to know Emily with me…

What do you love most about autumn?
The leaves changing colour and autumn fashion!

Favourite autumn drink?
It has to be a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks 

Where will we find you in autumn?
Out walking the dog or snuggled up at home

What will you be carving into your pumpkin this year?
I’m not very artistic but I think I might have a go at the Fairfax and Favor logo!

Emily’s Transitional Outfit:

A tweed coat, it’s a classic and timeless piece that can be worn in a variety of ways! I’ve paired mine here with some jeans, my trusty Fairfax and Favor boots, a white shirt and a knitted vest.

 Top tip- layers are a great option for this time of year as the weather is so changeable!

Steal Emily’s Style:

Tweed coat – Guinea London
Jeans – Holland Cooper
Shirt – Ella & Cherry
Knitted vest – Zara
Boots – Fairfax and Favor
Jewellery- Monica Vinader

Blooming Niki
Instagram: @blooming_niki

Niki produces style and interior posts, whilst sharing the reality of family life in rural Herefordshire through her social media channels and blog. Niki has impeccable taste and her outfits ooze sophistication and elegance.

Get to know Niki with me …

What do you love most about Autumn?
I simply love everything autumn has to offer .. it is as you may gather my favourite season .. one of new beginnings in a way .. when everything rests before starting again .. so here’s to that slight chill in the air .. that golden evening sunlight .. the candles filling our homes with their wonderful scents, the layering of clothes .. the addition of tweed .. and of course those wonderful trees that give us the best show each and every year. 
I love the colours …. the richness and wonderful hues it offers .. both in nature and of course in the stores .. 

Favourite Autumn drink?
Ive fairly new to a pumpkin spice coffee .. and even a caramel coffee .. but now discovered I love them .. I also am rather partial to a cider mulled wine 

Where will we find you in the Autumn?
I am planning on getting out on lots of walks around my local area .. and maybe further a field .. obviously with my camera .. I am very lucky to live in a really beautiful part of the country .. the scenery here is absolutely stunning 

What will you be carving into your pumpkin this year?
I don’t carve them 😂

Niki’s Transitional Style:

Don’t get me wrong I love summer and its long days the occasional BBQ and burnt sausage … but for me autumn will always be have my heart .. its a time to start (hopefully) slowing down.. or at least feel like we are, a time to light those candles (and there are many) in the evening, a time to be wowed once again by nature at it finest, with the richest of colours and hues .. from the reddish russets to golden yellows.. we really are so lucky to live in a country that has these seasons.. 

Of course autumn is not only (for me) about the wonders of nature … its also about styling and the start of layering outfits .. its a time when style is at its absolute best … a time the boots once again come out of hibernation … be they knee length which can be worn with jeans or a stylish ankle boot which could if a sunny day occurs with a dress and maybe even a bare leg .. a time when cashmere is once again the statement piece of an outfit be it roll neck or v neck .. you can never go wrong with cashmere. 

In autumn outfits go from bright whites to colours to a more gentle off white, cream or beige … from the brightest yellows of summer to rich golden yellows, tans and browns come alive with the darkest green .. the different tones & hues in what we wear bring warmth with cooler days .. it is pure fabulous. 

Of course outfits are nothing without the all important accessory, me .. well I do love a hat … Fedora to be precise .. for me they are the autumn version of the straw bag … and no .. incase you’re wondering you can never have too many! .. another love of mine is a large bag, I need something that will replace the wonderfully large straw basket bags of summer .. something that will look stunning (and still hold everything I need & a whole lot more) .. and of course be able to cope with “weather” .

Steal Niki’s Style:

Fedora – Joules
Jacket – Joules
Cardi – The White Company
Skirt – Noted Store
Boots – Fairfax & Favor
Bag – Fairfax & Favor

Suffolk Sisters
Instagram: @suffolksisters

Based in Suffolk, sisters Anna and Emily share their country lifestyle and fashion finds through their popular social media channel. With such a refreshing relationship between them, they share their wholesome daily life in the countryside.

Get to know Anna and Emily with me …

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
Anna: Prepping for winter! The hedgerows are bursting with blackberries, sloes, cobnuts, rosehips etc so I love foraging to make gin, jams, pickles, syrups etc. 
Emily: the chill in the air first thing in the morning and gradually warming up and removing those layers.

Favourite autumn drink?
Anna: a proper hot chocolate i.e melted chocolate, not the powdered stuff! 
Emily: once it starts getting colder a good drop of port does the trick to warm up!

Where will we find you in the Autumn?
Anna: usually in the woods. The colours of autumn are incredible and I find it so therapeutic being immersed in nature. I’ll probably have a basketful of mushrooms too…
Emily: out on the hunting field amongst the hounds enjoying the hazy sunrises on horseback. 

What will you be carving into my pumpkin?
Anna: I’ve grown my own pumpkin this year so I’ll be eating it.  I’m not so experienced at carving pumpkins so most likely a scary face!
Emily: All sorts of ghosts and ghouls I would imagine- having a young daughter we will definitely be getting into the Halloween spirit!

Emily’s Transitional Outfit:

I chose outfit one as I love wearing tweed when we reach the colder months. The black jeans are a wardrobe staple and the knee high boots and blazer smarten the look up. The suede belt and handbag add texture and a contrast to the leather boots. 

For outfit two, wearing a shirt in autumn is ideal for keeping me cool, yet when the temperature drops in the evenings my arms are covered so a win win! The skirt adds interest with it’s check and pleated style and the long boots keep me cosy with the rich mahogany colour suiting autumn so well!

Adding the blazer to this outfit smartens it up as well as keeping me warm and I love the autumnal hues in the tweed check.

Steal Emily’s Style:

Outfit 1:
Shirt – Joules
Blazer – H&M
Jeans – H&M
Boots – Fairfax and Favor
Bag – Fairfax and Favor
Belt – Fairfax and Favor

Outfit 2:
Blazer – Joules
Shirt – Joules,
Skirt – Jack Wills
Boots – Fairfax and Favor
Bag – Fairfax and Favor

Outfit 3:
Shirt – Joules
Skirt – Jack Wills
Boots – Fairfax and Favor
Bag – Fairfax and Favor

Anna’s Transitional Outfit:

When the temperature dips, you can add a warmer layer such as a leather or tweed jacket, as well as some long boots to keep your legs warm. A fedora is a must to keep your head warm and keep any unruly hair un place. You can also add a cashmere wrap as an extra layer.
I love wearing brown, camel, rust, orangey colours in autumn and accessorising with tactile fabrics such as suede, leather, fur etc to add texture.
Top tip: layers! The mornings can be chilly and by the afternoon it can be lovely and warm, so make sure you have a couple layers you can remove if needed.

I chose this dress to style for autumn because of the autumnal colours and its versatility. I love how it has long sleeves so will be warm enough for some autumn days but you can add a jumper or cardigan over the top if you get chilly.

Steal Anna’s Style:

Outfit 1:
Dress – Joules
Cardigan – Joules
Ankle boots – Joules
Bag – Fairfax and Favor

Outfit 2:
Dress – Joules
Leather jacket – Monsoon
Bag – Fairfax and Favor
Boots – Fairfax and Favor
Fedora – Hicks and Brown
Tweed jacket – Joules
Fur wrap – Eton Taylor

Sophie Hall
Instagram: @sophiehall94

British Eventer and Chairman of the Great Britain Student Riders Squad. Juggling competing her 3 horses with a full time job in financial services marketing. Follow for equestrian and country style inspo plus the highs and lows of training and competing her horses. 

Get to know Sophie with me …

What do you love most about Autumn?
There is something so heart warming about this season for me. As the leaves start to fall and the beautiful autumnal colours emerge on the landscape, we finally have an excuse to sit back in front of the log fire. There is nothing more homely and comforting than that! Plus, if I dare say this… we can start the countdown to Christmas!! 

Favourite Autumn Drink?
I do love a baileys hot chocolate. Utterly indulgent, positively yummy! 

Where will we find you in autumn?
September/October are still very busy months for me Eventing. I’ll be competing most weekends with my horses and making the most of the final British Events before the boys can enjoy their winter holidays. 

What will you be carving into your pumpkin this year?
I have always been quite artistic and enjoyed getting creative – pumpkin carving this year will be no exception! Having said that my ability definitely goes further in my head than in reality… I’ll probably opt for some intricate Mexican Day of the Dead design that will take me more hours than it’s worth haha! 

Sophie’s Transitional Outfit:

Personally I would go as far as to say autumn is the best month for fashion! The exquisite colours, the beautiful warm materials and the ultimate versatility. My top tip for this month would be – layers, layers, layers! Sept-Nov can see quite a broad range of weather, particularly in the UK.

Come prepared with layers and you can’t go too far wrong – If it’s cold add a layer on, if it gets warm strip a layer off: win-win! My transitional autumn top pick features the stunning Toggi Outdoor range. I love this collection for many reasons and I would not be exaggerating if I said every single item is a wardrobe essential. It’s premium yet affordable and beautifully designed so every piece complements eachother making it super easy and stress free to style. This outfit embraces the true colours of the season – warm red tones accompanied but cool whites and navy hues. The Liberty print woodland shirt is perfect for dressing up for the office or dressing down for a dog walk followed by a cheeky trip to the pub. I have matched this with a timeless white jean, Fairfax + Favour Reginas and the Toggi Canopy Waterproof Long Coat. This coat is designed to protect you from the elements! Plus, with waterproof fabric and taped seams it guarantees you will stay dry if the heavens open. Finished with Liberty fabric inner trims and leather branded Zip detailing you won’t be compromising on style either! Add the Terrain women’s gilet for that safe layer should the temperature drop and you need that extra warmth or vice-versa the sun comes out and you want to whip off that coat.

Steal Sophie’s Style:

Toggi Canopy Waterproof Coat
Toggi Woodland Women’s Liberty Printed Shirt
Toggi Terrain Women’s Padded Gilet
White Superdry Jeans
Tan Fairfax + Favour Regina Boots
Ralph Lauren belt
Hiho Silver Cherry Roller Jewellery Collection

Sophie’s images are taken by Martha Lily Photography

Ellie Levvy
Instagram: @ellieelevyy

Ellie shares images of her life in the Countryside through her popular Instagram page. Ellie produces beautiful imagery of outfits which are both practical and stylish, appealing to anyone with a love of the Countryside, and country clothing!

Get to know Ellie with me …

What do you love most about Autumn?
The cosy outfits, big scarves and leaves that crunch when you walk on them – so satisfying! 

Favourite Autumn drink?
Caramel hot chocolate – has to be Starbucks 

Where will we find you in the Autumn?
You’ll find me in the milking parlour a lot of the time but outside of work hopefully out and about on lots of walks! 

What will you be carving into your pumpkin this year?

I’m not much of an artist so I’m going to stick with the classic scary face and hope for the best!

Ellie’s Transitional Outfit:

I think the summer to autumn transition is my favourite for putting together more cosy outfits as the temperatures start to fall and being able to get some of my favourite pieces out again. For me I just love a cable knit and my trusty explorers! My autumn essential has to be a Barbour Wax Jacket, never goes out of style and goes well with almost any outfit – the exact one I am wearing has been discontinued but is very similar to the Beadnell. Another one of my favourites is the Highland and Herringbone Mustard Cawdor Knit. These jumpers come in so many beautiful colours but the mustard just gives off such autumn vibes – I can just imagine walking through all the fallen crunchy leaves with my dog in this! For my feet I love to wear my Fairfax and Favor explorers, I feel like I get so much wear out of these around this time of year, not only does the colour go with absolutely everything, the interchangeable tassels help me live out my matchy dreams – mustard tassels to match the jumper. I am also wearing the Sennowe belt in Tan, I love how the gold buckle looks against the mustard. For accessories I have my sunglasses on my head, they spend more time up there than on my face. My earrings are also Highland and Herringbone – little highland cows which I looove, and my necklace is Pandora which is a year round staple for me!

Steal Ellie’s Style:

Jacket – Barbour
Knit – Highland and Herringbone
Boots – Fairfax & Favor
Belt – Fairfax & Favor
Earrings – Highland and Herringbone
Necklace – Pandora

Please be aware that some of your favourite Instagrammers may work alongside brands to help bring you new releases, product information and exciting collaborations. This may mean that some of the items above are gifted to these individuals through a partnership.

I can’t thank these ladies enough for joining me on my blog – it has been such a pleasure to have them, and I hope you enjoyed reading their fabulous tips whilst lusting over their beautiful Autumnal styling!

I can’t wait to see you for the next blog!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“The heat of autumn is different from the heat of summer. One ripens the apples, the other turns them to cider.”

– Jane Hirshfield