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Shows and shooting ☀️

Hello, welcome back 💓 . I’ve had a busy week since I launched my scarf blog last week. I am so pleased that you all seemed to enjoy it- I love a scarf so I was delighted to share some styles with you.

Since then I’ve had a really busy week at work, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a show visit and some shooting! I hope you enjoy.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Royal Bath and West Show! There are not many shows that I haven’t been to, however, this is one of them, so I was excited to see what it is all about.

It was a glorious day which made it perfect for a walk around and a glass (or two!) of Prosecco! The show isn’t all too far away from me so we didn’t have to set off ridiculously early- always nice at the weekend!

As I’ve mentioned before, the show circuit is something I am hugely passionate about, having worked within the industry and still attending them with my current job. When I am not working at one, there is nothing I love more than wondering around a country show- it feels like a home away from home.

The main ring had a fantastic timetable but I was really keen to watch the Show Jumping, and the Grand Parade of Livestock.

I always admire Showjumpers, I am more of a Dressage girl myself, having flown over a show jump too many times solo! It was a fantastic competition and thrilling as always to watch.

Who doesn’t love being out in the sun, watching horses, drinking champagne!

I also love the Grand Parade of Livestock and I always want to watch it. I love the animals, especially the naughty ones! There is always one going in the wrong direction, pulling or jumping around and I can’t help but have a little smile for that one! I have had this fascination that one day I will show a Dexter cow. Maybe one of my readers has one I could borrow and we could make this happen! Who knows, we could even have a series of ‘Country Classic Lucinda tries something new’! Can you imagine!

I have to admit, a purchase was made at the event- of course! Going anywhere without feeding my shopping addiction would be a disaster! As we were wondering around, the Tally Ho stand caught my eye and they had some beautiful tassel ponchos available. It really didn’t take any persuading for me to pick of one these up- I know I will have so much use out of it this summer, it’s perfect for throwing on during a chilly evening, or adding a colour pop to an outfit!

I really enjoyed wandering around this show and I would recommend attending next year if you are able to get there! Check out my ‘get the look’ below if you liked any of my outfit details from the day!

Get the look 👗

Hat: High Bird Designs

Jewellery: County Equestrian Jewellers

Watch: Morris Richardson

Dress: Jack Wills (previous season)

Bag & Boots: Fairfax & Favor

National Ladies Shooting Day

So, from shows to shooting! ….

Saturday 8th June saw The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club hosting their fifth National Ladies Shooting Day! Women of all abilities are able to join together on this day to enjoy and celebrate the sport of Clay Shooting.

The National Ladies Shooting Day (NLSD) last year was my first ever Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club event. Oh my gosh, I remember feeling so nervous. I am the first to admit, I am not that great at shooting, but that doesn’t stop me trying! I have loved shooting and beating for so long and I do like to take the opportunity to get out there and practise when I can.

This year, once again, I put my brave pants on and went off to this amazing event. I was still nervous, but I have been to several Bun Club events now, so I knew a little more about what to expect.

I have a slight confession, I don’t tend to plan my outfits days and days in advance. I attempt to be very practical in what I wear- even though this doesn’t always pay off. So I will often finalise my outfit actually on the day to ensure it reflects the weather or how I’m feeling. This can, at times, lead to that stressful disaster when you have your final strop and decide you can’t possibly attend any more!

So anyway, to start the day off in typical Lucinda style, I was about to leave the house, looked down at my shirt sleeve, and realised there were loads of pink patches all the way down the arm- your guess about this is as good as mine, all I can assume is maybe blusher but goodness knows how! (I can confirm the shirt has made a full recovery and is completely fine!!!). I also left the house without my wax jacket, to which I realised it was actually still quite heavily raining and I would definitely need to retrieve this! If this start isn’t classic me, I don’t know what is!

The outfit I went for was practical. I wore flat Fairfax and Favor Regina boots, coloured jeans, a white shirt, a Schoffel and the Sporting Hares cap, finished off with some subtle County Equestrian jewellery and a Morris Richardson watch.

Despite this somewhat staggered start, I set off on my way to the Hereford and Worcester Shooting Ground. The journey was around an hour so not too far away at all! Is anyone else the same as me and worries about the parking situation at a new place? I have to leave enough time to have a breakdown if there isn’t anywhere that I can park. Luckily, there was plenty of parking at the ground, so I didn’t have to worry about this, this time!!!

The Hereford and Worcester Shooting Ground is absolutely stunning! I get such a buzz going up these shooting ground driveways, the grounds are always so beautiful and immaculate, and it’s the build up to an exciting day ahead.

Emma, the host, was there to welcome us to the ground and we were greeted with coffee and warm cheese flapjack. Has anyone had this before? I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on it my whole life – it’s divine!!!

There is always an introduction and a welcome to the ground, also lots of time to get to know the other like minded ladies shooting on the day. I have met some really lovely people through the events, I have attended each previous event on my own so don’t let that put you off!

We had a quick group picture by the NLSD banner and then divided off into our groups. Our instructor was fantastic and the group of ladies in my group were hilarious. I am so pleased that I think I shot the best I ever have at a Bun Club event- so something was clearly going right. It is such a satisfying sport and it is honestly something I just wish I could do so much more of.

Following our fantastic time shooting, it was back to the clubhouse for tea and cake! Some of the lovely ladies had baked some yummy cakes for us all! It is always such a feast and you can’t help but do anything other than indulge in it all!

The day itself had some generous sponsors which also included a pool of prizes for a prize draw! Last year I had been lucky enough to win a couple of lessons, however, this year I wasn’t so lucky. Those who won their prizes will be over the moon, it was an amazing giveaway!

Off with our goodie bags in hand, we leave the ground at the end of another National Ladies Shooting Day. It is such an amazing event and the thought of ladies everywhere turning out to support the sport, fills me with such delight!

I really enjoy shooting with the bun club, they host events throughout the year at all different grounds. If you want to find out more about shooting with The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club, click here.

Next time we catch up, I will be sharing something very exciting with you!

See you soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘A wise girl knows her limits, but a smart girl knows she has none’ – Marilyn Monroe