Get ready with me…. Disneyland and Paris Easter Break! What I wore, what we did, and how to pack outfits on a budget!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney

This blog is a little later than expected, as I’ve had a lot going on. But finally, it is going up!
Over the Easter weekend, we had planned a little trip across to Disneyland Paris. We went Thursday through to Monday, doing 3 days at Disneyland and then 2 days in Paris. I took a hold suitcase with 15kg of luggage for the 5 days. It wasn’t really known what the weather would be like, so it was trying to pack for all eventualities on this trip.

Below you can see an outline of how we spent the day, and what outfits I took with me. I did max out my luggage, so I pretty much only packed the things I wore below. I hope you enjoy this blog x

Day One – Flight and Disneyland

We caught a 7am flight from Bristol airport, which landed in Paris around 10am. We had some delays once we got to Charles de Galle, so it was around 12 noon when we got to Disney, which was pretty much what we had scheduled for. From Charles de Gaulle airport, it is one short train journey (1 stop) to Marne-la-Vallée, which is the train station directly outside Disneyland Paris.

Although the flight is short, I wanted something comfortable, which would then work for going straight into the park. we left out luggage at the hold luggage location at the entrance to Disney, so we could spend the full day at the parks, and then collect out luggage and check into our hotel at the end of the day once the park closed.

We spent the day in the main Disney park, ate at the Captain Jacks restaurant (which I would 100% recommend, as this is the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride), and then watched the fireworks. We did stay until park close, then collected our luggage and hopped on the train, to our hotel which was located at Val D’Europe, which is one stop on the train.

My outfit was definitely comfortable and casual for day one. I picked up these high waisted leggings from Shein, and not only were they super comfortable, they were not see through, so these ended up coming on the trip! I then just went for a simple 1/4 zip and gilet combination, this is just easy, and it is helpful to have layers at the park. I did take a jacket with me, which I did end up carrying around quite a lot, but it was definitely needed by the end of the day! I always opt for the Fairfax & Favor trainers on park days, they are really comfortable, and still look great!

Outfit details:

Pink Ears | Official Disney Ears (purchased at Animal Kingdom, Florida)
1/4 Zip | Schoffel Country
Fleece Gilet | Holland Cooper Clothing (Shop here)
Black Leggings | Shein
Trainers | Fairfax & Favor
Jacket | Joules
Sunglasses | Shein
Backpack | Primark

Day Two – Disneyland

Day 2 was a full Disney day. We started the day at Walt Disney Studios park, and then made our way over into the main park for the early afternoon. We caught the performance of the Lion King at the Frontierland Theatre, followed by an afternoon of meeting characters and going on rides. We did actually go back over to the Walt Disney Studios park at the very end of the day, to see it in the dark, before heading to Billy Bob’s, the Western themed all you can eats Tex Mex. The table here was booked for 8pm, which is in line with the park close time at the Walt Disney Studios.

I wanted to make my outfit a little bit Western, given we were eating at Billy Bob’s! I opted for this little white dress which I have had for a little while now, it’s from Shein. If you are going to wear a dress to the parks, I would advise something floaty, and also wearing shorts underneath, so that you are still able to go on any of the rides you want with ease. I paired this with a black denim jacket and some black cowboy boots.

Outfit details:

Gold & Black Ears | Primark
White Dress | Shein
Black Denim Jacket | Shein
Black Cowboy Boots | Fairfax & Favor
Backpark | Primark

Day Three – Disneyland and evening in Paris

Day 3 was split between Disneyland parks and heading into Paris. We checked out of our hotel, but left the luggage there for the day, as we would be passing the Val D’Europe station when going into Paris later, so we would be able to stop off to get our luggage then. We left Disney at about 5pm, to get the train to collect our luggage, and then on into our new hotel in Paris.

I had searched high and low for these black/white/red ears from Primark, and was lucky enough to find the last pair in a store. Primark is a great place to book for budget friendly Disney outfits and accessories. The ears in the parks range upwards of around 25 euros, in Primark, my ears were £6, so if you’re looking for a way to save before your trip, this is a great place to start.

To go with my ears, I found this black and white stripe top from Shein, which has little red hearts on, which I felt was very apt for Paris! I again went for my denim jacket as a layer, and then a pair of jeans and my trainers. As we left Disney to go into Paris that evening, I then had a seperate outfit for dinner that night. I opted for a simple black jumpsuit, my new heels from Fairfax & Favor, and finished off with the gorgeous Ada cape over the top.

Day outfit details:

Black/White/Red Disney ears | Primark
Black/White Stripe Top | Shein
Black Jeans | Shein
Black Denim Jacket | Shein
Trainers | Fairfax & Favor
Belt | Fairfax & Favor

Evening outfit details:

Jumpsuit | Shein
Cape | Fairfax & Favor
Heels | Fairfax & Favor
Bag | Salthouse England (Use ‘Lucinda10’ online for discount)

Day Four – Day and evening in Paris

Our first full day in Paris. We have both been before, and done all of the ‘touristy’ bits, however, neither of us have actually climbed the Eiffel Tower, so this was on the agenda for the day. We then spent the day walking around enjoying the sights, food and drink that Paris has to offer, before heading back for a change of outfit, ready for dinner.

For the day, I opted for Gossip Girl/Clueless vibes in a little houndstooth dress, this was paired with a beret and comfortable shoes for walking all day. For the evening, I wore my Fairfax & Favor heels, a glitzy black dress, and a fur wrap.

Day outfit details:

Cape | Fairfax & Favor
Houndstooth Blazer Dress | Shein
White Roll Neck | Primark
Beret | Primark Loafers
Loafers | Fairfax & Favor

Evening outfit details:

Tassel Dress | Shein
Fur Wrap | Etton Taylor
Heels | Fairfax & Favor

Day Five – Day in Paris and flight

Our final day in Paris, and this was again mainly spend enjoying the streets and all that the architecture has to offer, as well as enjoying the very best of the cafes! As this was also the travel day, comfortable clothing was opted for!

I went for another simple 1/4 zip as these are great for travelling as well as every day wear. I wanted to tie this in more with the Parisian vibe, so I tied a silk scarf in a bow and teamed with a beret. I then just opted for easy jeans and trainers for convenience. I took my classic Tan tranch coat with me to complete the look, which is a great wardrobe essential!

Outfit details:

Beret | Purchased from a stall in Paris
1/4 Zip | Holland Cooper Clothing (Shop here)
Trench Coat | Welligogs (Use ‘Lucinda10’ online for discount)
Silk Scarf | Clare Haggas
Navy Jeans | Shein
Belt | Fig & Twig (Use ‘Lucinda10’ online for discount)
Trainers | Fairfax & Favor

You’ll have seen that throughout this blog, I used a mixture of budget friendly and luxury items to create my outfits. Buying basics and staples at an affordable price is a really great way to build your capsule wardrobe, then I use jackets, bags and footwear from luxury brands to take my outfits up a notch. This is a really simple tip if you want to dress chic but on a budget!

That’s all for now my Darlings!

My next blog is not too far away, so stay tuned!

Lots of love, Lucinda xoxo

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

– Walt Disney

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