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CCL Diaries – 9 – Big Shoot Day, Blenheim Horse Trials, Cornwall Birthday & Heading into Autumn

Wow, it’s been another really busy couple of weeks here! I seem to have been constantly bouncing from one thing, to another. Between work and my plans, I’ve been quite literally travelling the Country, as busy as could be.

It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to put together one of my chatty CCL Diaries, but with a few fun things which have happened over the past weeks, what better time than now to catch up! From brand shoots to Blenheim to birthdays, you can find out everything below!

Big Shoot Day … 📸

I love every part of shoot days, from the preparation, to the actual day itself. It is something I am pretty familiar and comfortable with now, and it’s something that I really really enjoy. Whilst there is always pressure on the day to get everything needed, it’s something I just thrive off.

I had an important shoot day recently, organising a shoot for a brand I work closely with, for the launch of their new A/W products. If you follow my social media, you may have now seen some of the images starting to come through! I am so so proud of everything that was put together, and the final results. There is such a feeling of accomplishment at the end, when everything is completed and you get to enjoy the finished result. Putting together shoots like this from start to finish is something I absolutely adore! It’s been keeping me busy for quite a while, but I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Have a little sneaky look at some of the pictures below, but head over to my social medias to see some more of the images in action! (@countryclassiclucinda)

Blenheim Horse Trials … 🐴

I can’t even describe how pleased I am that this event was able to still go ahead! We’ve lost so much again this year, and the few shows we have had have been so precious. I love nothing more than a horse trials (you can read about my visit to Hartpury Horse Trials here), it is something I am so passionate about. My University Degree and Masters were based around performance of the elite athlete, so these events are not just a fun day out, but I thrive off watching and keeping up with elite sport. Blenheim and The Jockey Club did the most incredible job of this event, and pulling through this year given all of the circumstances, what a huge achievement.

I headed to Blenheim on the Thursday, which is the first day of Dressage, curtsey of Pol Roger. Not only were we spoiled with tickets for the event, but were also treated to their gorgeous champagne at The Lodge, which is their beautiful set up at the event. It was amazing to just enjoy the day, catch up with friends, and enjoy finally being back out and about again!

I love picking out my outfits for these kind of events, as you probably know! I rarely ever plan too far ahead – you never know what the weather will be like on the day- but there were definitely a couple of things that I really wanted to wear to Blenheim! Bethany Rae have just launched their line of Zut London suede and leather pieces, which they showcased for the first time at Blenheim. I was so excited to catch up with Bethany who owns the brand, and chat all things new products! I have met so many amazing small businesses through blogging, and I just love the drive and ambition that comes from these business owners.

The Bethany Rae stand was done as beautifully as ever, and the new Zut London lines took centre stage for the launch, looking absolutely fabulous and almost selling out completely!

I have fallen head over heels in love with my Suede and leather cape from Zut London, which is one of the lines Bethany now stocks, so I knew this would 100% be the starting point to my outfit. The weather was then pretty warm, so I went for a classic combination of a fedora, white jeans and tan boots. If you loved my style, you can shop the look below! Everything is currently hyperlinked so that if you want to head straight to the websites for a closer look, you can!

Steal my Blenheim Horse Trials Style:
Twilly – Clare Haggas Fine Art
Fedora Hat – Joules

Blouse – Shein
Cape – Zut London / Bethany Rae
Jeans – Holland Cooper Clothing
Boots – Fairfax & Favor
Bag – Joules

Cornwall … 🌊

I missed the rest of Blenheim due to heading down to Cornwall to celebrate one of my Uni friends 30th birthday! Having not really been anywhere over the last year, the thought of getting away for a few days to celebrate felt heavenly.

I’ve been to Cornwall a couple of times before, and loved it, but I haven’t spent huge amounts of time down there, so I was excited to be able to explore another new area. We headed to the Polzeath and Padstow area, and alongside drinks, games and fancy dress, there was lots of exploring and beautiful views to soak up! I can’t believe how lucky we are to have these stunning views in the UK. I know how gutted we all are that travel further afield hasn’t been possible, especially if friends, family and loved ones are based over in a different country, but with more people enjoying staycations than ever before, it’s given us a real chance to bask in the beauty we do have on our doorsteps!

Heading into Autumn … 🍁

I love this time of year, there is so much to look forward to! Whilst I desperately wish I had something suitable to go hunting on, I won’t let this dampen my spirits too much, there is still so much to look forward to.

We of course have both HOYS and Olympia coming up in the next few months, and something that needs no introduction over on this blog… NH racing is really going to start kicking off again now!

With shooting, hunting, winter shows and racing all just days away now, I am feeling positive and looking forward to a fun winter. Along with all of this, we also get to change up our wardrobes to reflect cosy clothing.

If you’re not sure where to start, but you’re looking for some perfectly cosy knits and wardrobe essentials, I can help! Ponchos/Capes are some of my favourite items to style for the transitional days as we head into the cooler weather. They are so easy to layer up underneath, and you don’t get the bulky feel that you sometimes get with a jacket or coat.

I’ve pulled together a couple of my favourite capes ready for cosy days, and put them in a handy list for you below. All the products are linked below, simply click on the name of the product to view more ☺️

My top picks:
Long Cashmere Wrap (Unisex) – Pink Avocet – ‘Lucinda15 (15% off!)
Classic Button Cashmere Poncho – Pink Avocet – ‘Lucinda15 (15% off!)
Polo Poncho – Pink Avocet – ‘Lucinda15 (15% off!)
Sloppy Joe Cashmere Jersey- Pink Avocet – ‘Lucinda15 (15% off!)
Faux Fur Collar Poncho Asymmetrical – Ella & Cherry – ‘Lucinda10’ (10% off!)
Zoe Zip Poncho – Ella & Cherry – ‘Lucinda10’ (10% off!)
Pom Pom Multiway Poncho – Ella & Cherry‘Lucinda10’ (10% off!)
Slim Cape – Holland Cooper
Kingsbury Cape Knit – Holland Cooper

I can’t wait to share my upcoming blogs with you! There is so much to come, and there’s lots planned! You absolutely must stay tuned 🤍

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See you next time …

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.’

– Oprah Winfrey

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