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Race Day Ready? Easy & Simple Race Day Style – Steal, Spend & Splurge!

Racing outfits are something I am asked so frequently about, and I have so much exciting content coming surrounding race days, and everything to do with them. whilst I was planning on doing a race day style blog fairly early on into the new season, it dawned on me as I was speaking to friends and colleagues who are heading off to their first race meets, that whilst an aspirational wardrobe is certainly something to drool over, it isn’t always practical for those who may be attending a race day as a one off, or who are just starting out with race day style.

I appreciate that if you’re going to the races for the first time or as a one off, looking at lavish country clothing on endless models can seem daunting. The reality is, you’re probably not going to want to spend heaps of money on an outfit you may not wear again, and you will probably want to incorporate items that you may already own in your wardrobe.

Well, don’t worry Darlings! I’ve got you!

Whatever your budget, and whatever your usual style, I’m here to help with an easily replicated outfit. One that will probably already consist of items currently in your wardrobe, and I’ll also link anything you may need to top up, in a save, spend, splurge style.

National Hunt racing dress code is typically very different to flat racing. We are heading on into the winter season, it’s usually cold, wet and windy. You will see most people donning practical outfits, as opposed to the dresses, sky high heels and huge hats which are so often associated with the summer flat meets. Something I always say in my blogs, you must feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you could spend all the money in the world, but if you don’t feel happy in your outfit, what’s the point!!

I’ve put together 3 options for every item of clothing mentioned. Don’t forget, what you see on instagram or social media isn’t always reality, so when putting your outfit together, think practically.

Easy Race Day Style …

One of the easiest styles that you could put together for a race day is simply a pair of boots, jeans, a roll neck jumper, a coat and a hat. This is such a classic look, incredibly easy to replicate and an outfit that will never go out of style, not only that, every single element can be reworn, whatever your usual style.

You are able to spend as much or as little as you want on race day looks, whether you want a really luxurious outfit, or want to make the most out of what you currently have in your wardrobe, there is no right or wrong way to do things. I wear just as many high street brands to the races as I do country clothing brands, usually I find a balance between the two for most of may outfits.

Don’t forget one of the most important things when considering your outfit has to be the weather! Most racecourses have gravel, and many you will have to walk across grass. A warm coat and comfortable footwear will be imperative in having a good day – after all, who wants sore feet and cold, damp shoulders when you’ve been stood outside all day!


National Hunt racing in the A/W months is cold – a jumper is generally the best thing to wear under a coat or blazer, rather than a shirt or blouse. I would always opt for something roll neck or high neck because any additional covering is going to keep you that bit warmer, and you’ll be thankful for it as the afternoon sets in. I will often also wear a thermal layer under my jumpers for extra warmth. If you have a box, or plan to be inside all day, this is probably not needed. But if you have general admission, and want to watch the racing outside, any additional layer will really help.

Most of my roll neck jumpers come from high street stores such as Primark. In the winter months, your jacket is going to be more on show than your jumper, so I would mainly focus on warmth here instead of design!


You can pick up some really cheap knitwear from Primark which is perfect for wearing under jacket.
Pricing from around £6.


The little detailing with Joules clothes is what always sets them apart for me, from gorgeous prints to the detailing across the items. Check out the buttons on the Orianna Roll Neck Jumper, this is one of my favourite pieces!
Priced around £40 – £80.

Ginger and Jardine
This brand has some really gorgeous roll neck jumpers at a medium price point.
Pricing around £35 – £40.


Holland Cooper
The chunky knit cable knit jumpers are the dream. Slightly more pricey, but they are beautifully made and the hardware gives such a luxurious feel. The Holland Cooper knitwear that I have washes incredibly well and is definitely worth the money.
Pricing around £100 – £150.


I tend to opt for white jeans, as a personal preference, however, black or coloured jeans are also a great option, depending on what you feel most comfortable in. You probably already have a favourite pair of jeans in your wardrobe which you could team with your outfit. If you are wanting something new, there are multiple price points. I have regularly worn Primark jeans, I find these wash well and they fit me really well, but I am never too worried if they end up seeing a splash of Guinness. In terms of fit and quality, the Holland Cooper jodhpurs jeans really are out of this world – it all depends what you are looking for!


Primark or Supermarket
You can pick up white or black jeans on the high street or in a supermarket for a really good price.
Priced around £10 – £20.


The Joules Monroe skinny jeans are AMAZING! The fit is great, and they wash incredibly well. The black jeans are the only pair I have owned that haven’t gone grey!! The white pair are also suitably thick, so they aren’t see-through!
Priced around £50.


Holland Cooper
Despite the price tag, these are my favourite jeans, and once you have a pair, you probably won’t want to wear anything else. Super high waisted and flattering, these wash incredibly well and are worth every penny in my opinion.
Priced around £100.


I like to opt for a longer line coat for race day style, but this doesn’t mean to say a short coat or blazer is out of the question. Your jacket will make up the most of your outfit, so think if you want this to be a statement print or colour, or a more subtle design. Houndstooth or tartan are gorgeous if you want something stand out, as is a red coat. If you are wanting to get something subtle, or that will last in your wardrobe, I would opt for a camel or black colour.

A longer jacket, either knee length or below will look flattering, and help to keep you warm.


Primark have an amazing looking long line coat in at the moment in multiple colours, I think it’s called the Crombie coat. This is such an affordable option for a race day, and they look really nice – I have been tempted!
Priced at around £25.


Oxford blue
Rainy race day? Oxford Blue are here to help! Wax jacket galore, and so well priced. As I mentioned, National Hunt racing is in the cold and wet usually, and people dress practically! There are so many options to browse through on here!
Priced around £40 – £200.


Welligogs use ‘LUCINDA10’ for 10% off!
The Savannah or Balmoral would be my top picks as perfect racing attire!
Priced around £285 – £300


I say time and time again that you cannot go wrong in investing in good quality footwear. A little bit like the tyres for your car, your shoes are the thing in contact with the ground all day, and if they are uncomfortable, it is something really hard to look past when you’re on your feet all day. Choosing a suitable pair of boots for a race day may be tricky, especially if you don’t normally opt for boots, but high street stores will often have ankle boots which will be perfectly suitable for the day. I would try where possible to match your footwear to either your jeans or jacket.
Black jeans – black boots
Black jacket – black boots
Camel jacket – tan boots


If you are looking for something to get you started, or need an alternative, Primark always bring out a Chelsea boot each year. These would be perfect for getting you looking the part during the day!
Priced around £9 – £15.


Fairfax & Favor
F&F have an extensive ankle boot selection, perfect for getting you race day ready! My top pick would be the Ankle Regina if you are looking for an ankle boot, they are practical, comfortable and elegant!
Priced around £250.


Fairfax & Favor
Tall boots are a classic option, and of course, where else other than F&F to find the perfect pair. The classic Regina is an iconic staple, and is sure to be a showstopper on race day. Investing in footwear can seem daunting, but these boots are SO incredible, they are hardy and so long lasting – they are worth every penny.
Priced around £375.


In my opinion, a hat is always a good idea! It will help keep you dry, and if you’re anything like me, tame your hair from the elements. A fedora is a timeless piece to wear, and will last in your wardrobe for years to come. A/W race days can be really quite wet and windy and keeping your head and hair dry can made a big difference, it can also be a stylish way to finish your outfit off!


J&T Plumes and High Bird Designs

Fedoras don’t have to cost you the world, and they are hardy and last lasting. Why not opt for a brand with interchangeable feather pins, meaning you can keep switching up your look!
Priced around £35.


Hicks and Brown
If you’re wanting to style up even more for your race day look, why not opt for one of the classic Hicks and Brown fedoras, which are such a popular accessory, including being worn by Kate Middleton!
Priced around £97.


Holland cooper
Wanting to opt for luxury on race day? Why not opt for the beautiful Jessica Wool Hat.
Priced around £150.


Accessorising your race day outfit in the Winter can be a little more tricky. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can often get lost amongst the thick jumpers, long sleeves and hats. However, a great accessory to match to your outfit is a scarf. Whether that be something thick and cosy, or a beautiful silk scarf, this can be the perfect way to finish your look. A suitable bag is also crucial. Do check if the racecourse your going to has any bag size restrictions. I usually like to take something a little larger than a clutch, but not quite as big as my everyday handbag.


Whether you want to finish your race day look with a bag, scarf, gloves or sunglasses, Joules have all of the accessory essentials that you could require.
Prices will vary depending on accessory.


Clare Haggas
Why not opt for one of the Narrow or Classic scarves to add a pop of colourful country to your outfit!
Priced around £69 – £95.


Holland Cooper
Everything from Sunglasses to Scarves, whatever accessory you are looking for to complete your outfit, you can guarentee Holland Cooper has got the luxurious finale to your look!
Prices will vary depending on accessory.

This easy look is so simple to replicate, and on whatever budget.

I style this type of outfit for multiple occasions, so it’s not just a race day look. It is such an easily replicated outfit, and every element you should also be able to re-wear often.

I hope you found this blog useful! There is so much more racing content to come, so don’t forget to subscribe below if you want to keep up with the latest posts.

I can’t wait to see you next time my Darlings! 🤍

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

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– Alexander McQueen

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