Brand Spotlight … 10 minutes with Bethany Rae!

I am so excited that on today’s Brand Spotlight, I have the beautiful Beth, friend and owner of cowhide brand, Bethany Rae. The lovely Beth is a total super woman, juggling multiple jobs as well as being a friendly face on the show circuit.

Bethany Rae is the one stop shop for unique cowhide accessories, so whether it’s a new bag, or belt, you’ll be sure to find something perfectly individual from this brand.

So, grab a glass of your favourite drink, and lets find out a little more about this gorgeous brand!

It’s so great to have you on the blog, please could you briefly introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi there!
My name is Beth and I am the founder of Bethany Rae. I work for the NHS Ambulance Service alongside running my shop Lavender Moon in Poole, Dorset. I have a love for the countryside and fieldsports, as well as an obsession with country music!

You’re a busy woman! What was it that inspired Bethany Rae, and how has it evolved?

Bethany Rae originally began as a vintage company, inspired by my love for unique finds and unusal twists on fashion. As I grew my vintage business I met a fabulous cowhide seller, I was instantly captivated by their incredible craftsmanship & totally unique products. And so Bethany Rae was born! 

What makes Bethany Rae unique?

It’s what I love most about the products, every accessory is made using 100% natural cowhide leather – meaning every single product is entirely one of a kind. With its own quirks, colours and textures, it becomes truly yours. I love nothing more than helping my customers find their perfect hide!

All your pieces are stunning, but you must have a favourite?! If you had to pick, which would be your favourite piece from the collections? 

I love all of the products, but for me it has to be our classic Upton Handbag. It’s big, spacious, durable and it’s a standout piece. From the moment I launched the bag I haven’t been able to go anywhere without someone stopping to compliment it! I really feel it makes a statement but is also incredibly practical. 

Which product is your best seller?

Probably our Blandford Cowhide Belts. I think because as with all our products every single belt is unique, it makes growing a collection very inviting! Personally I have multiple in every colour as then I can wear one with all my outfits! They are also unisex, very durable and comforable, win win!

You’ve also got a shop, Lavender Moon, where can we find this and what can we expect when we visit? 

We are based in Old Town Poole, right on the quay in Dorset. Lavender Moon really showcases another side of my personality, as well as loving the countryside I also am very spiritual. So Lavender Moon embodies both! We have Western Clothing, Cowhides (of course!), Hats alongside Crystal & Silver Jewellery and Holistic Gifts. You might even get a sneaky tarot reading out of me!

Oohh love it!! I must come and visit myself! What is your inspiration for the brand?

I always wanted Bethany Rae to be authentically me, and so I guess the inspiration is my personal passions and style! I love country music and western fashion, I also have always really loved cowhide for its amazing textures & patterns. Combining the two means I get to sell things I am genuinely so passionate about and love and use daily!

What do you love most about your job?

Everyday is an adventure as a small business owner. There are highs, lows, twists, turns and mad moments. I get to meet incredible people everyday in my shop and at shows and most of all I get to be my own boss! I love being creative and designing new styles and I love sharing them with everyone.

The show season has just kicked off, with a jam packed calendar, what sort of events can we expect to see you at this year?

We have recently got back from a very hectic and MUDDY Badminton! This year we are scaling back our shows slightly to spend time in the shop, but we will be attending The Game Fair! We will also be at two western festivals, Black Deer & The Long Road. 

Who from the industry do you admire?

That’s a really hard question! I have met so many wonderful driven individuals who own incredible small businesses. But I have to say some of my favorites right now are Waring Brooke, Shuttle Socks & Mackenzie & George. Owned by incredible people their products are fabulous and their dedication shows. I also have to mention my photographer Jade Emily, who’s eye is second to none. 

Great brands, with very inspiring owners! What’s your proudest moment to date?

Last year I got to grace the cover of FEMME Country Magazine alongside brands such as Holland Cooper. It was an amazing experience to be able to tell my story and see it in print!

Can you tell us a secret …

Believe it or not.. I grew up a townie who was training to be a professional parkour athlete and stuntwoman… ha!

Where do you see Bethany Rae in 5 years time?

I am really trying to focus on wholesale so that I can get my brand out to other independent business owners across the country. I also want to see Bethany Rae become a staple product in the country wardrobe!

Finally, any advice for someone dreaming of starting their own business or brand?

Go for it! I started by business 5 years ago on 50p and an idea. I haven’t had any loans or special business training, just ambition and passion for what I do. To quote my idol Lainey Wilson: “If you’re gonna be a dreamer, you better be a doer”

5 quick fire questions with Bethany …

It wouldn’t be one of the CCL blogs without putting our guest on the spot with some quick fire questions!

Your last fashion purchase?

A pair of Valverde Black Waterproof Country Boots – thank goodness they came in handy at Badminton!

Go to karaoke song?

Cole Swindell – She Had Me At Heads Carolina

One thing you refuse to buy the cheap version of?

Cowboy Boots! I swear by my Ariats, I own 5 pairs! And cowhide.. of course!

Something you’d tell your younger self?

Stop constantly comparing yourself to others, being your own self is beautiful and everyone is on their own journey. 

Most unpopular opinion?

It’s entirely acceptable to have pineapple on pizza. In fact, I encourage it!

Thank you so much to the gorgeous Beth from Bethany Rae for joining me on the blog this week, it was such a pleasure having you!

Who would you love to see in the next Brand Spotlight?!

Thats all for now my darlings.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“If you’re gonna be a dreamer, you better be a doer”

Lainey Wilson

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