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A County Girls Guide to The Game Fair 2022 – As told by its exhibitors!

Ahhh …. what’s better than Show Days!!

Somehow you just don’t mind the early mornings, a bit of traffic and mud when the sight of pheasant goujons, endless shopping, cider and The Shetland Pony Grand National are all just around the corner. The Game Fair is fast approaching, and I know you are all just as excited as I am!

The excitement of planning the day is, I’m sure, well underway for so many of you, and counting down the sleeps is getting fewer and fewer!

Whilst planning for a show day may feel a little mind boggling, who better to ask for help than the exhibitors you’re going to be seeing there! I’ve caught up with some of my very favourite brands to find out everything from their must have food to their top tips for the day. We’ve pieced together a handy guide to help you on your way, as well as a little sneak peak of what to expect on their stands – and any new launches!

Sit back, pour a drink, and let us guide you through what promises to be a fabulous event!

🌿 What’s the first word that springs to mind when you think of The Game Fair? 🌿

Fairfax & Favor: Country

Welligogs: British!

Salthouse England: Fun, excitement, meeting new people 

Waring Brooke: Meeting customers ❤️ – I know it’s 2 words!!

Ginger & Jardine: Excited! 

Cotswold Fox: Shopping! And everything that possibly involves the British countryside.

Eton Taylor: Excitement 

Nicola Sexton: Fun!

Bethany Rae: PARTY!

Ollies Attic: Exciting!!! The Game Fair is one of my absolute favourite events, and this is why im so excited to bring Ollie’s Attic to the event this year! The whole experience of The Game Fair is everything I love – shopping, food, dogs, horses!


🍔 With such a delicious variety of food and drink on offer, can you recommend something to try at The Game Fair? 🍔

Fairfax & Favor: Punjaban Curry

Welligogs: We personally love the Cornish Cheese Company for a savoury pick me up

Salthouse England: Churros 🤣 

Waring Brooke: Anything quite meaty, or cheesy

Ginger & Jardine: Umm that’s a difficult question as this is my first time going, but going off past shows, I love a duck wrap!  

Cotswold Fox: I’m not very adventurous with food I’m afraid, but anything related to loaded fries is a must

Eton Taylor: With out a doubt Duck wraps 

Nicola Sexton: With the weather forecast to be hot, the Ice Cream Factory by Salcombe Dairy is a must!

Bethany Rae: Pheasant Goujons 😍

Ollies Attic: If you havent already tried it, Salcombe dairy ice cream!! After spending many years living and working in Salcombe and having the dairy on my doorstep it certainly is the best!!


👀 There’s plenty of action, and things to do. What’s your recommendation for the one thing we must not miss seeing or doing? 👀

Fairfax & Favor: Coming to our stand to get your #bluebox fix

Welligogs: If you’re attending Ladies’ Day, you must not miss our Ladies’ Day Best Dressed competition where you could win a £1000 WG gift card and a £500 Mackenzie & George gift card! It is the perfect occasion for a glass of fizz and to celebrate a truly British occasion

Salthouse England: Try to walk to whole show, it’s so big it’s easy to miss and there’s so many lovely independents you don’t normally see. 

Waring Brooke: Visiting Waring Brooke of course! And taking a trip down to taste some drinks 🍹 

Ginger & Jardine: I’m sure there will be plenty to watch at the main ring which is right in the middle of the show ground. As well as plenty of shopping, I have spoken to lots of trade holders that are looking forward to attending

Cotswold Fox: They have some fantastic displays, and even better parties!

Eton Taylor: Have a go on the shooting line & see all the different breeds of dogs 🐕 

Nicola Sexton: As an exhibitor I would say – “don’t miss our beautiful collection of handmade Italian shoes and handbags” But of course, the displays in the main arena are always spectacular!

Bethany Rae: Visiting the Bethany Rae stand 😉 Aside from visiting us, definitely go and see some of the other incredible brands exhibiting, everyone works so hard on their tradestands it’s amazing to see all their efforts! 

Ollies Attic: A firm favourtite for me alongside shopping, is going to watch the gun dogs display !!!


👢There are going to be some amazing outfits on show this year! What makes a statement outfit for the Ladies at The Game Fair? 👢

Fairfax & Favor: White dress and Explorers, or white jeans, striped shirt, fedora hat and Alexandra Trainers

Welligogs: We adore a splash of tweed and a good pair of shoes. We will be wearing our new Westminster Bramble Fitted Jacket and Britannia Deck Shoes to encapsulate the distinctly British atmosphere

Salthouse England: Something timeless and unique to you so you can show off your true personality. A strong staple wardrobe should see you through any event without having to buy a new outfit

Waring Brooke: Statement headwear and a striking skirt

Ginger & Jardine: It definitely needs to be something you feel comfortable and confident in, as confidence is beauty! I also think a pop of colour goes a long way – although I’m no fashion icon that’s for sure!

Cotswold Fox: One of our Cirencester colour block quarter zips in mint or burgundy will make you stand out from the crowd

Eton Taylor: Colour coordinating with a classic tweed jacket or tweed gilet, crisp shirt, trousers, boots & a hat

Nicola Sexton: An individual look! Of course, with a country theme, there are many independent boutiques and brands showcasing some stunning pieces that are “one off’s” topped off, of course, with footwear from Nicola Sexton!

Bethany Rae: Don’t be afraid to be you! There isn’t a better occasion to go all out! Why not pair one of our unique cowhides (always sure to make a statement!) With a fabulous fedora and your favourite country outfit? Just remember comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking!

Ollies Attic: We love to see all the ladies outfits at any of the events we attend. As far as a statment outfit for us -something more unique! I love garements that are a little different and not that everyone has, so thats why I love our little boutique and finding lines that are slightly different to bring to the market


✨ We can’t wait to see your stands! What should we look out for? ✨

Fairfax & Favor: A preview of our collaboration with Le Chameau

Welligogs: Our fabulous summer collection that features timeless pieces that will be in your wardrobe. We will also of course have our core collection that you all love and adore for your wet weather adventures and fantastic occasions where you need to dress to impress!

Salthouse England: New products… clothing and footwear 

Waring Brooke: Union Jack products 

Ginger & Jardine: We will have a show offer on. As well as having our much-loved snoods back in stock and our charity scrunchies will also be with us

Cotswold Fox: We have over 8 styles and colours of quarter zips, along with our new Harlequin shorts

Eton Taylor: Limited editions 

Nicola Sexton: Colour! We have also launched a small collection of handbags for S/S 22 to match our footwear, a classic structured bag in two different sizes, simply stunning!

Bethany Rae: We’ll have our full cowhide range, alongside exclusive suedes, clothing and exciting collaborations 😍

Ollies Attic: This year we have a beautiful collection of Mens, Ladies, & Childrens British-made wax wear. We have some exciting offers too!! Our ladies ‘every day’ collection has a beautiful range of italian cotton jumpers, summer dresses & T shirts, along with our Ladies fleece gilet & full zip collection from Oxford Blue. Our famous Katrina wax jacket for the Ladies will also be available. For our Mens collection, we have our British-made tweed jackets at a great price! Plus Mens British-made tweed flat caps, classic check shirts, fleece gilets, 1/4 zips and full zips from Oxford Blue. For the children, we have a range of check shirts for boys & girls starting at 12m-13 years, fleeced gilet collections up to 13years & British-made wax jackets form 2-3 years up to 15 years.


🌟 Are you introducing/launching anything new at this event? 🌟

Fairfax & Favor: No, but we will be showing a preview of our collaboration with Le Chameau

Welligogs: We will have our wonderfully chic summer collection with us where you can shop our adored slides, shirts to enhance your wardrobe, beautifully breezy dresses and so much more

Salthouse England: We will be launching our clothing & footwear 

Waring Brooke: We have some exclusive one off pieces – I want to see how they are responded to!

Ginger & Jardine: Yes, a whole new collection, it’s still top secret but we can’t wait to show everybody

Cotswold Fox: We’re releasing our deck shirts, along with the Harlequin shorts and a couple of new sweatshirt colour ways

Eton Taylor: Yes! New Jacket, coat, gilets, wraps & blouses

Bethany Rae: We are launching our BRAND NEW Sherborne Handbags! Western inspired, yet classy country, our mid sized bags are fun yet smart and we hope are going to be the must have of the summer 😍

Ollies Attic: We are not necessarily launching anything new for the event as it’s our first time taking Ollie’s Attic to The Game Fair, however, for the event we have expanded on some of our current lines and styles which is super exciting!!


🌱 Have you got any top tips for making the most out of the day? 🌱

Fairfax & Favor: Get there early so you can visit as many stands as possible

Welligogs: Wear your most comfortable footwear as you will be doing a lot of walking!

Waring Brooke: Eat earlier or later, and don’t get caught up in the queues for food and drink

Ginger & Jardine: Plan your day, it’s a big show with a lot to do and see. Plus, wear something that is practical for a Country show which will involve a lot of walking

Cotswold Fox: Go with a great group of people and keep topped up with the Pimms!

Eton Taylor: As a visitor for many years to my favourite event I would research which companies were at the GF and what stands I wanted to visit first. Get there early, and plan what your main objective is … eg first shopping 🛍

Nicola Sexton: An early start, there is so much to see, and plenty of water, it’s going to be a hot one!

Bethany Rae: Be prepared for all weathers! Pack wellies AND sandals 😂 

Ollies Attic: I would say make sure you know whats happening on the day you go, to make sure you don’t miss any of the great demonstrations or competitions happening! i love the Shetland Pony Grand National, and hope to sneak off to see it !!! 


🛍 Finally, where can we find your stand? 🛍

Fairfax & Favor: Stand D113

Welligogs: Our stand number is D078

Salthouse England: D267

Waring Brooke: D251

Cotswold Fox: We’re stand number F035, just to the left of the main area, look for our bright blue flag and the gold fox!

Eton Taylor: Visit D084 on Row D the main shopping avenue & join us for a 🥂

Nicola Sexton: You can find us on the main shopping aisle, D102!  Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Bethany Rae: We are on avenue D, stand 106

Ollies Attic: We are stand number F040, you will spot our new flower wall and possibly one of my dogs coming for our mini game fair holiday!!! Do come and say hello to Rufus !!

Thank you so much to the lovely exhibitors who took time out of their busy schedules to help me with this blog! It is so greatly appreciated, and I know you’re looking forward to seeing them all just as much as I am!

I can’t wait to attend The Game Fair this year – I have some really exciting plans! I hope you have the most amazing time too!

Prepare well, and enjoy yourself!!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“There is no better place than the Countryside”

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