6 Style Hacks Every Stylish Country Girl Needs to Know!

Ever wondered what could help you pull off a flawless Country Style outfit?
Let me help!

Pulling off the perfect Country style can sometimes feel tricky, but there are simple hacks which can really help you get the most from your wardrobe, and your favourite pieces within it. If you’re anything like me, you may compromise slightly on price, colour or fit, if its something you really want – but there’s ways you can make sure those pieces don’t just sit in your wardrobe getting dusty!

Making the most of what you’ve got in your wardrobe is more important than ever, and there are some simple ways to ensure you can dig back out those pieces you end up overlooking.

I’ve put together 6 of my favourite style hacks below 🤍

1. Match your tights!

Whilst they are an essential during A/W months, there are some simple style hacks you can use to make wearing tights look like a conscious style decision, not just a necessity!

Brown tights!!! You may, or may not, have thought about these before, but they are such a great alternative to black tights. Black tights can often be harsh, and whilst they work seamlessly with some outfits, they can break up others. Brown tights are slightly less popular, but they work really well in place of black. If you like wearing Chocolate or Tan footwear, brown will work much more seamlessly with your outfit if you are styling neutrals.

Black tights generally work best if you are wearing black footwear, this will help to elongate your legs, and lengthen your figure, creating a flattering look. If you are wearing light coloured footwear, and a light, neutral pair of tights will work well. I always look to match my tights to my footwear colour where possible, to create the most flawless look.

Coloured tights are also a great way to make tights a conscious decision. Deep burgundy tights work well with over the knee boots and dresses, as a conscious style choice, green, blue or cream tights also work well. I also really like cable knit tights, these add something a little different, but work really well particularly over the festive season!

2. Make use of a thermal!

This might sound an obvious one, it might not, but there is honestly nothing worse than being cold. No matter how beautiful you think your outfit is, it will instantly lose its chic if you’re stood shivering and freezing in it.

Most of my favourite hobbies are all based outside. Particularly under racing or shooting outfits, these are going to be crucial to being stood outside all day in the cold. As soon as your back gets cold, and you get that ‘cold bones’ feeling, it can be very hard to shake! I know it might sound a little old or uncool, but they really are worth it. You can get long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless, so there is sure to be something that will work well under the outfit you have picked. I always tuck my layer in for extra warmth!

You don’t have to invest heavily in a thermal, although that can have its benefits if you want too. High street stores such a Primark and M&S offer perfectly good alternatives though. They are a great way to layer without bulk, and they really will make all the difference.

3. Waterproof and protect your footwear!

This goes without saying really, but this is one of the most important ‘hacks’ especially if you’re investing your hard earned money into slightly more expensive footwear.

It breaks my heart to see people saying that they’ve left their boots in boxes for months or years, or are too afraid to wear them. When something costs a little more I completely see the dilemma, I have it myself too, but you have to remind yourself that it’s there to be worn, and it’s only a waste of money if they sit in the box and never see daylight.

Liken your footwear to a racehorse. There’s always a chance something COULD go wrong, but you wouldn’t have the best racehorse on the yard that you paid the most money for, and then not run it … just in case! Like horses, your footwear is often more resilient than we give it credit for. They can actually often bounce back perfectly fine even if they get caught off guard in the elements, but if you’ve protected them, they will more than likely be fine!

The majority (literally all 😂) of my boots are from Fairfax & Favor, and they have to live up to muddy fields and wet days at the races. I can’t have footwear taking up space that I don’t wear when I go racing so much, so all my boots end up seeing pretty much everything. I spray them all with Liquiproof protector spray from the moment they are unboxed, and they all live a pretty hard life. But with the right care – they will be ok!

I also use the Liquiproof Cleaner to spot wash any tough marks which may have appeared, but generally by protecting them from the start, and investing in a suede brush, your suede footwear will live up to more than you’re giving them credit for.

4. Invest in some hat tape!

This might sound a little bit of a random one, but honestly, it’s crucial! Fedora hats should fit snug, but comfortably, and often it can be difficult to get that exact fit. If you have a particularly small head (like me!) or are between sizes, hat tape will become your new best friend. You can pick this up on Amazon or eBay for a couple of pounds, and you then stick the one sided foam strip inside your hat. I always put this underneath the inside of the brim, where the extra material falls, so you can’t even see it.

This will help your hat to fit securely, even if it’s windy. So many times when you’re out walking, racing or enjoying any other countryside pursuits, the weather is either wet or windy. Not losing your hat to a gust of wind is always helpful!

I highly recommend this! It’s also not permanent, so you can just take it out if you need too!

If you want to see me not taking my own advice …. click here! *funny*

5. Combine basic and investment!

Style isn’t about the most expensive pieces, it’s about wearing and styling pieces well. It’s funny because it’s almost like if you invest in the jacket, they assume the jumper underneath is cashmere, even if it’s a cheap high street alternative. There are really simple, easy ways to elevate your look, without spending a fortunate!

I really do believe in investing in good quality footwear. Just like your tyres on the road, your footwear is the thing supporting you and linking you to the ground, and when you’re on your feet all day, there is nothing worse than poor quality footwear. Investing in slightly more expensive footwear may seem daunting, but cost per wear can really be reduced if these last you a number of years.

I also like investing in jackets. For me, I do think if the jacket and footwear are investment pieces, you can make the rest of the outfit look luxury, even only purchased from the high street.

6. Find a Tailor!

This might sound random, or a little ‘old school’ but it’s such a good piece of advice that I can offer you! Maybe it’s just be because I do tend to hoard clothes slightly, but I constantly keep clothes which fit poorly because I love them, definitely not admitting in my mind that the fit isn’t quite right and that’s why I don’t wear it.

During the recent months I have been taking more and more to a tailors to get the right fit for me. My tailor actually said to me, it’s really rare for pieces to fit everyone, and how true is that when you think how unique we all are. The pieces I have had tailored so far all now fit beautifully, and I am confident wearing again, despite them having ended up at the back of the wardrobe so often because every time I’ve gone to style them, I’ve thought ‘well that doesn’t sit quite right’.

This tip works particularly well with investment pieces. I used to sell so many pieces that I loved, that didn’t quite fit, and I would never make even close to being able to replace them, getting them tailored is a much more affordable way to keep the pieces you love!

I hope these tips may have been useful, and helped you with your own style journey!

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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

—Edith Head

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