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Let’s Talk Limited Edition – The Fairfax & Favor Brancaster Sandal

Welcome back to another Fairfax & Favor blog. These are always such popular blog posts, and we all know exactly why that is!
Today’s blog is all about the Brancaster Sandals. I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of the limited edition Raspberry & Tan Brancasters which were released as part of the SS20 collection! These were a limited edition colorway, but the Brancasters are part of the core collection, and are available in several different colours

Let’s Talk Limited Edition…

Limited edition – is exactly what it says – limited. These items are not the typical mass produced core products available, but a specially created item, only produced in limited quantities, so once its gone, its gone. The only way to purchase these sold out items are then through a reseller, which can often mean prices can increase significantly from the original RRP. This then usually means these products are highly sought after, particularly by those who are regular buyers of a specific brand. It is not only an effective marketing strategy for a brand, but it enables consumers to invest in exclusive, highly demanded pieces.
The Fairfax & Favor limited edition pieces are no exception. With pieces such as the Jaguar range, and the Chelsea Flower Show Tassels, selling out in just minutes, Fairfax & Favor are no stranger to highly demanded limited edition products, that people will do literally anything to get their hands on.

The Brancaster Sandal Collection

Ready for the perfect sandal to walk straight into your life?
Welcome the Brancaster Sandal Collection …

Introduced into the Fairfax & Favor collection last year, the Brancaster Sandals are easily recognisable thanks to their iconic tassel to the rear zip, and their gold shield detailing. For any F&F superfan, these are an all-important Summer essential that you won’t want to be without.

The classic criss-cross design resembles that of the flat gladiator sandal, which has long been a classic, timeless Summer shoe. Flat sandals are so practical, so these are a great addition to your wardrobe, knowing you will be able to wear them regularly without a worry. The criss cross design also offers good support for the foot – something I have had to be conscious of since I broke my ankle.

Summer styling, and particularly choosing suitable footwear can be tricky, especially for the Country girl who lives in boots or wellies what seems like all year round. Finding a Summer shoe that you can fall in love with as much as your boots can be a challenge. The Brancaster Sandals are the answer to our prayers girls, these really do have us covered.


Padded insole for comfort
Gold shield logo detailing
Elegant but practical 2cm heel
Iconic F&F tassel detailing
6 amazing colour combinations

Advice on sizing: This product runs large, and generally people are sizing down by 1 size. I also did this. Please view the F&F size guide, found online, to ensure you order the correct size for you.

Unsure which colour would be best for you? Choosing a more subtle colour such as the tan, navy or khaki will match with almost all of your summer wardrobe styles, whilst the two tone, hair calf and raspberry sandals will add a real statement and talking point to your outfit.

There is also a BRAND NEW brown & white cowhide Brancaster launching today, keep an eye out for updates here.

Where can I buy the Brancaster Sandal?

You can buy online through the F&F website , at their store based in Holt, or through some of their stockists.

How much is the Brancaster Sandal?

Pricing from £135.00.
Limited edition/hide range from £135.00 – £155.00.

My Thoughts …

So you know we are all about honesty over here at CCL, so I won’t lie when I say that typically I am not a sandal wearer. I don’t know why, or what it is, but I just haven’t really found them any that appealing. I mean, typically I 100% live by the motto that there is nothing that you can’t do in a loafer. From the horses, to walking, to trips to the beach, if I am not in boots I will usually be rocking a loafer.

However, I remember the exact moment last year when the tan & navy Brancaster launched, I almost went into panic mode I was so excited. I knew it was out of my comfort zone to fall head over heels for a sandal, but there was also something about the style of the Brancaster in that colour combination that just completely stole my heart and resonated with my style.

The Brancaster is the perfect introduction to a sandal if you are new to styling them as part of your wardrobe, and well if you’re a regular wearer, I won’t even need to try and persuade you, you’ll already be sold. If you are a F&F fan through and through, you’ll be drawn to the iconic tassel on the back, and the shield logo on the front, as well as the classic and timeless colour-ways F&F are known for.

The impressive, luxury look of the Brancasters mean that not only do they suit more casual, beach or holiday styling, but they are also incredibly easy to dress up, whether that be for work, meeting friends or weekend adventures.

Just one thing I did find is that the sandals did rub a bit at the back. I honestly don’t think I can pinpoint why this is, and I don’t know if anyone else had similar issues. Most shoes seem to rub at some point, so I wouldn’t let this put you off, and it might have just been myself finding this, but worth being prepared the first couple of times you wear, just in case! I have had people asking if the straps at the side or inbetween the toes rub – I haven’t had a problem with that at all which is amazing as so many sandals with a toe post will rub and rub.

Ways to Wear …

I am continuously asked lots of questions about summer styling. It seems like so many of you, like myself, find autumn/winter styling so much easier, where you are able to layer up, and accessorise with big scarves, jackets and boots. I do agree that Summer styling can ofter be trickier. I tend to fall in love with dresses over the Summer, for me, they are generally cooler to wear, easier to style and take less time to plan – and you know we are all about easy outfits here at CCL.
I have fallen in love with the Brancaster for its easy styling, chic look, and the way it adds our favourite Fairfax & Favor branding to our Summer outfits. I usually add items to my wardrobe that can be styled with several different things. Contrary to what people may think, I rarely outfit plan, I am more of a throw together kind of girl, so I like things that have the ability to pair with a lot, and the Brancaster is no exception to this.
Below are some ideas for styling the Brancaster …

With … a Dress

I am the biggest fan of a summer dress, this would be my go to style for the warmer months. I really love the Joules Riviera Dresses , they are so simple and easy to style, they are an easy way to keep cool during the heat. The Brancaster sandals paired beautifully with these dresses for an easy and relaxed look.

For a more styled up look, it has to be a little white dress for me. If you are a regular to the blog, you’ll know that I think the LWD is a wardrobe essential, and they are just a key piece for easy Summer styling. The Brancaster sandals again pair beautifully with this type of dress, it is the perfect look for an evening meal, or brunch, where you may want to dress up a little more.

With … a Skirt

Following a Summer dress, a tweed skirt is another favourite go to summer essential of mine. My wardrobe is pretty much based around tweed jackets and skirts, I use them as a foundation for styling a lot of my looks, and tweed most definitely isn’t just for the A/W months.

Lighter colour tweeds are perfect for Summer styling with sandals. My current favourite is by Harris Rae Collection, I purchased this at the start of the summer and it has been worn so so much already. Tweeds with a light or pastel check through them will also work well with summer styling.

If you prefer a denim skirt, again, the Brancaster can pair really well with these. Compliment your outfit with a basic tee or bodysuit to allow the sandals to make a statement. The navy, khaki or tan Brancasters are perfect for denim looks.

The detailing on the sandals with their criss cross design stands out perfectly against shorter items of clothing such as dresses/skirts/playsuits.

With … Trousers

Whether you wanted to pair the Brancasters with smart work trousers, or casual weekend jeans, they are just as easy to style with trousers. Pair with a cropped or wide leg trouser for a Summery, relaxed look, or with skinny trousers for a more refined look.

If you are a regular to the blog, you’ll know just how I feel about white jeans – essential!! All colours of the Brancaster would look amazing with white jeans, they beauty of the white jean is that it gives you a blank canvas for accessorising with the rest of your outfit, especially if you want to inject some colour.

With … Shorts

I am not normally a shorts wearer, I struggle to find a style I really like, but recently I found a pair that I actually really like from Shein. They are cream, high waisted and such a light material, but they look slightly more formal than denim.

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts. The Brancasters will pair so perfectly with some denim shorts for an easy, casual style.

Pairing with shorts is the perfect Summery, beach look. Use neutral tones if you really want the sandals to pop in the outfit, and use accessorises in the same colour if you want to tie your whole outfit together.

With … a Playsuit

I am equally fond of the ease of a playsuit during the summer months. With a very similar benefit to a dress, a playsuit can just be ‘thrown on’ for an easy outfit to help keep you cool.

I have found the Brancasters to pair incredibly well with playsuits. Such an easy but elegant look. This is the perfect type of outfit for when you are away on holiday. Playsuits can often feel more practical if you are off on an adventure!

With … a Jumpsuit

I own a couple of different jumpsuits and I have spoken often about their ability to make an outfit look well thought out and planned, when in reality, it may have just been ‘thrown together’.

The Brancasters are ideal for pairing with a wide leg or cropped jumpsuit for a casual day time look.

Pair with a full length jumpsuit or something slightly more fitted for an easy evening outfit.

With endless ways to wear, the Brancaster really is a worthwhile investment footwear to take you from our English Summers to holidays abroad. The timeless elegance of the Brancaster means they will never go out of style, and their easy styling means you will continually reach for them, outfit after outfit – what’s not to love!!

Don’t forget that it is advised to spray suede products with a protector before wearing. I use Liquiproof to protect all of my F&F footwear.

P.S if you love limited edition F&F, the Henley in Tan & Raspberry is still available, shop here.

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I hope you have loved this blog, and enjoyed an insight into the Fairfax & Favor Brancaster Sandal.
See you soon.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Successful women still have their feet on the ground, they just have better shoes’

Oprah Winfrey

{Please be aware that I have a working relationship with Fairfax & Favor, and we have collaborated on the Brancaster Sandal. However, I am also a customer of Fairfax & Favor as well, and have been for many many years now. I was under no obligation to produce this blog, all thoughts are my honest and genuine opinion, and have not been influenced in any way by the brand}