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Dressing for a Girlie Weekend! Steal My Style – Horse Trials, Steak Night and Sunday Brunch …

Where is time disappearing off to at the moment?! I seem to blink and it’s a whole new month!

I hope you’ve been having a lovely Summer – isn’t it weird not really having a Summer holiday to plan for (if you normally go away!) I have to admit, I have been continually hoping to be able to get back on a plane, but with the restrictions abroad still changing last minute, it feels like too much of a risk at the moment. I do hope it won’t be too long until we can venture a little further afield again though.

With more staycations than ever planned this year, I thought I would share with you a lovely little weekend I had this weekend. I wore some really easy to put together outfits, which may give you a little inspiration for your own weekend plans or staycations.

On Saturday we had a full day planned at Hartpury Horse Trials, followed by a cocktails and steak night at the gorgeous 131 in Cheltenham. On Sunday, we had a lazy brunch, followed by a walk around the shops.

Shop my weekend styles below…

🐎 Horse Trials 🐎

My absolute favourite thing to do on my days off. Spoken like a true horsey girl, I can’t ever have enough and if all day every day, every activity can be horsey, best believe it will be. Hartpury is based locally to me, and I used to work there organising the International Equine Events – so this event really is heading home for me. With so many of the horse trials cancelled yet again this year, heading out is more special than ever.

Dressing for a horse trials should be easy and fun. The most important thing here is of course …. practicality. Depending on what day of the horse trials you go, may depend on a change or tweak to your outfit. We attended on the Saturday, which with most HT events, is Cross Country day. I can’t stress enough the most important thing is obvious, but so easy to get wrong …. FOOTWEAR! Comfortable footwear is key if you’re planning on walking the course – shoes rubbing will ruin any day – so plan well!

I would normally opt for either boots or wellies if it is cold or wet, or comfortable loafers or deck shoes if it is warm. If you choose something with a rubber sole, these are likely to be a little more comfortable on your foot. If there is going to be a chance of rain, I would definitely go for a wellies option.

In terms of your outfit, there is nothing which is set in stone, so you really can wear what you like. Schoffels or similar fleece gilets will always be a popular choice for their practicality and style, whilst you can go wrong with a tweed or wax jacket if it is cooler or wet. I would generally choose jeans – I love my white jeans, but if you prefer a little less spillage risk, try black or blue.

Often you will be walking round so carrying as little as possible is always on my mind. I will typically opt for a shoulder bags to free up my hands, and take lightweight layers that I can fold into my bag to again prevent having to carry any bulky items round.

I nearly always choose to add some sort of fedora, it is the best thing for my hair – keeps it under control and stops it looking knotty and messy – but it also offers additional protection in the rain!

Overall – you really can wear what you like to these events. There are no rules! Just make sure you have comfortable footwear on, and if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking and the weather is nice, to utilise layers.

Style my style:

Fedora – Hayfield
Sleeveless Rollneck – Eton Taylor
Gilet – Schoffel
Haircalf Belt – Fairfax & Favor
Jeans – Holland Cooper Clothing
Boots – Fairfax & Favor
Handbag – Bethany Rae

πŸ₯‚ Steak Night & Cocktails πŸ₯‚

Following a gorgeous day out on the Cross Country course at Hartpury, we headed back to get ready for a night of indulging in fabulous food and drink!

Honestly, with this outfit, I thought this jumpsuit was a huge risk. I had sent the picture to a couple of my friends in advance of ordering it, and had a very mixed response. To be honest, I too could see it going very wrong, but something in me wanted to risk it and give it a go. I paid the extortionate next day delivery costs in order to receive in time, only for it to arrive and be too big! Instead of accept my fate … what did I do… order again on another next day delivery charge. There wasn’t actually a huge amount in the sizing between the two orders, but the replacement did fit slightly better. It will definitely need some tailoring in the future, but when it arrived on Saturday afternoon and you’re going out Saturday evening, we had little time to play with! Thankfully my girls had my back and put a stitch or two in the jumpsuit for me to get me by!

Jumpsuit on, and I picked some classic nude heels, and a colour pop through my clutch to complete the look. I actually loved how this jumpsuit turned out in the end. It looked classy and elegant – it’s perfect to switch things up instead of wearing a dress. I love trying out something different and taking a risk out of my own comfort zone, and I always hope my blog encourages you to do the same too!

We headed to 131 in Cheltenham for a steak night and cocktails, if you haven’t been here, I can’t recommend this place highly enough – the service was incredible, and the food and drink was out of this world. You HAVE to try the candy floss gins if you go – are these not the most instagramable drinks!

Style my style:

Jumpsuit – Pretty Little Thing
Heels – New Look
Clutch Bag – Salthouse England
Equestrian Jewellery – The Silver Stable

πŸ₯ Sunday Brunch πŸ₯

We couldn’t resist booking a table back at 131 for Sunday Brunch the next day. I knew I wanted something pretty to wear, but still easy. I am, and will always, be a bit of a cheat with my outfits. I always try to find clothes that look like I have made a lot of effort – but in reality have just thrown on, on the day, with very little planning.

I hadn’t been sure about this Shein dress when I first ordered it. I really wanted to love it, but I just wasn’t sure just how much I did initially. When it finally came to crunch time for returning, I decided to keep it and I am so glad I did. It’s such a pretty little dress, and how it sits and falls is so elegant.

Brunch is such a great meal to dress for, because pretty much anything goes. Want to dress up? Then YES GIRL, you go for it! Want to dress down and go casual? Then YES GIRL, you go for it!

I couldnt decide on shoes for this dress, but I think the Raspberry wedges actually really complimented the look, paired with a simple nude saddle bag. Brunch is a great opportunity to dress up a little more if you want too – without having to go ‘out out’. This outfit transitioned perfectly from brunch to a little look round the shops. This style is so easy to replicate from your own wardrobes too!

Style my style:

Floral Dress – Shein
Equestrian Jewellery – The Silver Stable
Saddle Bag – Salthouse England
Wedges – Fairfax & Favor (raspberry no longer available)

So there we have it – 3 simple outfits you could replicate for your own weekend plans.
Never be afraid to try outfits out of your comfort zone, or something a little different – it may just pay off!
I have linked as many items as possible if you want to shop any of my styles!

I have a brand new blog launching on Friday, along with a special treat lined up for my followers, so be sure to check it out.
I’ll see you then 🀍

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘But first …. brunch!’

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