CCL Diaries – 12 – Where have I been? Christmas, Covid and Behind the Scenes – Fairfax & Favor and Brand Shoots!

Where have I been?!

Oh Darlings! We are back here again. I know its been a little while, there will always be occasional times that this happens. Sometimes life, behind the scenes or time gets in the way of a consistent content creation.
So, there’s a few bits to catch you up on …

Firstly, I think it’s worth being honest, and explaining that sometimes with my content, I get really quite stressed about where I actually fit in. It’s funny because I kind of relate this to being at school, I was certainly never the ‘cool kid, or the popular kid’. I was probably just the weird horse girl! I think trying to fit in is pointless, and I don’t really want to work around what everyone else is doing. However, within social media, looking or feeling the ‘outsider’ I guess, can sometimes make you question where you and your content fit in to the viewer.

No matter what size your account is, comparison is dangerous. I think it’s human nature to look at others and assume someone is happier, or doing better, or more successful. And we can preach to each other constantly that it’s bad for us, but inside, many of us have that insecurity.

There are times when I am exceptionally happy with my content, and there are times when I doubt everything I do. I love my blog, and I adore content creation, and resting certainly isn’t quitting – despite messaging my friends 100 times saying it! I trust myself, and I believe in the content I post. I will never be the ‘popular’ one, whether that was in school, or on social media. I create what I believe in, what I am passionate about, and what I think is helpful or useful, from my own experiences. Whilst I will never wish to fit into a groove, it can sometimes be hard to stand alone, and self-doubt can be an overriding thought process.

I have really struggled for time recently too. My job is very much a 5 – 9, not a 9 – 5, and I am very busy in general. I love being a blogger, but sometimes I do wish I could stretch a few more hours into the day. My job can be really stressful, and sometimes I just can’t squeeze the time into the day for blog content. Something I really struggle with when stressed too is my need for perfection. It’s not through lack of creativity that there are delays, I constantly have pages and pages of drafts, but what I do struggle with is letting content go, even more so when life is particularly stressful.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that when there are occasional delays in content, there is always more going on behind the scenes that isn’t necessarily documented. I adore social media, but I also think there are times when stepping back for a day or week is good for you. I never want to loose the spark and enthusiasm I have for creating blogs and content, and I never want it to feel forced. I do this because I love it, so when a pause is needed, I have to listen.

Covid & Christmas

This has become a really difficult time again this year, for everyone. We seem to be facing the same uncertainty we did last year, and it isn’t nice for anyone. I actually spent last Christmas on my own, so this year I had really geared myself up for a special Christmas with my family. I was so excited to spoil everyone, and spend time together. However, with my work, and wanting to continue to live life as much as possible, I made the decision to carry on with my plans this month, despite my family mentioning unease about the impact on Christmas.

Due to this unease, I will now not be spending a second Christmas with family. Covid has caused so much tension between people, especially with regards to who thinks what decisions are right or wrong, and what makes people comfortable or uncomfortable. It can be hard to remain kind, and empathetic, if someones opinions differ so strongly to yours.

Something I would say is just to be considerate of everyone’s feelings, whatever someone believes about the covid situation. There are people isolating this Christmas, there are people alone this Christmas, there are people without their loved ones this Christmas, and we never truly know what someone else is facing, even behind the happy, glitzy social media posts.

If you are isolating, or feeling alone this Christmas, please do reach out to me on any of my social channels. I am always happy to offer a virtual cup of tea and biscuit, whether you just need an ear, or some company!

Fairfax & Favor HQ

Many of you might not know that I recently took a trip to the Fairfax and Favor HQ to make some content with them. This is the first time I have visited the site in Norfolk, and it was amazing to see the beautiful set up there. I have been a customer of F&F for so many years, remembering right back to when the company was in its early days. I am very fortunate to work with the brand with my blog, and whilst heading over to HQ to make some content seemed a little daunting – it was just the best fun!

It actually took me a total of 5 hours to get over to Norfolk, but when I finally made it over, the team were so welcoming and friendly. I had planned in advance some ideas for content and outfits, but I love nothing more than bouncing ideas off other people, and seeing what we can create!

I have to admit, I always think I am a little awkward in front of the camera – especially in video content. I can be so highly critical of myself, how I look, and what I am doing. The team were amazing though and constantly put me at ease – plus I think I spent the whole afternoon laughing – which definitely helped!

The content is starting to come up on the F&F Tiktok pages, so if you wanted to see some of the video content made, be sure to check out their page over the coming weeks.

There can be so much going on behind the scenes with my blog, I think sometimes I can struggle to report back what I am up to, so whilst it may occasionally look like radio silence, I am normally behind the scenes sorting things out!

Find the Fairfax & Favor Tiktok here:

Find my Tiktok here:

Whilst at F&F HQ, I got to try some of the boots I haven’t yet been up close and personal with! The Boudicas, Upton boots and High Heeled Regina’s all featured throughout the content created – and these are all boots that I hadn’t yet seen in the flesh before, or tried on.

The Nubuck Boudicas were so lovely. They have a really cosy lining, and they felt so practical, and comfortable. I took true to size in these, and they definitely felt like a comfortable every day boot! I was also slightly mesmerised by just how comfortable the Upton boots were. These full leather boots have a really classy, classic look, and again, would be super practical for Winter outfits if you’re someone that worries a little about suede!

However, my heart completely and utterly fell for the High Heeled Regina’s. My navy Heeled Regina’s were my first pair of Fairfax & Favor boots, way back when they very first launched, and they are still in my wardrobe adored for this day. The High Heeled Regina really elevates the iconic, classic boot, and gives it a fresh, dressy, look, whilst still being practical enough for a day at the races for example! I initially tried these on with a little navy paisley dress – and that was it – I was completely sold. These do feel higher than the Amiras, for a comparison Amira is a 7cm heel, the High Heeled Reginas are 9cm.

I’m currently producing a guide on the F&F tall boots as I’m always asked so many questions about the differences between them- so keep an eye out for that- coming soon!

Brand Shoots

This is my favourite part of content creating. It’s funny because I kind of tripped and fell into content creating a few years ago. It was never something I intentionally set out to do, or ‘become’, it was something that happened very naturally. Prior to being involved with content, I would have probably never described myself as creative. I guess I’ve always thought of myself as more science and fact. But now, it’s like I’ve found my thing for creative outlet.

Every element of my blogging and content creation across socials excites me (and yes, I of course have days when I could give it all up in a heartbeat too!) but for the most part, this journey excites me and makes me so happy. I absolutely love coming up with ideas, coming up with outfits and shots and something different. I love seeing the finished product and knowing that that one thing I was desperate to try or pull off, paid off.

I’ve been busy doing a few shoots, which again, I don’t necessarily shout about, it is just more of what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s a couple of the images below that I created for Salthouse England, you can check out there Instagram page if you want to see more of the shots!

There is certainly a lot of time and patience required to pull all of this off, and I can get frustrated with ideas being immediately used or replicated. This is always going to be the nature of the beast with content, and I guess it is something that just has to be dealt with.

I hope you found this blog interested if you are a regular here and enjoy keeping up with the content. I have just come back from a magical weekend in London which I have separated into its own blog, that goes live Thursday (Thursday 23rd 6.30pm)!

See you then!

Lots of love,

Lucinda xo

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