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But…. WHICH Windsor? Need help deciding on the perfect handbag? I’ve got you covered! 👜

Oh Darlings, if you’re a regular to my blogs, you’ll know I am somewhat handbag obsessed…. and by that, I really do mean obsessed. You’ll also probably know that I am somewhat obsessed with a brand that goes by the name of Fairfax & Favor. If both of these also sound a little bit like you …. welcome to my world, you’ll love these blogs 🤍.

I see so many posts commenting and asking about the differences between The Windsor and The Mini Windsor Handbags from Fairfax & Favor. If you’re going to invest in one of these beautiful pieces, it can be really helpful to know which one would be best suited to your needs, and I thought what better opportunity to cover the differences, than with a handy little blog that you can refer back to. We are going to explore the key features of the bags, and most importantly, just how much you can actually fit into them!

I love writing and sharing products that I am passionate about, and I also love sharing useful content, which takes time to create, but that you can refer back to, and actually find helpful. You will know I have been sharing F&F all the way through my blogs, right from the very start. I have been a fan of this brand for a really, really long time, with my first purchase being the Navy Reginas, when they very first launched. Ever since that moment… I have been completely hooked, as you can probably tell!

So… it’s time to indulge in your new bag… but you just have no idea where to start? Well, if handbags and boots are your Achilles heel, Fairfax & Favor is a dangerous place for you, so let me help! Struggling with which bag is right for you? What size should you go for? Well my Darlings… I have it covered. Let me answer those questions for you!

The Windsor Handbag

Fairfax & Favor’s most iconic handbag … The Windsor Handbag 👜

About the Windsor Handbag

Introduced in 2014 as the first F&F handbag, The Windsor Handbag set a high standard for beautiful bags to match alongside your favourite pair of boots.

A well known item in the F&F collection, The Windsor Handbag is crafted from either full leather, or part leather, part suede. The full leather bags create a beautifully seamless design, whilst the mix of suede and leather create a classic F&F look. For the suede and leather bag, the exterior features front and back suede panels, with full grain leather sides. The bag closes with a leather flap that comes over the top of the opening and closes with a magnet stud. The base of both style of bag is a leather finish, and features four brass studs. This is important for keeping the base of your bag in good condition.

The inside of The Windsor is fully lined. The bag opens up into one main compartment space, with a small zip pocket at the back of the bag, and a larger open compartment and phone pocket to the front of the bag.

The straps on this bag are long enough to carry on your shoulder, there is also a detachable leather shoulder strap. This can be particularly handy if you are using the bag as your every day bag, and it becomes heavy with everything you need to take with you. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length with a buckle, and attaches at the side of the bag using D-ring loops.

Just as the Fairfax & Favor boots feature a signature removable tassel, the Windsor also sports this same design, meaning you can easily swap out the centre tassel to match your outfit and your boots. Note, some places offer single tassels so that you don’t have to buy a pair – or why not ‘buddy up’ with a friend if you both have a bag and would like to purchase!

This Handbag is both elegant and sophisticated. If you have a tendency to throw your bag under a table or leave it out, the leather finish may be the preferred option for you – as this will be easier to maintain and keep clean. The Windsor Handbag is available in several colour combinations, so whether you want to opt for a classic black, or one of the limited edition designs, there will certainly be a colour way to suit your style.

Investing in a good quality handbag, in my opinion, is never a poor decision. For something you use every day, the cost per use is potentially better value for money than you initially think. This style of bag is also timeless, meaning that if you choose to invest, it will last and evolve with you wardrobe. F&F quality is second to none, I have always purchased in confidence, knowing that anything I invest my money in, is going to last for years to come.

How much can you fit inside?

This is a really practical handbag, and could very easily be used as your every day go to. There is endless space inside the Windsor Handbag, and it is the perfect go to if you use your handbag for work as well as the weekend. For me, it is really important that I can fit my laptop inside my handbag – I can’t be without this, so I need something which I can easily fit things into, and get things out of.

I am also a serial overpacker, so I do like the main compartment feature of this bag, which allows me to continually load up larger items, whilst the couple of smaller pockets can house those harder to find, smaller essentials.

What could I fit inside:
Large purse
Car Key
Portable charger

This is the perfect everyday bag – you can fit so much in here, including a laptop which is key for me.

The Mini Windsor Handbag

A replica of the classic Windsor… but mini!! 👜

About the Mini Windsor Handbag

The Mini Windsor has been designed to be an exact replica of the classic Windsor Handbag, extending the family of Windsor bags. Available too in a finish of either leather, or suede and leather, the Mini Windsor sports the same features – both inside and out.

The outer of the Mini Windsor includes the same panels as the larger bag, and also features the leather base with brass studs. The Mini Windsor features two short handles, but also the same adjustable shoulder strap as the larger model. This means you can either hold the bag, or go ‘hands free’. The attachments for the shoulder strap are concealed inside the bag, so if you take the strap off, the D-ring loops are hidden within the inside of the bag. Whilst carrying this bag is just as easy, the shoulder strap is perfect for those days exploring, keeping your belongings out of your way.

The inside of the Mini Windsor is fully lined. The mini model reveals the same internal features as the classic Windsor, opening up into one main compartment space, and then a zip pocket to the back, and two smaller pockets to the front. I really like this style on the Mini Windsor too, the large compartment makes for easy access, with the smaller pockets offering practicality for your smaller items.

The tassel on the front of the Mini Windsor is also interchangeable, meaning you can colour co-ordinate with your outfit, or your boot tassels. This tassel is smaller than the boot and standard handbag tassels – this is something to bear in mind! I know F&F used to create separate tassels for these, but I couldn’t see them on the website. It might be worth having a search if you are interested in finding some!

Just like the larger Windsor model, if you are going to use a handbag often, the cost per use can be lower than having to keep re-buying poorer quality items. Being a smaller replica of the classic Windsor, the Mini is equally timeless and sophisticated. I also think this is just such a cute little bag. There is something about anything which is ‘Mini’, why do they just look so much more adorable. As with the larger handbag, these are available in a variety of colours, meaning you can pick a colour best suited to your wardrobe colour palette.

How much can you fit inside?

This bag is the cutest little size, but surprisingly you can fit an awful lot in it. I am notorious for taking an unnecessary amount out with me, but this bag does fit in plenty, without the bulk of a normal sized handbag.

Whilst a very small, cute looking bag, The Mini Windsor is deceptively large, and can actually fit in a surprising amount of things. And if that’s coming from me … it must be spacious!

What could I fit inside:
Small purse
Car Key
Glasses or sunglasses
Portable charger
Essential oil/Mini perfume/Make up bottle

This is the perfect size for all of your essentials. The fact that the bag features a main compartment means you can strategically place everything inside, making the most of the space that there is.

Looking after your Windsor Handbags:

Fairfax and Favor Handbags come complete in dustbags, and it is always recommended to keep your handbag inside whilst storing.

Depending on whether you opt for the full leather, or leather and suede handbag, they will require slightly different treatment. I always used Liquiproof on all of my suede items. I wrote a blog exploring the product I use, and how to apply this – find it here. It is generally advised to treat suede with a protector once a month, this will depend on the protector used though, and also how often you use your handbag.

You can find all of the care products F&F recommend here, which includes their leather protectors – which will generally need to be applied on a regular basis, but again is dependant on usage.

Investing in a good suede brush is beneficial, you can use this to gently brush over your bag to remove any marks, dust or dried mud. I have also cleaned my suede F&F products with the Liquiproof cleaner.

If you are ever unsure about a mark on your handbag, or how to remove it, I would always recommend contacting the F&F customer service team, or an expert!

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So I hope you found this little guide useful. These bags are so beautiful – I can’t wait to hear from you about which one you’ve gone for – and see your beautiful pictures!

I know there has been some quite long delays between my blogs at the moment, and I apologise for that. I too have been managing a new way of working across all elements of life amongst our third lockdown. I have so much content coming to share with you, as well as some amazing projects in the pipeline, and some really exciting series to come – there’s so much you won’t want to miss out on!

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My next blog is coming very soon now – it is almost ready to press post on – if you love wardrobe/style help – you’re going to love it!

That’s all for now my Darlings.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

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