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Stepping into SS21 with the brand new Fairfax & Favor collection …

Oh my gosh… it’s that time again!!!

It’s here! The full preview for the new S/S collection for Fairfax & Favor has been shown in their stunning new Spring/Sunmer brochure. If you’ve already received yours, just how stunning is it!!!

I did one of these blogs last year was SO popular- I couldn’t believe it! You loved it so much that I couldn’t resist showing you my initial reactions to the full collection this year too!

So grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy! 🥂

The Zebra Collection

8 brand new pieces have arrived into another long awaited animal print range. The zebra collection incorporates many of the iconic F&F pieces in this jazzy new printed haircalf. This design is so easy to wear, classic monochrome combination will pair with all outfits, and offers that exciting, statement piece to even the simplest of outfits. Why not team the gorgeous Sennowe Belt and Brancaster sandals with a white dress, or pop the Chiltern purse inside the Mini Windsor for those long awaited beer garden catch ups with the girls.

I think this collection really gets it right. Animal print is timeless, it comes back year on year, it looks great, and it adds that easy, statement piece to your outfit, with minimal effort!

Including: The Henley, The Salisbury, The Mini Windsor, Tassels, The Chiltern, The Sennowe, The Brancaster and The Monaco Flat.

My must have piece: I’m lusting over the Sennowe belt from this collection. The width is just that little bit thicker than the classic Sennowe at 2.5cm instead of 2cm, and this piece will suit anyone, adding a small but noticeable statement to any outfit, without being overbearing!

The Alexandra Trainer

Whether a casual trainer is right up your street or not, the Alexandra is sure to have you rethinking! I personally never opt for a trainer – I’m a ‘there’s nothing a loafer can’t take on kind of girl!’ But The Alexandra even had me thinking twice!

Sleek, subtle branding creates a classy but casual design, suitable for dressing up or down.

I really struggle to style a trainer for every day wear, but I have seen how many of you have been loving these, to the point they sold out!!

The Fuchsia Collection

This is a really striking collection. The raspberry seasonal colourway was so beautiful last year, and so popular. The fuchsia offers a slightly different take on the raspberry collection, with more of a reddish/purple tone to that of the raspberry hue. Featuring so many of the already so well known pieces, this range is sure to have some of your favourites in this new, bright colour.

I have already written a blog about how to style the stunning fuchsia collection already, which you can find here.

The collection includes: The Tetbury, The Monaco Wedge, The Henley, The Mini Windsor, Tassels, The Chiltern, The Sennowe, The Brancaster, The Signature Cap and The Monaco Flat.

My must have piece: This was an easy one for me. It has to be The Tetbury Handbag. Such a glorious, practical handbag, big enough for use every day or for work, and I think the colour is exception – it just looks perfection!

The Turquoise Collection

Initially I wasn’t sure about the Turquoise. It’s a beautiful colour, but I was slightly overwhelmed by the full collection- and how versatile it would actually be within a wardrobe.

Oh my goodness, I eat my words and I hold my hands up – I WAS WRONG!

The collection includes: The Chiltern, The Sennowe, The Brancaster, The Monaco Wedge, The Monaco Flat, The Hemsby, The Mini Windsor, The Signature Hat, and Tassels.

Again incorporating so many of the iconic F&F pieces, this stunning Summer colour way actually really hits the spot. Paired with neutral tones it just looks classic, elegant and incredibly well put together. The colouring of the Turquoise almost glows – it is exceptional. I can now think of so many outfits this would pair with so well.

This collection is currently on the coming soon page, so keep an eye out on the Fairfax & Favor Facebook Club page for the announcement of the early access password!

My must have piece: I’ve cheated, I have to say two pieces and go for the Mini Windsor and Hemsby. Paired together they look THE DREAM! I am in love and I am such a fan of a white dress, that I’m crushing over the idea of that as a gorgeous Summer look!

The Tan and Navy Collection

Both Tan and Navy are such versatile colours. There isn’t a wardrobe out there that doesn’t have something that would pair with either of these, so this is probably the most versatile of the new releases. There are various releases in this collection for S/S.

I don’t think there is much to say about this collection other than it will suit everything, and every wardrobe. So if you’re looking for an easy to style, all rounder, this is the collection I would recommend narrowing down your favourite pieces from!

Including: The Mini Windsor, The Salcombe, The Holt Driver, The Monaco Wedge, The Monaco Flat, The Holkham Slider and The Valencia.

My must have piece: The Holkham Slider! I was immediately drawn to this simple slider design. It is elegant but practical, and such a great piece to have for everything from slipping on to pop out into the garden, to heading out for brunch. I have actually received my pair of these now and I have to say … SO COMFORTABLE! (Check out my Instagram for pics – @Countryclassiclucinda – I have lots more images to come too, so if you’re interested in how to style, do give me a follow!)

The St Tropez Collection

The COOLEST shoes! Oh my gosh- how CUTE!

These wouldn’t be to my usual style, although I had toyed with getting a pair of the Monaco Flats last year, however, the Zebra print to the front just got me on these! This was the final push I needed to know that these. are. the. ones.

I actually received my tan pair recently and my goodness they are as cute in real life as they look in the pictures. The only thing I found is a probably should have sized down for a better fit, however, they do recommend taking your normal size online, so this was possibly just me and my small feet 😂

If you want to see ways to style the Tan – check out my Instagram (@Countryclassiclucinda), lots and lots of inspo to come – and a couple of pictures are up already!

Colour-ways: Tan, Fuchsia, Navy

The Trinity Loafer

I post my loafers very little in comparison to my boot collection, but I have the Hemsby’s and the Henleys as part of my collection. I wear a loafer most days and as I mentioned above, I live very much in the mindset that there’s nothing they can’t take on.

I think these are absolutely gorgeous. In a slightly more intricate design than the Hemsby and Henley options, but a nice inbetween between those and something like the classy and dressy Aspen loafer. I think they would be my go to every day piece if I had a pair in my wardrobe.

One thing to possibly note is that these have been released already and are mentioned in posts across social media to be a little wider than the Henley/Hemsby. I am unable to confirm this, but as always, it is recommended to go by the size guide on the F&F website to ensure the best fit for you.

These have been released in classic navy and tan, but always the beautiful seasonal colour ways – turquoise and fuchsia.

Colour-ways: Tan, Navy, Fuchsia, Turquoise.

What else is to come …

The Mini Salisbury – based on the classic Salisbury, the mini is the smaller take on the iconic F&F purse. Available in fuchsia, tan and navy. This looks really cute and looks like it would be a good size if the Mini Windsor or one of the cross body bags is your go to choice!

The Finsbury – the brand new cross body available in fuchsia, navy, tan and turquoise. This takes a boxy, camera bag style shape, with large logo to the front of the bag, and signature tassel. The inside opens up into a big main compartment, and looks to also have separate compartments inside too for those ‘easy to reach for’ pieces.

The Fitzwilliam – a classic combination of leather and suede to create an elegant new saddle bag, complete with the new snaffle shield hardware. This is absolutely beautiful and with the same hardware as the new Trinity Loafter, this is an unbeatable combination.

The Limited Edition Henley & Brancaster – Available in a stunning combination of tan & turquoise, these two classics have been redesigned with the turquoise seasonal colour way to create a must have limited edition piece.

The Daisy – Designed by Daisy Waterman, a customer who won the lockdown design competition last year! The Daisy heel is the first proper heel released from F&F, and comes in two stunning colour ways, tan/navy and red/navy. Complete with signature tassel, these are certainly a Summer must have!

What a collection! If you’re anything like me, you’ll have added endless pieces to your Wishlist! I’d love to see any of your pictures or thoughts on the collection, I am always contactable across all of my social channels!

My new blog will be out on Friday, of course it is the end of the month Chosen by Country Classic Lucinda – bringing you all of my favourite pay day treats from the month. If you don’t want to miss it, you can subscribe at the bottom of this page!

See you there 🤍

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

— Bo Derek

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