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Get The Look – The easiest A/W outfit to put together!

Where there is tweed, there is love!

It’s funny when people ask me about clothes and outfits, they assume I spend hours outfit planning and thinking up ideas of what would look good together. In reality, I never outfit plan, and I generally throw something together the morning of an event, or day out – to suit the weather and how I feel.

The trick to being able to do this? To have ultra versatile clothing in your wardrobe. Clothing which is incredibly easy to mix and match. Don’t get me wrong, I have as many meltdowns over outfits as the next person, some days nothing looks right, I get that too. BUT, having the right clothing in your wardrobe to begin with…. helps!

I want to share with you THE EASIEST outfit to put together during the A/W months. This look will suit everyone, and is so easy to put together. This is a style that I always go for, time and time again!.

Intrigued? Lets have a look!

Fedora Hat

An A/W essential.

I am absolutely obsessed with fedora hats, they are the perfect addition to any outfit. I remember many years ago when I first decided that I wanted a Fedora hat, I had a picture of the exact hat that I wanted, it was from Hicks & Brown, and I went off to find them at Burghley Horse Trials, to try it on. Of course, I ended up coming away with that very hat!

Since that moment, I have been head over heels in love with hats, and I find them really easy to style with any outfit. I use them as a bit of a cheat for my hair. My hair is quite fine but heavy, and it is very straight naturally, with absolutely texture. Due to this, I find it really hard to get volume at my roots, which means when I am out all day, my hair just goes incredibly flat! A hat hides all of this, therefore, will often be reached for, for this very reason.

Hats are perfect if it is a windy day or there is the potential for showers, or if it’s a sunny hot day – meaning they are a perfect addition to your wardrobe all year round.

If you don’t think you’re at hat person, my best advice is to head to a show or event where you are able to see lots of styles and colours, and try them on. Wider brimmed hats have a completely different look to standard or short, as do hats made from different materials, and different shapes and colours. If you are new to hats, sticking to neutral colours will help you to be able to pair your hat with everything. This is the most perfect addition to all of your A/W outfits.

This Hicks & Brown hat is a new launch and I was instantly drawn to it. I was looking for a wider brimmed hat for a while but I knew exactly what I wanted, and when this was released, it just ticked all the boxes for me. It is ultra elegant, and the neutral colour matches everything. This pairs with my whole wardrobe, and is such an easy to throw on accessory.

Featured in this blog: The Oxley Fedora in Pebble by Hicks & Brown.

Chunky Knits

Chunky and cable knit.

Finding the perfect jumper can sometimes be a little tricky. I like them long enough to tuck in if I wish, but I don’t tend to like anything that is too long. I also like some of my jumpers to be lose enough to layer underneath. If I am going to the races for example, I need something that can fit several other layers underneath – no one wants to be cold if you’re stood outside all day!

Over time I have managed to find some jumpers which are thick and chunky, but still stylish and easy enough to be dressed up. I don’t tend to wear oversized clothes, so finding a lose jumper, which isn’t too casual is what I have to try and find. I love cable knit jumpers. they are a classic design and they look amazing as part of a Country wardrobe.

I have most of my jumpers in really easy, staple colours. These would be colours like black, navy, cream, khaki and burgundy. Choosing these sorts of colours means you will easily be able to pair with everything. I will spend a little more on jumpers in these colours, as I know they will pair with everything – decreasing that cost per wear that I so often talk about!

I just love this Holland Cooper jumper. Its a great length, it can be tucked in easily, but it still looks amazing untucked. In true HC style, it features the gorgeous gold hardware which not only looks luxurious, but is instantly recognisable. This jumper was a little more pricey than my other jumpers, but it receives a massive thumbs up from me!

Featured in this blog: The Portland Chunky Cable Jumper in Oyster by Holland Cooper

Saddle Bag

The key to finishing off the perfect outfit? The perfect bag!

There is no such thing as too many bags, right?! I am SO guilty of owning a bag for absolutely every possible occasion. It’s an issue! BUT…. you don’t need to have this many bags – what you really need is a bag which is versatile across your whole wardrobe!

Choosing a good quality material is a must! Bags end up on the floor, thrown around, touching all sorts of surfaces. You NEED something that can withstand this if you want something that you can keep in your wardrobe year on year. So many are desperately trying to move away from fast fashion, so choosing a good quality material from a brand with a good reputation will help you prevent just throwing away because the items is looking tatty.

Often with better quality materials, will come a slightly higher price tag. If this is an accessory that you are going to be able to keep year on year, which will be versatile across many outfits in your wardrobe, then spending a bit more is worth it. Buying cheaper, poorer quality items, often means they will just need replacing sooner, which in term means money often isn’t saved, despite maybe initially thinking so. Choosing good quality leather bags is my go to. Leather will last, it’s timeless, and it can easily be cleaned and maintained. Opting for a simple neutral colour will allow you to add your bag as an accessory to any outfit.

The Saddle Bag is such a classic design. It is striking, beautiful and I love a subtle equestrian hint added to my outfits. This type of bag is timeless and will never go out of fashion. The design isn’t too bulky, and is practical for all of the essentials you need for an Autumn day out.

You may have seen I have a slight Salthouse England addiction. The quality of their products is amazing, and everything released is timeless and elegant. They always release neutral tones as well as some brighter colours, so you are able to find something exactly to your taste. Their new Saddle Bags have really stolen my heart – they go with everything!

Featured in this blog: Floriana Saddle Bag in Stone & Cocoa by Salthouse England.

Tweed Skirt

Tweed all about it!

Finding a really versatile skirt is a great way to create endless outfit options from your wardrobe. I personally think you can’t go wrong with a subtle herringbone skirt. If you opt for a simple, neutral colour again, you will be able to pair this with absolutely everything else in your wardrobe.

Tweed skirts make up such a huge part of my wardrobe, and whilst they look great in the Sumer, they can really come alive during the A/W seasons when paired with boots and chunky knits or layers. Every Country Wardrobe should own one, and if you are looking for something versatile for all types of outfit ideas, going for a neutral herringbone is a really great choice.

Since purchasing this Harris Rae skirt, I have worn it SO much. It seems to be the first skirt I reach for at the moment, as I know the neutral colour is guaranteed to match any top I pull out of my wardrobe! It is so well made, and completely timeless, definitely money very well spent!

Featured in this blog: The Broadway Skirt in Oatmeal by Harris Rae.

Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee elegance.

I love over the knee boots. I think these look particularly elegant, they match with all outfits, so whether you love to style jeans, skirts, dresses.. these are such a versatile piece of footwear.

Boots are commonly associated with A/W outfits over S/S outfits. I personally wear them all year round, but I think they look so cosy paired with layered Winter looks.There are so many different styles of over the knee boots available, so there is something that will suit everyones style.

Chocolate or tan boots will go with pretty much everything to create the perfect A/W look. I love chocolate for the Winter months, I think the darker colour looks great with these outfits.

I love the different style of these Welligogs boots. The mixture of suede and leather is really striking, and I love the buckle strap detailing at the back. These boots are so comfortable and easy to wear, and they look great with whatever outfit I pair them with, meaning I reach for them time and time again!

Featured in this blog: The Megara Over-the-Knee Leather and Suede Boots by Welligogs.

I am always asked how to style outfits, or how to create a great outfit. I think this is one of the easiest looks to put together! Each of these pieces featured are really versatile, and can be paired with the whole of the rest of your wardrobe, but they also create the ultimate A/W outfit when paired together.
I hope you’ve found it useful, and love it too!

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See you soon Darlings!

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’


{Please note that I do work/have worked with Hicks & Brown, Salthouse England and Welligogs. None of the links in this blog are affiliate links. All information was correct at the time of publishing.}

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