How to make black jeans work in your wardrobe … styling for Spring!

Black Jean Baby πŸ–€

Darlings I can’t lie to you – I have always had a love-hate relationship with black jeans. Whilst I love their simplicity for styling (you’ll know I find blue denim the hardest if you’re a regular here!), but I have always hated how they seem to fit, and how easily they can loose their colour, no matter how much you seem to spend on them.

I searched high and low for a good pair of denim jeans, and it look me forever to finally find some pairs which I could trust. I now have a couple of brands which are my go-to, and I’m finally ready to share some secrets for styling black jeans successfully, especially when it comes to Spring styling.

Whilst some people will avoid black during the Spring/Summer months due to the colour being more likely to attract heat, you can still wear these, and make great outfits on those slightly cooler days! They certainly don’t need to be stashed away, and being such a versatile colour, they do make for really easy outfit styling, allowing you to pair with pretty much anything!

Opting for Spring like colours or accessories to complete your outfit, black jeans can still work beautifully during S/S styling. I am not one for locking away half my wardrobe when the seasons change. I think it is important to remember cost per wear and a capsule wardrobe when considering any purchases. Whilst there may be options better suited to one season or another – there are still items you can learn to style throughout.

Love Leggings …

This blog has been brought to you with a little help from Love Leggings. I was new to this brand until a couple of months ago, but I’ve been converted by their comfortable and stylish leggings. Love Leggings launched in 2019 with the goal of being ‘The home of leggings’. With leggings for all body types mastered, Love Leggings expanded their range to jeans and work trousers, with their sights on the brand becoming the home of comfort.

Featured in this blog:
Love Leggings Black Ankle Grazer Jeggings (Β£28)
Note: I sized up by one size in these.

I’ve been loving styling these easy to wear ankle grazers. The shorter length is perfect for adding a spring feel to outfits, whilst the belt loops help them to keep outfits smart and practical.

Find Love Leggings below:

πŸ–€ Style One πŸ–€

Outfit one is a really fun and easy way to style black jeans. I’ve used a mixture of double denim, monochrome and colour to bring an outfit to life.

More often than not, Spring still brings days with a bit of a chill, so don’t be too hasty in packing those lightweight roll necks away. Using light colours is an easy way to tie them into a Spring outfit, lightening and brightening the outfit, whilst still offering that little bit of extra warmth. This could also easily be swapped out for a round neck if you want something a little cooler on. Another staple in my wardrobe so far has been my Joules denim jacket – such an easy go to for days that don’t require a big coat – but still need that extra layer!!

Steal my style …

Denim Jacket | Joules
Roll Neck Jumper | Primark
Silk Scarf | Joules
Belt | Mackenzie & George
Jeans | Love Leggings
Loafers | Fairfax & Favor

πŸ–€ Style Two πŸ–€

Monochrome brings a much cooler feel to a Spring outfit, but on those cloudy, cooler days, it makes for an appropriate outfit choice. Spring is starting to dip a toe into those bright colours and pretty pastels, but keeping things classic doesn’t have to be bound to our A/W outfits.

These longer style Welligogs jackets are lightweight enough to enjoy all year round, and versatile enough to dress up or down. Adding a basket bag to the cool tones brings an element of Spring that this outfit wouldn’t normally have during the A/W months – bringing it right in line with the season.

Steal my style …

Jacket | Welligogs
Jumper | Primark
Jeans | Love Leggings
Loafers | Fairfax & Favor
Basket Bag | Henrietta Spencer

πŸ–€ Style Three πŸ–€

A poncho is a really easy style for Spring. A much lighter layer than a coat or jacket, a poncho offers some extra warmth for chilly and overcast days. I have used, again, a light and bright white roll neck to bring some lift to the outfit. Combining tan footwear and matching bag is another way to lift the colour of the outfit, and bring it through from A/W styling to S/S. For comparison, in A/W, you could team this look with black boots and a matching black bag – see how this would change up the same outfit, season to season.

Steal my style …

Poncho | Feathers Country
Roll Neck Jumper | Primark
Jeans | Love Leggings
Loafers | Fairfax & Favor
Saddle Bag | Salthouse England

Darlings, that’s all for now.

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I’ll see you in my next blog.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.”

~ Cameron Diaz

Please note I was gifted leggings and jeans through Love Leggings to try, however I was under no obligation to write this blog. Information was correct at the time of publishing. No affiliate links are included in this blog.

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