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9 essential pieces that a Country girl should have in her wardrobe …

Perfecting your ideal Country girls wardrobe doesn’t have to be hard….

Hi Darlings, welcome back to another blog. I have been so excited to piece this blog together, it is the taster blog to a much bigger project I have to come. I know you’re going to love this whole series, and I have had so many questions about doing something along these lines, so this is very exciting, and I know you’re so very ready for what’s coming.

My own wardrobe is extensive, there is no denying that, but there are some key Country essentials that no Country wardrobe should be without. Starting with these pieces, you can then really build on your dream Country wardrobe.

Generally throughout this blog you will find a theme of investment. Investing in high quality, timeless pieces will ensure that your wardrobe basics will last. If a piece is timeless, it is often worth spending that little bit more, knowing that it will last in your wardrobe, and without the fear of it going out of fashion. The pieces I discuss below are pieces that even if your style changes, you will still be able to make work for you.

I have a very extensive series coming on this very subject, so this is just an overall introduction to some essentials. The comprehensive guide, with full clothing details will be available very soon, and will be much more detailed. Below is an introduction to 9 key pieces that will help to set the foundation for your Country wardrobe. From these essentials, you can then build the rest of your wardrobe.

Let’s have a look…

… a Pair of Pearl Earrings

Classic. Timeless. Elegant.

Every woman should own a pair of real pearl earrings. This is essentially a right of passage into womanhood. There is absolutely nothing, whatever your style, that a classic pair of pearl stud earrings wouldn’t go with. These will never go out of style, so they are worth investing in, and getting a good quality pair. With pearls, the higher the grade, the higher the quality, therefore investing will help you to buy pearls that will stand the test of time. For me, they are worth investing in, as they will last you, and won’t ever go out of fashion.

Investing in timeless jewellery is definitely worthwhile. As I have got older, I have invested in some beautiful equestrian/country themed jewellery, which I wear every day. I much prefer this to buying changeable costume jewellery. I am going to produce a blog on my everyday jewellery pieces, as I am always asked about these.

I wear my pearl earrings almost every day, they would always be my go to. I have a few different pairs, from a very understated stud, to a few different, more statement pairs. The classic stud is just beautiful, and would be my wardrobe essential for my readers.

These can be paired with everything from simple jeans and a t-shirt, to your cocktail dresses. The classic white pearls will suit all skin tones, and will match any and all outfits.

You can get a pair of pearl studs from almost every jewellery store. My favourite pair of pearl earrings, which are the pair I wear pretty much daily, are from Country Equestrian Jewellers. They are so reasonably priced, and amazing quality.

You can shop my pearl earrings here.

… a Schoffel Gilet

It’s an unwritten rule, right?

A good quality fleece gilet is vital in a Country wardrobe. Not only are they able to be styled up for the weekend, but they are essential for the yard/countryside/work. Gilets focus on keeping the core warm, and being sleeveless they are comfortable and easy to layer.

Schoffel gilets are definitely worth the investment, although a little pricier to initially buy, you do get what you pay for. The Schoffel gilets are quick drying and hard wearing. The fleece used for the Schoffel gilets is lightweight and technical, and is able to stand up to a hard Country life.

These can be easily styled from day to night. Pair with a denim skirt or white jeans for a classic weekend look. These are also an essential when working, and adding in that extra layer when you are riding, shooting, fishing or walking etc.

Schoffel would be my first choice, but there are some amazing alternatives if a Schoffel isn’t quite the right fit for you. Nattily Dressed have amazing fleece gilets available, with bold, bright piping for an individual look. Sporting Hares have their navy willow gilet, which is incredibly well priced, and I have worn my one of these so frequently, and it again washes incredibly well and stands up well to Country life, mine has very frequently been shooting and riding!

You can shop the Schoffel gilets here.

You can shop the Nattily Dressed gilets here, or the Sporting Hares gilet here.

… a Tweed Jacket & Wax Jacket

Both are essential in a Country wardrobe.

For me, both of these styles of jacket are an essential in your Country wardrobe. I have wax jackets specifically for when I am out beating/shooting/walking, and then jackets that I prefer to dress up.

These don’t have to be ridiculously pricey in my opinion. I think if you want a hard wearing jacket for your countryside activities or work, then investing in a high quality jacket will definitely have its benefits. I like to change my styles, so I am yet to invest in a more expensive wax jacket. My wax jacket is just from Rydale, and I have worn one of these jackets previously for 2 seasons beating, and it held up perfectly. The jacket I have which I will link below, was very inexpensive, but it has managed a hard life weirdly well! Many people would go for a Barbour wax jacket as their investment piece. I personally haven’t seen the need to invest in a Barbour yet, my wax jacket has done perfectly for what I need it for, and in terms of a ‘fashion jacket’, I would nearly always reach for tweed over wax.

I have some investment piece tweed jackets, because these are completely timeless, and they are my style through and through. I have linked below my favourite tweed jacket. Tweed jackets are not only practical for country life, but are also easy to dress up.

You can shop my favourite wax jacket here, and my favourite tweed jacket here.

… a Little White Dress

Move over LBD.

Forget the little black dress, in a Country girls wardrobe, it is all about the little white dress.

Every year I go in search of the perfect little white dress for the Summer months ahead, I have a few now that I absolutely adore. These are so easy to style, you can pair it with absolutely everything, and they will never go out of fashion. This is a staple for your wardrobe as it can just be paired with any of your accessories and footwear, creating a completely different look every time. With so many options and styles available, you will be able to find something unique to your own style. You can wear the LWD absolutely anywhere, from brunch to BBQ’s to country shows. I personally feel like the LWD is more versatile than the LBD, I rarely wear black, and find the LWD goes much further in my wardrobe, it is more casual for every day wear too.

You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts to find a good LWD. One of my favourites is actually one from Primark, and every single time I wear it, I recieve countless comments about where it is from. If you are worried about a white dress looking see-through, check for those with a lining, many cheaper options will still have a good lining to ensure they don’t look see-through. My newest favourite is only from Shein, and again was very good value, yet everyone seems to comment on it.

You can shop my newest little white dress from Shein here.

… a Tweed Skirt

Timeless, versatile style.

No Country wardrobe would be complete without a tweed skirt. These will not go out of style, and every Country girl should own at least one as a foundation piece for their Country wardrobe.

I would advise investing in a good quality tweed skirt for your wardrobe. You want something made with a high quality tweed, and a good lining. You also want to invest in a piece with good shape. This skirt will remain timeless in your wardrobe, so opting for a tweed that compliments your style and wardrobe colour palette will ensure that you have a truly versatile piece.

A tweed skirt will serve a great purpose if you love racing, P2P’s or Country Shows, however, it is also an effortless piece to style in the office, out for brunch or to dress up for a date, therefore, a piece truly worth investing in.

You can shop one of my favourite tweed skirts here.

… a Pair of White Jeans

Not just for the summer…

These are too often seen as impractical, which I think is an unfair assumption about this wardrobe essential. No one is more likely to spill something down themselves than me, so if I can manage to style these, I really believe that anyone can.

These have the ability to be dressed up or down, so easily, making them a really key foundation piece for your wardrobe, as you can just do SO much with them. You can pair them with just about anything, ensuring endless different looks, from one simple wardrobe piece. Whether you are styling for the races, going out for a couple of drinks or off to a Country show, your white jeans will be able to carry you through a variety of activities.

White jeans, for me, are a complete essential, and no wardrobe should be complete without them. I have had white jeans from a variety of different places, and ranging from very cheap, to much more expensive. There is always a risk with white jeans that they will look see-through, so trying on would always be the best option when looking to buy. I have listed 2 pairs below, which I have found to be good quality, and worth the money.

You can shop my favourite white jeans here and here.

… a High Quality Leather Belt & Bag

Investing in good quality leather items only has its benefits.

There it is again, the word investment! Every Country wardrobe really needs a good quality leather belt and bag. Really good quality leather items generally just get better with age, and are definitely worth spending that little bit more on initially. I would personally go for a tan brown if you are looking for those investment pieces, as this will likely compliment your whole wardrobe, ensuring versatility throughout.

As great as it is to have lots of accessories to change between, it is likely that with these two items, despite having several, you will keep reaching for the same ones time after time. Due to this, investing can be a really great way to reduce your cost per wear. Good quality leather is also easy to look after, and it likely to stay looking much nicer for longer, compared to cheaper alternatives.

A great brand for high quality leather belts would be Mackenzie & George, you can shop their belts here.

For some good quality, leather handbags, check out Grays 1922, you can find their range here.

… a Pair of Western Boots

Classic Country.

Every Country wardrobe can be completed with a pair of Western boots. This might be a subtle take on Western style, or a classic pair of Cowboy boots. Whichever you go for, these are a staple to your wardrobe, and will be able to be utilised in a variety of ways.

I have always loved western style and the practicality of western boots is second to none. You will find so many western inspired boots out there, as well as the classic cowboy boots. If you want a pair that will last, I would recommend spending that little bit more on genuine leather or suede, so that these pieces grow with your wardrobe.

These can be enjoyed as a thoroughly practical piece in your wardrobe, as well as being able to dress them up with practically any outfit.

You can shop my favourite Western boots here.

… a Decent Pair of Wellies

This goes without saying.

Despite what people see on my social media channels,, I actually spend a lot of my life in wellies. I probably got my first pair of ‘decent’ wellies around 8 years ago. It was a pair from Le Chameau, I had really had to save up for them, and it was a big deal purchasing them, they were expensive for me whilst I was at uni. Honestly, I have never looked back though.

Previously I had spent all my time just buying cheaper ‘fashion’ wellies, which of course I ruined continually at the yard, and was forever replacing. Whilst the fun prints were something I loved when I was younger, the constant splitting of wellies, wet feet and worn soles was relentless.

I also broke my ankle quite badly and started to find wellies with a lack of ankle support impossible to wear. The Le Chameau wellies are so comfortable and stable, meaning not only to they stand up to hard Country life, but they are comfortable and supportive to wear all day.

My first choice would be Le Chameau every time. I would have to be completely amazed by another pair of wellies to ever swap from this brand now.

You can shop my Le Chameau wellies here.

So, what are your thoughts? I hope you have enjoyed this brief essentials blog. I was excited to show you an introduction for what is to come.
The extensive Country Girls wardrobe blog series is on the way, and I know you are going to love it, and find it so helpful!
There are also lots of blogs to come, and I am working on several different things at the moment, so stay tuned, and subscribe if you love reading!

See you soon,

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’

Tom Ford

{Please note these are not affiliate links featured in this blog. This blog is not running in collaboration with any of the brands featured, these are just genuine recommendations from my own experiences, and has not been influenced by any brands mentioned. A couple of the brands mentioned, I have/have had a working relationship with, but this blog has not been written as a collaboration between myself and any brand, or product}

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