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CCL Diaries – 13 – The Lion King, Smear tests, & finally time for a rest?! (& some racing!!) …

✨ The first CCL diaries of the year! ✨

I can’t believe we are already at the end of February! Time is flying along at the moment. I have had such a busy time with work for the last couple of months- life, blogging and everything else has been a squeeze! But we always make it work, and to be honest – I prefer things busy!!

I have felt a little bit weird recently, I am sure some of you have been feeling exactly the same too! There is so much going on in the world right now, it seems like we go through the motions of so many different feelings all in one day. I have been feeling so much more motivated and alive with the lighter mornings and evenings, and the warmer days and sunshine. But along with this, I’ve felt so stressed about everything going on in my own life, and such sadness for what is happening in the world around us. If you’re feeling the same at the moment. I am sending you so much love, I understand 🤍

There are certain aspects of my life that I generally keep off social media. I think it’s good to have some things for yourself, but in these blogs I try to give just a small insight into those areas that I maybe don’t share so freely!

I always thought these CCL diaries would share more of a behind the scenes, away from the picture perfect highlights we see on social media. The funny thing is, whenever I go to write one, I always think ‘is that too much information’, too much of an overshare etc – which again kind of proves the point of how what we absorb online is only ever what people want us to think!

One of the things I rarely ever talk about is the fact that I have Endometriosis, which leads onto the first section of my CCL Diaries 🤍

– Smear Test –

I know this is very off topic for my blogs, but it’s something I thought I would touch on, even if it was to just help or reassure one person. I guess the first thing to admit with all of this is that I’ve been for 1 smear test, that’s it, this one I’m talking about. I’ve ignored every letter I’ve ever been sent about them because I was kind of scared and just didn’t want to make the time to do something that seemed uncomfortable and unpleasant.

I know my blog covers a vast age range, and whilst there will be readers who will have had many smear tests, I’ll also have readers who have never had one, or the term is very new to them.

A Smear test is used to check the health of your cervix. In the UK, the test is carried out on woman and people aged 25-64 years. You receive the invite for the test via a postal letter. During the test, a small sample of cells are taken from the cervix, in order to check health.

I was terrified about having this test done, mainly because I was worried about the results. I have Endometriosis, and having had a lot of tests during my late teens and early twenties, I guess I just couldn’t bare the thought of yet more frustrations with this. I was thinking in my head that it was likely something would be flagged in my results, due to the issues I have always had with periods growing up, and this made me extremely anxious. However, after avoiding the letters for many years, I recently had to go and have my coil removed, and replaced, and the doctor suggested a smear test at the same time. I already knew the coil experience, so I just decided to be brave and get it all done at once.

LADIES … it is not that bad at all, I promise! If you are like me, and have been avoiding this, or are worried about it in the future, please don’t be. Firstly, there is nothing the doctors haven’t seen before, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to actually going for the screening, it wasn’t embarressing. And the test itself, it is over very quickly, and there was no pain, possibly just a very small amount of discomfort. It isn’t embarrassing, it is all done so fluently and at ease.

The results for me came back by post after about 2 weeks, and actually came back clear, which means I can now wait 5 years before another screening. If your results come back flagging something, this means further testing can be done, or your next test can be pulled forwards from the usual 5 years.

I know it can be so easy to get caught up in life and everything going on, that avoiding uncomfortable situations can be something we do naturally. I am a prime example of that. But for someone who has avoided one for so long through being scared, I can safely say, it really wasn’t something I should have been worried about, and nor should you. Be brave – if you need to get one booked, please see this as your sign that you can do it too 🤍

I don’t think I have ever touched on my experience with Endometriosis, but if you have any questions, I am of course happy to talk about my own experience if you ever wanted to reach out to me 🤍

– The Lion King –

So moving onto something slightly nicer ….
I turn 30 next year and I have been trying to start checking off things on my ‘bucket list before 30’. My job is so hectic and I do so many other things, I can often forget to actually sit and think of things I really want to do or achieve, outside of work. One of the things I realised that I haven’t done for a while now, is a show at the theatre. I used to watch Joseph a lot, but I haven’t seen Lion King or War Horse, so they were on my list.

One evening after an Aperol or two, going through the list with my best friend, we booked Lion King in Bristol. I was so excited for this and last weekend the day finally arrived. Bristol is only a short drive away from me so we made a day of it as I have also been desperate to go to the all you can eat ‘ Za Za Bazaar’. Something I will say about this place – it is bizarre! We queued for ages to get in, even with a reservation, and inside, it was just an absolute minefield. I was expecting an Angel Chef (for those of you who remember this!) layout, but wow how wrong was I, this place is huge. Honestly I am rating it a little harshly, but as two Country Bumpkins heading out for the day, it was a little overwhelming. However the food choice was extensive, with just about every station imaginable. I would say the food taste itself was about a 3/5, but the variety and pricing was easily a 4/5.

Following the meal at ZaZa and a couple of drinks, we headed to the Bristol Hippodrome for The Lion King. I love the theatre so much, it always makes me emotional. It is such a fantastic experience, and the very start of the Lion King completely came me chills. The whole show was amazing and if you haven’t ever been before – I would 100% recommend!

– Rest (& Racing!) –

I am so ready for a rest, a holiday! It feels very noticeable now that we haven’t been able to get away from daily life, and just relax and get away. I cannot believe the last time I was away properly now was Nashville in 2020! It is scary to think how that is two years ago! I am awful for switching off in the UK. Even on days off I am on my phones and emails, I just can’t properly step back – time abroad allows that for me, and I am sure many of you too!

I have so many plans for places I want to visit and things I want to do, and I am looking forward to hopefully soon now putting some of these plans into action!

Whilst being busy and working hard are a priority for me, as I am sure they are for many of you too, it is important not to forget our need to relax, unwind and rest. I am back at the stage at the moment of looking at places, and for horses, and it can just seem like there is relentless stress before the rest, but remember, the destination you are hoping to get to isn’t always the restful place – so don’t forget to pause along the way!!

We also have Cheltenham Festival in 2 weeks now – something I am just so incredibly excited now. Not quite a rest, but absolutely something to look forward to.

I am being inundated with racing outfit requests at the moment, whilst I try to get back to everyone, please don’t forget there is so much inspo on the blog already – all of which is instantly accessible! But rest assured – there is lots more to come in the next 2 weeks!

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That’s all for now my Darlings…

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have.”

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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