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Make a Splash! Putting Your Best Foot Forward In The Holland Cooper Regency Wellingtons

From the very moment the preview of the brand new Regency Wellington Boots came up on Jade Holland Cooper’s Instagram, they became a talking point across Social Media. These are the first piece of footwear introduced into the Holland Cooper range, and they really have come in with a bang….

The story of Holland Cooper is a truly inspirational one, starting with just a small loan from family, and a few tweed skirts to sell at Badminton Horse Trials.

Holland Cooper was founded in 2008 by Jade Holland Cooper, who noticed a gap in the market for a business selling elegant but stylish tweed garments. With no luck in finding anything that fit the right description, Jade set about creating her own designs, and selling them. Taking just 30 hand made tweed skirts to Badminton Horse Trials, Jade knew the designs were hitting the spot when they all sold out.

Going from strength to strength, the entrepreneurial mindset of Jade put this Country brand above the rest. With everything from statement coats, to equestrian wear, made from fine silks and beautiful tweeds, everything about Holland Cooper is done right.

Instantly recognisable due to its iconic HC hard wear, and premium materials used, the Holland Cooper range oozes style, sophistication and luxury, with each piece created with the most outstanding detail, and quality in mind.

Holland Cooper’s incredible range now extends to full outfits, and suits every style from Town to Country, Day to Night. Stocked in Harrods, alongside its flagship and outlet stores, these pieces will have you coming back time and time again (and with a wish list longer than you could ever imagine)!

Whilst the brand currently boasts an array of clothing and accessories, as well as a full Equestrian line, Jade saw a gap for expansion into footwear. There is nothing more practical for the Country girl, than the perfect pair of wellies, and I have to say, I have fallen in love with these.

Let’s have a closer look …

The Features

I really love the features of these wellies, I think it is what makes them stand out from others on the market. These wellies look luxurious, and they definitely have that feel good factor about them.

My wardrobe relies on those feel good pieces, I think it is so important that the things you pull out to wear make you feel good. Practicality is also key in my wardrobe though, and as with many Country wardrobes, we need pieces that look stylish, but can also stand up the the job in hand.

The Regency Wellingtons come in two different finishes, there is a Matte Black, and a Black Croc – both are equally beautiful. I actually really struggled to pick between the two. I think the Croc look slightly more fashionable, whereas to me, the Matte Black are more classic looking.

The wellies are rubber design and 100% waterproof, with a full thermal sherpa lining. Comfort has been at the forefront whilst designing these wellies, with an adjustable side guesset, grip sole and soft rubber outer. They have also been designed to be easy clean, which is key on the practicality front!

The sherpa lining is unbelievable! This extends all the way down the wellies, right to your toes. This not only insulates your feet and lower leg, but also provides additional comfort. These really are like sliding into your favourite pair of slippers, and you won’t want to take them off. The sherpa lining doesn’t affect the sizing for the wellies, so you don’t need to size up because of this gorgeous fluffy lining.

Alongside the cosy, practical interior, these wellies are just as beautiful from the outside, oozing style and luxury from all angles. Featuring 17 iconic gold HC hard wear, these wellies scream classic Holland Cooper style. All hard wear has been treated, again, keeping it practical!

Not only do the wellies fit true to size, but with comfort at the forefront they have a few fit design features. The wellie hight sits at 41cm, which is designed to finish below the knee, with a side gusset which can be adjusted to perfect calf fitting, from 33 – 42cm.


100% waterproof
Full sherpa lining
Iconic Holland Cooper hardwear
Traction grip sole
True to size
Adjustable side gusset
Choice of 2 colourways
Sizes 4 – 8 (UK)

Want to see how the wellies arrive, and what they actually look like doing the work at the yard?! You can find my unboxing video here!

My Review

So, you know I said that I really wanted to try and test these out before writing any sort of view on them? That’s exactly what I have done! I will always write genuinely about the items on my blog, so I took the time to test these out in all of the scenarios that I would normally wear my wellies.

The first thing to note about my opinion of wellies, is support. I broke my ankle years back, but one of the things I have found that really triggers pain in my ankle with any footwear is a lack of support. These wellies, probably due to the sherpa lining, give the ankle some support, meaning they don’t gape too much around the ankles like some wellies do. any footwear where your ankle is rattling around inside is what really starts to hurt my ankle again, so this was a huge bonus for me. I also think when you are particularly active in a pair of wellies, e.g beating, dog walking, at the yard, you want that additional ankle and foot support. This for me is completely make or break for wellie practicality.

The warmth from these wellies is fantastic, I wasn’t joking when I said they are like slipping into a favourite pair of slippers. They are so cosy, so warm and really comfortable on your foot. So often in wellies you feel like you have to wear really bulky socks, or layer up several socks one on top of the other, whereas this lining eliminates any need for this. Also, because the warmth comes from the lining, you don’t get the horrid slipping sock situation that you get with so many boots when you end up layering socks…. name a worse feeling than your sock slipping- just horrid when you’re out and about!

My wellies spend most of their day covered in hay or mud. A part of me wondered if 1, I would even want to get them dirty, and 2, if they would still look as elegant and gorgeous as they do now, once they’ve had several fights with muddy fields and mucking out.

Due to this, my only, I suppose ‘concern’, with the wellies was the bottom buckle. I wondered if this would become so caked in mud that it would either be impossible to clean, or it would potentially clog and possibly even break. It turns out that this didn’t really need to be a ‘fear’, they have been absolutely fine so far. Some days I have sprayed them with water when I’ve finished to give them a quick clean, but most days they’ve been left alone, and I’ve had no issues at all!

As someone who wears wellies a lot, I was really keen to see if these were more of quiet dog walking wellie, stylish but not something you’d want to coat in mud, or something you can actually be wearing at the yard, knee deep in mud…. or worse! Well… I can only speak positively about my experience from these wellies so far. I love the design, I think they look stylish whilst actually performing practically. If you are looking for a wellie that you could throw on for all occasions, whether a casual walk, festival or daily yard attire, these wellies certainly have a rightful place on the wellie rack!

So, the biggest question is….. which colour are you going for?!

Back in stock – Friday 11th December.

Priced at £149.00 (Matte Black) – £169.00 (Black Croc).

Perfectly Paired with …

Oh goodness Darlings, I am just loving everything from Holland Cooper right now, and these wellies fit seamlessly into the style of their pieces at the moment. Here are some of my very favourite top picks:

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Thats all for now Darlings.

I am so so busy with blog writing at the moment, I have several projects on the go which are all going to be released in the upcoming weeks, so there is lots more content to come!

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Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘Let’s go walking in the rain…’

{please note I was sent these wellies to try. I was under no obligation to review them or write about them, nor has this post in any way been influenced by the brand. All thoughts are my own and I chose to write this review after a positive trial period. Information was correct at the time of publishing}