Steal my Style … Styling the Fairfax & Favor Sunset Orange Collection

The Sunset Orange Collection…

With two new colourways for Spring/Summer, as well as a whole host of new arrivals and designs, there has been a lot to get excited about from Fairfax & Favor over the last few months. Alongside Ocean Blue, a beautiful twist on Teal, Sunset Orange launched as the other signature S/S colour, and there is a whole lot to love about this vibrant and bold choice. 

The Sunset Orange collection includes some classics, such as The Brancaster , Brancaster Heeled & Heacham Sandals, Monaco Wedge, Sennowe Belt, Finsbury & Mini Windsor Bag and Henley Loafer, as well as other favourites. Alongside these well known pieces, there are some gorgeous new additions added into the mix, including the Mini Windsor Basket Bag, Cannes Trainers and London Heeled Sandals.

Colour Psychology

It is suggested that colour can affect mood, and people can be influenced with purchases or clothes, depending on the feelings associated with that colour.

Orange signifies happiness, energy, enthusiasm and excitement, it is also associated with increased levels of optimism and confidence. As such a warm and positive colour, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice, and it is probably easier to style than you think! Orange pairs surprisingly well with other colours, whether you stick to basic neutrals and monochrones, or prefer to add in lots of colour into your wardrobe. 

I can’t wait to share with you how to style a few of my very favourite pieces from the new Sunset Orange Collection…

Outfit Inspo…

I have put together below seven outfits to show you my favourite ways to style this collection, with items including The Monaco Espadrille Wedge, The Henley Driving Shoe, The Cannes Trainer, The Sennowe Belt, The Tetbury Mini Tote Bag and The Burford Tote Bag. 

🧡 Outfit One 🧡

The Sunset Orange is great for styling both up and down, and nothing says relaxed weekend running errands like a 1/4 zip, leggings and a pair of trainers. This is such an easy look to pull off, and is super practical for those weekend days. I have fallen in love with the Famous Pheasant collection from DLB Fieldsports, and this 1/4 zip in the Olive pairs so beautifully with the bright and bold Sunset Orange. Sadly these leggings from Joules are discontinued now, but if you can grab a pair second hand I highly recommend, perfect for the gym, weekends relaxing or I even wear as my airport outfit!

Steal my Style:
1/4 Zip Jumper: DLB Fieldsports
Leggings: Joules
Bag/Trainers: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Two 🧡

A classic trench is a wardrobe staple, and choosing a neutral colour will last in your wardrobe for years to come. This trench is the Kitty from Fairfax & Favor and oozes elegance, perfectly matched with the Sunset Orange collection. The Fairfax & Favor clothing selection is ever expanding, and I am completely here for it! Not only are these pieces beautiful, but they are always timeless, well made pieces that you’ll have in your wardrobe for many years to come! The scarf which pairs so perfectly is that from Clare Haggas, I believe the colour is Russet, which is a discontinued colour now, but you can sometimes pick these up second hand! I love how the wedges elevate this simple outfit, but you could equally pair the same look with flats!

Steal my Style:
Trench Coat: Fairfax & Favor
Scarf: Clare Haggas Fine Art
Jeans: Holland Cooper Clothing
Wedges/Bag: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Three 🧡

This outfit ties in the popular A/W Plum colour from Fairfax & Favor, with the Sunset Orange. A scarf that incorporates both of these is that from Waring Brooke, which perfectly finishes off this outfit. I love how the neutrals of the outfit allow the Plum and Sunset Orange to steal the show. Using a classic staple jumper and jeans which could be paired with anything in your wardrobe, this outfit is easily recreated from items already within any wardrobe. The little Mini Tetbury bag is the cutest way to finish off this look.

Steal my Style:
Jumper: Highland & Herringbone
Scarf: Waring Brooke
Jeans: Holland Cooper Clothing
Loafers/Bag: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Four 🧡

Perfect for those cooler days, a cape is an essential light layer. I am such a fan of how elegant and sophisticated they look, and this one from Hunt & Hall really has the perfect offering. Forest green creates a bold contrast against the Sunset Orange, creating a really sophisticated but well thought out look. Adding wedges to the look helps to elevate the look, so whether its a day shopping, or evening drinks, this look could take you from day to night.

Steal my Style:
Cape: Hunt & Hall
Jeans: Holland Cooper Clothing
Wedges/Bag: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Five 🧡

An easy, casual way to style the Sunset Orange is simply teaming the Cannes Trainers with a pair of jeans and 1/4 zip jumper. This look is cool and casual, whilst still looking well put together. The stripe 1/4 zip was a popular choice from Joules, not sure if this is still available, but I have no doubt you could find similar if you loved this look. I love the simplicity of this outfit, but how it still looks well thought out. It is the perfect Saturday outfit, no matter what the day brings!

Steal my Style:
1/4 Zip Jumper: Joules
Gilet/Jeans: Holland Cooper Clothing
Watch: Morris Richardson Watches
Bag/Trainers: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Six 🧡

Whether it is a trip into town, or lunch plans, this easy outfit teams together the Sunset Orange with a neutral base to create a timeless look you’ll want to reach for time and time again. Another look which incorporates that gorgeous Kitty trench from the Fairfax & Favor collection. This time the look takes on a more Country classic style, with the nod to the Countryside through the cute pheasant top from Ginger & Jardine. The Sunset Orange adds just the right amount of colour to this outfit for a subtle but interesting outfit!

Steal my Style:
Trench: Fairfax & Favor
Top: Ginger & Jardine
Jeans: Holland Cooper Clothing
Loafers/Bag: Fairfax & Favor

🧡 Outfit Seven 🧡

Move over LBD, because who doesn’t love a little white dress! Accessorising with Sunset Orange makes for a statement outfit, and I love it! Whether its a day dress for an aperol in the sun, or evening drinks at a bar, the Sunset Orange collection is the perfect way to finish off any outfit. Now we are into the Summer months, I love reaching for those white dresses instead – this is such an easy look to recreate, and the Sunset Orange can be used so easily to add that vibrant touch to an outfit, without overdoing it!

Steal my Style:
Dress: Holland Cooper
Belt/Bag/Wedges: Fairfax & Favor

You can shop the Sunset Orange Collection here…

I have loved styling the Sunset Orange collection, it is a such a beautiful shade, that is sure to be a go to for your Summer outfits! Now all you have to do…. is just have to pick your favourite pieces!

Happy styling my darlings, see you next time!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

 “The best colour In the whole world is the one that looks good on you”

– Coco Chanel

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