Belt up! – The ultimate accessory, but which belt is right for you?

It’s no secret that I LOVE belts. I think they manage to creep up in just about every single blog I post. Whether they are there to add a pop of colour, to break up an outfit, or purely for practical reasons, they serve a purpose for all of your every day looks.

There is such a vast range of belts available, and as I have a somewhat generous collection, I thought it was about time I shared some of my product finds, and advice, in one easy to follow blog.

Measuring a belt and sizing

First and foremost when buying a belt is ensuring that you go for the correct sizing. Many belt sizes are measured in inches, and it can sometimes be confusing to know which size you need to order – we are generally so used to buying by dress size, not in inches, that it can sometimes become a little confusing.

The easiest way to establish your new belt size in inches, is to measure a belt that you currently wear regularly, and that you like the fit of. If you take this belt and lie it flat, measure from the end of the belt (where the buckle meets the leather), to the belt hole that you most commonly wear your belt on. Whatever the measurement between that end and the hole in inches, is the size you will want to be ordering your new belt in.

As a general rule, this measurement technique works pretty well. If a company has a specific size guide, then it is obviously advised to follow this, equally if you are buying a belt specifically as a waist belt for example, you may need to adjust the measurements accordingly.


There are so many different materials available – so have a browse and see what it is that you like! Don’t forget that if you are buying faux materials (for example leather or suede), these are not as likely to last as long as buying genuine leather or suede.

As with many items, you will often get what you pay for. Therefore, if you invest in a good quality leather belt – this is less likely to look tatty or wear as quickly as a faux leather fashion belt.

I have broken down some belt recommendations by category – depending on the look you like to base your style on.

I hope you find the below useful!

For the Equestrian Lover

Well, of course, I had to start here! Equestrian theming plays a huge role in my Country wardrobe. I am so equine obsessed that I am naturally drawn to anything with a snaffle or an equestrian hint running through. There is still so much of me that thinks of myself as the pony mad 14yr old at school, and I still secretly love equestrian theming running through my outfits for that very reason, just as much as the country chic that it brings.

If you love your horses, then adding subtle snaffle detailing to your outfits can really give you the fix you need, whilst still ensuring your outfit remains classic and chic.

There is such a vast variety of equestrian belts available on the market, all suited to different tastes. I thought I would just touch on a couple that I’ve found to suit my style, and that I have actually been able to put to the test myself, to give you an idea of some of the types available.

My newest belt, and probably now one of my all time favourites, is the Needlepoint Snow Polo Belt from Hook Polo. Now this featured recently in my ‘Chosen by CCL – August Edition’, if you haven’t heard that blog already, you can catch up here. These belts are quite literally INSANE. The detailing on them is so beautiful, and the texture and design makes this a must have for any Equestrian.
Find this belt here.

A popular option when it comes to an equestrian themed belt, is a snaffle clasp belt. These really are the ultimate equestrian belt, aren’t they. My current belt is from Dalton’s and it is amazing quality, and is in a fawn suede which is a little more unique to the leather belts if you are looking for something just a bit (no pun intended!😏) different. These will pair with absolutely everything, and also look great with a skirt or dress as a waist belt, if you are wanting a bit of an equestrian statement to the centre of your outfit.
Find this belt here.

Something a little more discreet, but equally beautiful are the snaffle belts from Grays 1922. There are lots of different designs and colours available in these belts. They have as traditional, smart, buckle front, but to each side there is a snaffle bit detail, and some of the belts have suede back panels too. The styles are available to view on the website, and as I have found with their handbags – these seem to just get better with wear! I love wearing these for work as my day in, day out belts!
Find this belt here.

For the Practical Wardrobe

For me, I always think of a polo belt as being what I term a practical belt. These are so incredibly versatile, and will take you from your work to weekend outfits SO effortlessly. If you choose a good quality brand, these belts seem pretty much indestructible. So whether its farm life or equestrian life, these belts are hardy and add effortless style, whatever the job. Typical weekend polo belt style would be some denim and a shirt – and I have to say, you just can’t go wrong with that!

There are several websites selling polo belts, all I would advise is just looking into the leather that they use – I have purchased a couple of cheap versions in the past, and they just haven’t been as hardy as some of the other belts I have owned. Spending a tiny bit more initially may help longer term, instead of having to buy new again to replace a poor quality version.

I have had a couple of these belts from Pioneros, and these have always been great quality, whether threaded through my jodhpurs or teamed with trousers and a shirt – I have always found their quality exceptional. There are so many choices on their website, there is a design and colour-way to suit absolutely everyone. These belts are also designed and made in Argentina.
Find these belts here.

More recently, I received one of the Georgian Dollar Polo Belts, in their beautiful sky blue colouring. Again, this is an incredibly well made belt, and has generally been worn with my jodhpurs in attempt to make me look even slightly more stylish when I rock up to the yard looking like I have only just rolled out of bed! Safe to say, it definitely works! These belts are a classic and definitely a great addition to any wardrobe.
Find this belt here.

For the Fairfax and Favor Lover

I know so many of the CCL readers are F&F lovers, so I think it was only right this had its own category. I have a few different Sennowe belts, and one of the Hampton belts, so I can offer a little comparison between the two!

The Sennowe belt is absolutely brilliant if you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit. It has been released in several different colour-ways over time, including the popular Oxblood and Portivo Blue. The belts used to be in a slightly different sizing, so my older Sennowe belts don’t fit around my waist as they are too big, but with their new sizing, I am now able to wear the newer styles a little higher. These belts are either suede or cowhide, and they are narrow and dainty in design. I know some people have commented that they look a little small when through beltloops – I personally don’t think it is that noticeable, but potentially something to bear in mind if you are used to much thicker belts. I particularly love these paired with dresses and skirts.
Find this belt here.

The Hampton is a slightly thicker leather belt, with a contrasting suede running through the middle. These belts have a completely different look to the Sennowe, and is currently available in 3 different colourways. I love this belt with trousers and skirts with beltloops. It always looks really smart and I love the contrasting colours through the suede panel.
Find this belt here.

For the Country Life Lovers

As with Equestrian theming, sometimes you just want your clothing and style to reflect your passions and lifestyle. For me, one brand portrays this belt style incredibly well, and that brand is, of course, Mackenzie and George. I have purchased several Mackenzie and George belts over a long period of time now so I can speak really genuinely when I vouch for the quality and longevity of their products. This brand just absolutely perfects belt craftsmanship, so if you want a good place to start – this is it, especially for the country life lovers!

There is one belt that would really stand out for me in this category, because it is truly phenomenal. This is the Drayton belt by Mackenzie and George. The belt features two intricate feather detailed panels, and I have never seen another belt with this kind on paneling before. It is truly unique and would not only make an amazing treat for yourself, but also an amazing gift. This belt is priced at £89.00.
Find this belt here.

For the Hair on Hide Lover

This is one of my FAVOURITE styles of belt! It is right up my street, and compliments my style pretty much every time. If you want to complete a really country look, finish off with a hair on hide belt and wow – you’ve got this!

These belts often create quite a statement, they are a talking point, and look really striking. The patterns will always vary slightly due to the natural nature of cowhide and overall , these are really special belts. Team these with neutral or monochrome outfits for something really stand out.

There are lots of brands offering hair on hide belts, some of mine come from Hyde and Hare, Hicks and Brown, and Daltons. These are generally priced at around the £70.00 price point.

For the Waist Belt Lover

I have purchased quite a few belts in slightly smaller sizes to my typical size, just so that I am able to wear them as waist belts with dresses and skirts, as well as with trousers. There are belts designed purely as a waist belt, or you can buy a normal belt a little smaller with the intention of wearing it higher.
I think a belt around the waist can really help to break up an outfit, accentuate your waist, and if you are like me and live in dresses and skirts, a waist belt can become your best friend.

My favourite waist belt is the Clifton Cinch by Mackenzie and George. This belt has been practically designed, and has an option to switch out the two different panels, meaning you can create different looks with this belt between the contrasting suede and leather pieces. This belt has two buckles, and several holes, so it is really easy to make the best fit for your waist, I reach for it really regularly for this very reason.
Find this belt here.

For the Luxury Brand Lover

Everyone loves a little bit of designer and luxury in their wardrobe. These pieces often become extremely special pieces, and they can totally transform an outfit. Generally, you will see the higher price tag with these items as you pay for not only the designer name, but you pay for the quality, luxury and design that goes with that. With such a high need for a reduction in fast fashion, investing in these pieces can often have a longer term benefit.

You may have seen one of the Holland Cooper Belts religiously popping up in my posts on social media, and in my blogs. I purchased one of their luxury suede belts at the start of lockdown, and well, I have certainly been getting my cost per wear. Priced at £149.00, this belt does carry a high initial price tag. With a choice of Tan, Navy & Black now available, this is an ultra versatile piece and has timeless elegance to carry you through endless years of wear. I can’t think of anything that mine hasn’t paired well with!
Find this belt here.

Another popular luxury belt, is the GG Marmont leather belt. Now this is something that I probably wouldn’t invest in myself, purely because it isn’t to my style. But these belts are really well loved and styled, by many fashion bloggers. Priced at £250.00 – this certainly isn’t a budget belt, but generally you do get what you pay for with designer brand names and quality.
Find this belt here.

So that brings us to the end of another blog. I have been wanting to talk all things belts for a little while now, but I felt like I couldn’t make the blog layout work for me- and I was totally overthinking it! These daily blogs have pushed me to post some of the drafts that I have been sat on – which I maybe haven’t been quite comfortable with the layout of, hence them sitting there!

There will be another new blog launching again tomorrow at 7pm – if you are here for the marathon – I look forward to seeing you then!

That’s all for now.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“I see bold accessories as a women’s armor”

Rachel Zoe

{Please note that I have collaborated with the following brands in the past: Mackenzie and George, Hicks and Brown, Daltons, Grays, Hook Polo, Fairfax and Favor and Georgian Dollar. Please also note, that none of the items mentioned were sent in collaboration for this blog, and the blog has not been produced as a collaboration to promote any brand specifically. None of the links in this blog are affiliate links.}

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