How to add white to your wardrobe, and how to make it work for you…

I’ve somewhat avoided this ‘controversial’ topic but my goodness have I taken some stick about it…..

Be you …

It baffles in that in 2021 we are STILL trying to tell people how to dress, or that you have to look a certain way to like or do something- just because that’s someone else’s opinion.

As a blogger, I am fortunate to be able to test and trial some new pieces to the market, but I was completely amazed when someone told me ‘you’ll be laughed off the field in those’. My initial thought was gosh what a horrible shoot they must be part of, one I would certainly never want to be involved with, but as I thought about it more, the comment really got under my skin, and got me thinking about the endless comments I am faced with regarding my style.

I have quite the love affair with white jeans and white dresses, but I have faced endless hassle when posting them, because apparently how could I actually enjoy the Countryside, or be a Country girl or Equestrian, because I wear them….. Are we not forgetting, competition breeches are white, showing coats for cattle are white. It all comes down to this crazy assumption making that we do online, that filling in the blanks. But we are trying to fill in someones whole life, based off a few pictures posted, which highlight the smallest moment of a whole 24 hours.

There have been times when I haven’t wanted to post a picture online at all, because I’ve thought, do people really not understand who I am, because I like this product, or item of clothing, or colour?!

I am not precious about my clothes. I wear tights around my dogs, if they ladder, they ladder. I wear white jeans outside, they get muddy – I wash them – I don’t care! I don’t tiptoe around in my clothing. But whilst I say that, I also own other clothes! I don’t constantly show me in wellies, riding clothes, leggings, muddy jumpers, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, just like when I don’t post every meal – it doesn’t mean I haven’t eaten. The funny thing is, the more people that make comments, the more I feel the need to retaliate with silly comments about how easy they are to wash or how you can wear them mucking out, because I just think these people commenting look mean. Whilst I always wear white with caution, me adding white into my wardrobe or outfits is absolutely no reflection of how much time I spend outside, how horsey I am, how many dogs I own, how good I am at shooting….. the list goes on! On my page I can post what I like, I can wear what I like, and I am just simply amazed how many people think they have the right to comment on it, without even knowing the facts, or actually anything about my life.

So on that note … let’s talk about the colour which gets so much attention on my page… WHITE! Is is the most practical colour in every situation, no of course not, but is it a colour which can be enjoyed in a country wardrobe …. yes.

The colour white …

Known for representing purity, certainty and simplicity, the colour white boasts a positive and empowering aura. Despite this, it is understandable that wearing white can seem an impossible task, and a venture not worth getting into.

White tends to have a bad reputation, with concerns about its practicality. It is undeniable that there are times when white is absolutely not appropriate, there will always be times that no matter how much you love wearing white, it just wouldn’t be appropriate. However, it is also an incredibly versatile, classic, easy colour to style, therefore if we can break down some of the barriers about how impractical it is, it gives you such an easy to style item in your wardrobe.

I haven’t always been the biggest cheerleader for white clothing, and there have been times where I have started to phase it out of my wardrobe. But, I do always seem to welcome it back in! More recently I have become much more confident with the colour, and have even braved all white outfits from time to time. Whilst this may be a little ‘extreme’, there are white items which can be added to your wardrobe, which will style well with anything else you are wanting to wear.

How to add white to your wardrobe …

Whilst I appreciate it isn’t a colour everyone will be rushing to add to their wardrobe, if it is something you are looking to try, then there are various different places that you could start. I understand it will just never be the colour for some people to try, and that’s ok to. Style is about finding what gives you confidence, and it is about enjoying what you wear, I just want to help with exploring that!


Let’s start with a classic. Most definitely considered a wardrobe essential for women by style experts, the white shirt is incredibly versatile and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Depending on your preferences, there is sure to be a white shirt suited to your style.

In the past I had always worried white shirts looked a little like school uniform or office wear, and I lacked confidence in pulling one off. I built up this confidence with white shirts which featured patterns (pheasant print for example), or featured a ruffle or detailing. I felt this gave the shirts a little more to them, and made them a little more wearer friendly, this would be a great place to start if you too have felt the same. I still prefer a shirt with a ruffle or detail to it now, but I have the classic white in my wardrobe as well, which I am confident enough to style, having built up from those other shirts first.

White shirts can be fitted or oversized. Fitted is great for every day wear, oversized linen shirts work really well for those warm summer days or holiday style.

My recommendations:
Alexia White Blouse by Ella and Cherry (£125.00, use Lucinda10 for 10% off)
Crystal White Shirt by Ella and Cherry (£49.00, use Lucinda10 for 10% off)


I know everyone says they aren’t practical, and I’m not claiming that they are suitable for a 3 hour long dog walk on wet day followed by play dough with 3 children, BUT, good stain remover does exist on the market now, and you can enjoy wearing white jeans under suitable circumstances. It is all about just accessing the situation, no they may not be practical for all occasions, but if you do want to try them, there will be some occasions where they would work!

If you like white jeans, my advice would be – buy them, wear them, enjoy them. You could spill your coffee or sit in something in your blue jeans too! The best thing about white jeans is that absolutely anything will pair with them, meaning you can reach for them for so many occasions, and not really have to think about your outfit. I really struggle to style blue denim, it doesn’t work as well with my wardrobe, and I find not everything I like goes as well with blue, therefore, I rely on white jeans to finish off a lot of my favourite outfits.

The main question I get with white jeans is the struggle with them being see-through. It is something which can be really tricky – so many pairs are and I personally would advice trying them on and returning anything that isn’t quite right – there are a lot of pairs out there to try and keeping ones which aren’t quite right won’t have you reaching for them. I will generally always wear seamless underwear with them, which you can pick up from most high street clothing stores (places like H&M, Primark, M&S will generally sell them). This generally eliminates any issues. My most worn pairs of jeans are linked below, and I have found both of these to be incredibly good quality, and not having any issues with the material.

My recommendations:
Jodhpur Jean by Holland Cooper (£99.00)
Monroe High Rise Stretch Skinny Jeans by Joules (£59.95)


Some people are obsessed with finding the perfect Little Black Dress, for me, its move over LBD, the LWD is what it’s all about. These are my go to summer staple.

I automatically reach for dresses in the Summer. They are easy to wear, take minimal effort, and are usually more comfortable on those really warm days. Some people easily reach for blue jeans for an every day look, I do the same with a white dress in the Summer. Again, there may be times when it isn’t appropriate, its to be taken on a case by case basis. BUT… if you’re looking for an easy to style piece, these are a go to.

I generally find my white dresses in normal high street stores or websites. I have spent years trying to find the perfect white dresses. Every year I seem to buy more and find a new favourite, but I am quite picky about what I like. Broderie anglaise dresses are my favourite type of style. These still keep a Country type of feel to them, and they look great paired with fedoras and boots – which is my style all over, and I don’t like changing that just because we head into another season!

My reccomendations:


Knitwear makes up some of the basic wardrobe staples. Chunky roll necks, ponchos and jumpers are essentials for every wardrobe, whatever your style. Unfortunately in the UK we have more cold weather than warm, so these pieces are likely to remain in your core wardrobe all year round, and get lots of wear!

I base lots of my outfits around a simple piece of knitwear, and white is a great neutral to have across all styles of knits. I am an advocate for the poncho, such a cheat piece for any wardrobe because you can layer excessively underneath them and no one knows! They also easily transform any outfit, so you can keep your whole outfit fairly simple, but styling one of these over the top will easily transform things! I love having chunky roll necks in my wardrobe for the winter months. White looks really classic styled under tweed jackets, warm and cosy – whilst still looking effortlessly elegant!

My recommendations:
Classic Button Cashmere Poncho by Pink Avocet (£65.00, use lucinda15 for 15% off)
Sloppy Joe Cashmere Jersey by Pink Avocet (£85.00, use lucinda15 for 15% off)


Every wardrobe needs basics tops and tees, and my basics generally consist of roll necks, blouses and body suits. I love bodysuits because they just sit a little nicer under your trousers. There is nothing worse than jumper or tops bunching where you have tried to tuck them in, not only is it uncomfortable, it can create a messy line to your outfit. Whilst they are not always the easiest piece , they are generally more comfortable and style a little nicer.

Keeping a range of neutral tops in your wardrobe just gives you access to an easy to style foundation piece to build any outfit from. I love teaming simple white tops with tweed skirts or coloured jeans to create a simple but effective outfit. Blouses can be really flattering and if you want something a little different, I always give Shein a go (there are so many options, so if you are getting to know your style or aren’t sure what you like, but want something a little different, its a great place to start.

My recommendations:
Jazz Jersey White by Ella and Cherry (£79.00, use Lucinda10 for 10% off)

Ways to wear and style …

Need some inspo? Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve put together a handful of outfits below, which show you different ways to style white with your wardrobe.

Keep it Classic … 💙

Compliment white with Tan or Navy for a really elegant, classic look. So easy to style and put together, but produces a chic polished finish.

Steal my style: Dress by H&M, Over the Knee Boots/Sandals by Fairfax & Favor, Tan Belt by Holland Cooper Clothing, Navy Belt by Mackenzie & George, Tan Bag by Salthouse England, Navy Bag by Crested & Country.

Animal Print … 🐆

Animal print can be such fun to play with. It can add a subtle statement to your outfit through matching accessories.

Steal my style: Belt/Purse by Hicks & Hides, Fedora by High Bird Designs, Dress by Primark, Sandals by Holland Cooper.

Spring Fling … 🌿

Adding in muted, complimentary colours such as chocolate and green, is a really easy way to create an understated look.

Steal my style: Gilet by Fortescue England, Blouse by Shein, Jeans by Holland Cooper, Boots by Fairfax & Favor.

Bold is Best … 💥

I love statement, stand out colours. Adding brights into your wardrobe can feel a little daunting, but starting with accessories to create a subtle statement is a great way to start adding bolder colours into your wardrobe.

Steal my style: Fedora by Welligogs, Shirt by Ella & Cherry, Belt by Fairfax & Favor, Jeans by Holland Cooper, Loafers by House of Bruar.

Twist of Tweed … 🧥

Steal my style: Shirt by Dubarry, Skirt by Harris Rae, Boots by Fairfax & Favor.

Whilst I shouldn’t ever have to defend my style or what I choose to wear, I do pick my outfits with common sense in mind, and my country clothing posts within my blog are generally aimed at the times when you want something to wear out to dinner with friends – not what to put on every morning at 6am to muck out.

I hope this blog may have inspired some people to dig out their white shirts or jeans and give them a go again. If not, I just hope you enjoyed reading. I am so passionate about what I write about – and I just love sharing posts through my blog.

Blog uploads have been a little bit all over the place, but we are heading back to more regular uploads again now. You can subscribe below if you don’t want to miss out, I don’t currently work to a set upload date! I have been working really hard on the upcoming posts and content, I have had a huge setback over the last month or so, being severely let down, it has been tricky to get content out because of this. I hope for things to be back on track now!

See you soon Darlings,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Don’t be like the rest of them Darling’

Coco Chanel

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